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Wilmington teenager faces second degree murder charges

A Wilmington teenager now faces second degree murder charges. Authorities say 19-year-old Jordan Whitely was driving his car and struck Stan Tidmarsh on River Road earlier this month. Tidmarsh was riding his bicycle when he was hit and killed. He was forty-five years old. Toxicology reports show that Whitley was high on morphine, THC, and Xanax when he veered off the road.

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Apparantley Everyone is Perfect

I honestly hope that all you who are so swift to pass judgment on Jordan are involved in similar accidents. You have no right to determine his fate. It is very ironic how everyone is ready to start a mob over Jordan yet no one seems to care about the man who was killed on his skateboard in Castle Hayne by a SOBER driver. Why is this?

That's a pretty serious wish on strangers!

To purposely hope that anyone would be involved in an accident similar to this shows that you harbour a tremendously bitter heart. Karma does exist and you just did yours a disservice! Jordan as an adult made his choices and must pay the price. That is all that the posters here are trying to say because so many offenders refuse to be accountable and responsible for their actions. As for the man who was killed on his skateboard, that is very unfortunate and likely associated with his judgement to play in a very high and fast traffic area with his toy. It is up to each and evey one of us many times every day to exercise caution, consider the consequences and make decisions on whether to do certain things. Sometimes that judgement just isn't good enough to keep us out of trouble.

Gee, Judge Not...because the

Gee, Judge Not...because the driver WAS SOBER. Jordan was NOT. Had he been, he may have avoided both the accident and the scrutiny. It ain't THAT hard to figure out...geez.

A jury sure has that right!

My money says that he won't risk facing a jury, however, and will cop a plea to some lesser charge. Let's just hope he goes to prison to hang out with others of his ilk. He's a druggie who killed a man because he valued getting high more than that man's life.


I beleive the conclusions you are drawing on this young man are extrememly unfair and complete non sense. Jordan is a member at my church and recieved his Eagle Scout Award at Myrtle Grove Church, about one year ago. I have known the family and Jordan for most of their lives and I can honestly say they are extremely good, God-fearing citizens, including Jordan. He is only nineteen years old and strayed from Gods path for a short while, but I know as of fact since, he has rededicated his life to Jesus and this entire incident has brought him back to his knees before God. I do not care what anyone says, you can not say that the young man had any intention of hurting anyone that day, and I know that he would never harm a soul. God bless him, and shame upon all of the people who try to define him by the event that happened, it just shows how shallow and misunderstood people are of today.

if its up to god

Well the way I see it, if the judgement is up to god and god alone then maybe we should just be the ones who set up the meeting between the two.

intention of hurting

While I think everyone believes he had no intention of hurting anyone, he did intend to become high. He also knew that while high, his reflexes and perception was severely impaired. While this will not define him for his entire life, he will and should carry the death of an innocent forever. While you state our conclusions are "extremely unfair and complete non sense", he must bear the responsibility of taking another persons life. Although you say you know him and his family well, it is you who must admit the severity of his actions. I agree that some of the comments are harsh, but the comments pale beside the actions of this young man. Condolences to the family of the victim, and this young man's family. Hopefully, this young man will serve his time and learn a lesson, a painful lesson to be sure. People must be held accountable, but forgiveness is promised if he repents before God. That should be good enough for anyone.

Complete nonsense and you should be ashamed

The conclusions that I drew about this man (yep, at 19 he is a man, NOT a child or a boy) are as follows: Per the legal charges and report pending against this man, he was under the influence of morphine, THC, and Xanax when he CHOSE to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive. He drove the vehicle, he hit a man on a bicycle, and that man died as a result of his injuries. These are more than conclusions I have drawn...these are actual, hard, and very incriminating facts. He knew what he was doing when he took the medications. He also knew full well what he was doing when he got behind the wheel of the vehicle and then turned it into a weapon and aimed it at the helpless cyclist. I'm sure Jordan is QUITE sorry and repentant NOW about this. I would be too if I had wrongly killed a loving husband and father. I do not for one minute buy the flimsy excuse that he was always a good kid and should therefore receive extra consideration when in point of fact he knowingly and willingly committed a crime that resulted in him murdering an innocent man. I pray to God he DOES fall to his knees and beg for God's forgiveness. As for what he's done on earth, even God Himself says that when we commit crimes on earth, we still have to pay earthly prices for them. Jordan, I hope you see the inside of a cell for many, MANY years to come. You had no right to take that man's life, and you now must face the consequences for your irresponsible actions. Welcome to the world of adulthood.

