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Wilmington water use down

It looks like Gov. Easley's calls for water conservation may be working in the Port City. On average we use 17.5 million gallons of water a day in Wilmington. Wednesday's total was 14.5 million gallons. That three million gallon drop is attributed to voluntary cutback efforts and the city's enforced restrictions. Those restrictions will have more teeth starting on Monday. The warnings will come to an end and the city will start fining offenders.

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A telling fact

One of the most telling facts about the Wilmington Water Measures has been reduced consumption. This has accordingly led to reduce outflow, resulting in no more new sewer spills. Go figure, how bright do you have to be before you see the pattern here. All the while, new permits are being approved for developer projects that will add to the sewers problem. I predict record spills next Spring when the rains make the water shortage a moot problem and the sewer capacity is being forced beyond design, minus past damage. And your new (same ol' city council) will still be spewing the same crap as well...

Sheriff's Dept. Wasting Water???

I am aware of water restrictions in New Hanover County and have seen several deputies washing their patrol cars at home in the driveway. I understand that I am not allowed to wash my car, and I am curious why the deputies can still wash their cars and why the Sheriff hasn't ask them to stop and do their part. Oh...I remember why. The three-item code the Sheriff's department lives by, with the first being Appearance.

Don't waste water New Hanover

They need you to conserve before you blow out another sewer line before the repairs are done that you paid to be done so many years ago. That’s why they ignore you watering the lawn. It's very dry and my heart goes out to those in other parts of the country are suffering because of it. But N.H./Wilmington has other issues that make the officials/re-elected politicians thankful for a drought, to limit their liability for spending your money on their pet projects and not upgrading and/or repairing the water/sewer system before multiple failures. Curiosity, how long will they ignore other issues with the sewer system before they react? What is the gallon’s of sewage that has to be spilled before the state mandates repairs/upgrades. Owner of property in N.H. but cannot vote all of them out. Brunswick citizen, and voter, telling the B.C. commissioners to be careful. Liking my multiple wells for irrigation and potable supply. Thank God.

water restrictions

My husband and I were not aware of the mandatory water restrictions until today when a neighbor informed us. If something such as this is so incredibly important, the city should not rely on media alone to inform its citizens. We choose not to subject our children to the negativity of the local/national news and finding time to read the paper is almost impossible, therefore, we rely on the internet or radio (infrequently) for news bites. If this water restriction is mandatory, each citizen should be informed via the water company or flyers door to door. Thank goodness we have considerate neighbors!!!

Why does only NH County have

Why does only NH County have restrictions. We live in Brunswick county and we have no restrictions. Seems crazy that a neighboring county is allowed to waste water.

There is no water shortage here

Thats why no other counties have water restrictions. There is no shortage. It is a feel good measure that we are doing our part like other people have to do. Thats all it is. Did you know that Brunswick county and the city of Wilmington get their water from the same company. Yeah, it is the Lower Cape Fear Water Authority. That is the company that pulls the water from the Cape Fear river at Lock & Dam #1 and distributes it. Wilmington is on restrictions but they are not. Makes a lot of sense, huh?

Wasting water

Here in Belgium you usually have a tank of rain water (anywhere between 3000 and 10000 liters) buried in the ground, you can use that water (using appropriate equipment under €200) for your toilets, to wash your car, etc. I don't know how much water costs there but I believe it would still pay in the long run. I know it doesn't rain that much over there but I always find my jaw dropping when I'm in Wilmington and see some broken sprinklers mainly watering roads. Particularly, there's a business on south college rd that has been watering the road for at least the past 3 years (was like that in 2004 and hasn't changed since I last visited in June).

No thanks to Independence Mall Either..

Last night The Sears Side entrance to the Mall on Oleander was enjoying a lavish H20 treat around midnight............ I am glad big corporate is doing their part.

Wasting water

Some of the mall is on private well, and some of it is drawn from the retention ponds. We won't miss the water until the well runs dry. Even though Wilmington is pretty well set for water, you let Durham and Chapel Hill get closer to going dry, and the Corps will release progressively less from Jordan. If that happens, the CF at Lock and Dam 1 will soon stop overtopping the dam. Why conserve, because when the CF stops overtopping the dam, the City has about 30 days of water behind the dam. Given that, it will be better to have conservation a habit rather than making the adjustment.

water use

Maybe the Gov called Billy to turn of his sprinkler system.

It's Not

It's not due to the houses in Glen Meade watering their lawns at 7:00am .... I counted FOUR on the way to work on Monday...

I'm So Happy!!!!

Woo Hoo!! 3 million more gallons a day are now flowing into the Atlantic Ocean completely wasted because hapless liberals think we need to "conserve" water when we have no water shortage here. But at least they must "feel better" about themselves. From that standpoint it is worth it to fine me $500 for washing my car.

Water what is that?.

You need to be fined $500 if you are one of those people who just can't listen. Go to a car wash and get it over with. You will pay some but hey it is less than using your water at home. People need to be fined if they aren't listening. Hey you can start in Eastwinds Rd off of Rose Avenue. Be here every morning even if it is raining around 7 am.