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Wilmington water conservation mandatory

WILMINGTON -- On Monday Gov. Mike Easley called on towns and counties across the state to help save water. Wednesday night Wilmington City Council unanimously passed a resolution upping Wilmington's conservation efforts from voluntary to mandatory -- effective immediately. It was the first item on the City Council agenda. Councilwoman Laura Padgett read the resolution making water conservation mandatory throughout the city. Padgett said, "Nobody wants to put this in place but if we don't we may wish we had and we have to recognize that we have limited access to water." Much of the state is experiencing the worst drought in recorded history. Monday Gov. Easely addressed the North Carolina League of Municipalities, asking towns and cities across the state to help save water. City officials say the address prompted City Council to pass stage two water restrictions. Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said, "I think we should do our part to help restrict the use of water in this community until we get through this crisis." Effective immediately city residents are prohibited from outside water use. That means no washing cars or watering lawns or gardens. Residents found violating the restrictions will be warned first, but if they repeatedly break the rules, they will be fined $500, each time. Wilmington city officials say water restrictions do not apply to businesses like car washes, they generally use recycled water. City officials say Wilmington's water supply, while low, isn't at a severe deficit. But, they say if the drought continues, and the water level falls below the lock and dam in the Cape Fear River there is only a 30- to 35-day water supply.

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After all the work I put

After all the work I put into growing my flowers and vegetables, I'm supposed to just let them die? Fat chance. My hobby, my entire passion is out there in the front and back yard. I for one, will be outside at 2 am with a flashlight doing my watering. See if you can find me, commies.

I said this on another

I said this on another thread. The problem I have with the water restriction is I pay so much for so many gallons of water. Not they are telling me I can't use what I'm paying for. If that's the case, then I want a discount for the gallons I'm not allowed to use. I would like to know how I can be charged for something I'm not allowed to use?

In light of the drought.....

Perhaps we should abandon the convention center and this idea to bring U.S.S. Kitty Hawk here, and instead invest in a de-salinization plant? That way we'll be prepared for the next drought.....

Just don't care!

I just don't care! I'm going to take my weekly shower whether i need it or NOT!

water restriction

Yea well ride around about 2 in the morning and see who is watering their grass. Thats when they do it so they don't get caught

Not Really

No, that is when the previous water restriction did allow lawn watering--at 2 a.m. Even addresses were allowed on Monday/Wednesday. Odd address were allowed Tuesday/Thursday.


Glad I washed my cars before tonight, I dont care about watering my grass, it's time for it to die anyway

washing cars and watering

washing cars and watering the is nice, but water to drink is much nicer.