Uh...yeah...sure, pal

So let's see if I understand your argument. This oh-so-wonderful, God-fearing boy just took a brief detour off the glory road, got loaded on morphine, THC, and Xanax, killed a man, but now he's right with God again and we shouldn't judge him? Were your parents related by blood prior to being related by marriage? You KNOW he would never harm a soul? Guess what? He DID harm a soul - he killed a man, Einstein. He killed a man because he valued getting high more than human life. Wake up call, pilgrim - his all-too-late rededication means NOTHING. Jesus may forgive him, but that doesn't mean he gets special consideration at trial. It's truly amazing how many criminals find Jesus when the bovine droppings hit the fan. I'm glad to hear that he's on his knees. It will no doubt be a position he will spend many happy hours in at Raleigh Central. No sympathy.

Lets change the drinking age

Lets change the drinking age to 18, make it legal to do drugs. Lets make DWI legal too. That way when nobody does it we can feel sorry for them. Stupid people are stupid people. When they go through life and screw up they should be sent away. Bring back the draft and take the burden off the Police so they can do their jobs.


let's give him a hug let's pray for him let's join hands and let him know it's not his fault he has a drug problem BULL!!!!! as an adult he is responsible for his actions to the family of mr tidmarsh my deepest sympathy for your loss. to the family of mr whitely my deepest sympathy for what he has & will put you thru . every time you see that young man smile,laugh,marry,become a father you should remember that another man will never do the same, his family will never know what could have been. to the whitely family, stand beside your son but don't stant up for him. he has made his own bed let him sleep in it as a father it would kill me to see my child go to prison, but if she commited murder that is were she would belong

i feel that its wrong for

i feel that its wrong for him 2 be on drugs when he did it but it wasnt on purpose so there for the charges should not be so severe he's 19 he just had poor judgement

What a shame!

How sad! A life is gone forever, only to be mourned by those who knew him and loved him. Another young man's life is changed forever because of the foolish choices he made in his life. He took a life through his own selfishness and unconcern for those around him. The news said that this wasn't the first time that he had been involved in drug related activity. Guess he didn't learn. I feel for his parents. What they must be going through, seeing their son in this situation, but the guy needs help! First he needs to be kept off of the roads - because chances are he will do it again. Second, he needs help with his drug problems - and yes mom and dad, he has a major drug problem. Some people would use that as an excuse for what he did. It is no excuse! Unless someone threw him on the ground, sat on him, and forced the drugs in him, it is his fault. Another question, where is he getting the drugs from? There is blame there also. I hope and pray for his sake that he will get the help he needs and sometime, down the road, he can change his life (only with God's help), that he may become a productive member of society. He needs to go to the family of the man he killed, and with genuine remorse, ask for forgiveness. That will start the healing process. Best wishes to all involved.

Drugged Driving!!!

I think it is absolutely disgusting that anyone would get behind the wheel of a car and drive on any road much less River Rd under the influence of Xanax, Weed and whatever THC is. He should go to jail for 25 to life just like any other killer. Putting him on house arrest is crazy. It will just be "party time" at his house then. He needs to stay in jail so he can detox so he can participate in his trial for the heinous crime he committed. My condolences to the family of Stan Tidmarsh. God bless you!

TCH is weed...

TCH is weed...

