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Wilson quits Transportation Board; Easley aide indicted


A Wilmington developer who raised campaign money for Mike Easley and Bev Perdue has resigned from the state Board of Transportation. Lanny Wilson said in his resignation letter he's stepping down after nine years to avoid "any further unnecessary distractions" as Perdue reforms the board and Department of Transportation.

Wilson testified before the state Board of Elections last fall about large checks he wrote to the Democratic Party for Easley's campaign. Wilson also loaned money to a company to finance the sale of a Carteret County development that is part of a federal probe into Easley's activities.

Hours after Wilson resigned, a federal grand jury in Raleigh indicted a former aide to Easley on 51 counts, including obstruction and bribery. Prosecutors claim Ruffin Poole received personal gain while performing government actions.

The indictment accuses Poole of profiting financially from that Carteret County development. The indictment says Poole got the money from an unnamed "Wilmington financier." No word on if that financier is Lanny Wilson.

Wilson did not immediately return our calls for comment this afternoon.

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It is a sad day for

It is a sad day for Southeastern NC. I wonder if anyone other than Jim Leutze realizes that? Get ready to see any interest in this area be shifted to the central and western part of the state. Lanny Wilson never took anything from the state but always gave and was always there to help anyone that asked even if they didn't contribute to his "party". Lanny never wanted credit for anything he did for this area. The newspaper and the tv stations look like idiots and have pretty much killed all hope of economic development for our area. Read The indictment and learn all of the facts before you pass judgement so you don't look as stupid as the press.

I believe

if you take the time to read all of the posts, in their entirety, you might learn not all were critical of Mr. Watkins.

Perhaps before you spout off in his defens, and create with your verbage the impression he has something to hide, you'll read with a clear, unemotional eye.


Lanny resigns just before the Feds indict his buddy Ruffin Poole with 51 counts. I hope y'all are beginning to connect the dots 'cause I'm betting the "dots" lead all the way to Tax-hike Mike. Let's not forget Nick Garrett's name has been bantied about during this process as well.

Did Lanny resign...

before the full truth about his involvement in Easley's misdeeds becomes common knowledge? Is he trying to distance himself with hopes the Feds don't come knocking on his door?

The Feds

are not that dumb. If you saw his testimony last Fall, he never misrepresented anything concerning the money he and his spouse donated. He was very open and forthright concerning the funds donated to the state Democratic Party which were alledgedly funneled to the Easley Campaign.

He may well have violated some election law provisions; but from all appearances, he did not lie about the funds he donated. And with the recent Supreme Court ruling, he may not have issues to deal with.

Nor would it seem he have any challenges from Cannonsgate in Craven County. He helped fund the purchase; but taht apparently was the extent of his involvement.

cant see what he actually did wrong

As far as I can tell after reading the entire indictment, I can't find anything that Lanny Wilson actually did wrong. He provided full disclosure and basically only funded the developments and helped everyone around him without gaining anything for himself politically or financially from Ruffin Poole's actions. Ruffin's mistake was not disclosing his profits and gifts and calling the permit office. Lanny did the right thing to step down from DOT even though these actions have nothing to do with DOT issues at all.

The old saying goes...

...the rats are first to know the ship is sinking and they will try to jump off.

Don't be ridiculous< they

Don't be ridiculous< they already have, that's why he DID resign...