THC is actually weed...not

THC is actually weed...not so much TCH

What is going on with the

What is going on with the youth of New Hanover County? Hey if you want to kill yourselves, in reality that’s what they are doing just slowly; don’t take the chance of taking someone else’s life. It saddens me because I have a brother the same age and for a time I thought he was going down the wrong path. But the second time he came home stoned my mother took him and had him drug tested. After that he had an ultimatum straighten up and live right of go out on your own. It worked for sometime than came the Xanax and pain killers he was so messed up the threatened to kill himself at my house. I called the police I think him waking up in the Oaks scared him straight. Its not to hard to look at someone you have seen grow up and tell they are “high”. Kids its not worth it, you call it a good time, let the devil (drugs) grab you to tight its hard to get the grip to release. It will ruin your life if not others. To the family of the victim my heart goes out to you

wow, lock this kid away. he

wow, lock this kid away. he doesnt deserve to be breathing free air.

driving impared

if someone told me that they had 1 million dollars in a brief case and all i had to do was drink alcohol and drive across town to pick it up and it was all mine .the answer would not be no but **** no .this article is the reason why and besides i need my liscense and i dont take chances like that . when i was jordans age i had ounce bags of pot and 5ths of liquor and drove buzzed up all the time but never knee walking drunk or throwing up drunk i would wait till i sobbered enough . my point to this is that i lived way out in the country and in a small town with about 1/8 of the population as wilmington but that didnt mean an accident could not have happened ,i have plenty of old friends and relatives that are survivors of drunk drivers hitting them .wilmington is one of the worst places ever to drive drunk or high its bad enough just trying to get around here on an everyday basis for survival job, food ,needs ,with all the traffick .i feel sorry for jordan but sorry cannot change the past he must realize he has a problem and change his life to a spiritual one and get answers from god to lead his way ,in a similiar dwi accident here in wilmington a young man hit and a killed a police officer whom i addored he was the most pleasent man, humble , handsome , a very nice guy the kind you just wanna hug this happened on carolina beach road at the intersection last year the officer worked at social services i could not believe that happened to him , i questioned god when that happenend why god why him he was so nice of a man and humble why did he have to die in a horrible dwi wreck an officer of the law .another 19 year old young man made the same decisions as jordan that is why ,young teens today want to be grown and drink and act cool to impress the friend s that will not be there for them ten years from now .i hope the state and the governor and the concerned citizens feel the same way about jordan ever obtaining a driving liscense .that jordan should never have the privilige of owning or operating a motorized vehicle ever again for the rest of his natural born life .god i want to thank you today for giving me the wisdom and showing me the difference and cleanzing my heart and soul of evil alcohol and drug demons for these past 10 years


"change his life to a spiritual one and get answers from god to lead his way" I know a LOT of christian alcoholics. god doesn't help.

Yes Das...

The creator of everything can't help an alcoholic. Your absolutely right, he's not that powerful, I mean he only created...everything...


Your illogical weak minded thinking causes a majority of the problems in the world....Hide behind your myth and do not face reality....I am not destroyed btw.


What is your reality!!!

Another Drug Head

Another monster that thankfully has been removed from our streets. Keep this lawless animal locked up before he decides to get high and kill again.

morphine weed xanax and 19

this waste of flesh i enrages me that he uses air that the rest of us use he is an adult put him away if he is convicted (from the star news )$20k bond is nothing i bet his family put it up the best place for him is in jail he may be under house arrest but i'll bet that the low life friends will bring him more drugs. he has killed an inocent person because he chose to get wasted and drive,they need to lock up the people he was with that let him leave. to the prosocuter on the case DO NOT CUT A DEAL PUT HIM AWAY for as long as possible do not take into consideration anything other than he got wasted ,drove,and murdered someone

teen on drugs while driving

well let's see you have two young african american teenagers in jail, no bond for killing someone, but you have a white teenager high on morhine, weed and "x" driving a 2000 lb weapon and he get house arrest. what happen to "justice for all"

There is a little bit of a

There is a little bit of a difference and if you cannot see the different through your hatred and racist eyes, then nothing that can be said will make a difference. The two black boys that killed someone went out to kill them, they did it on purpose. The white kid, as you like to put it, did not intentionally go out to kill anyone. With the aggrevating factors, he could still be charged with first degree murder, but the circumstances are still different. Now, as for Jordan. This isn't the first time he's been in trouble with the law and this isn't the first time he's been in trouble with drugs and alcohol. It's a misfortunate incidenet, but he should have to pay the ultimate price. I have no sympathy for someone that chooses to use drugs and even less for them to drive after doing so.

He is on house arrest until

He is on house arrest until his next court date.