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Wife of Marine wanted in slaying knew of woman's death

JACKSONVILLE (AP) -- Court documents show that the wife of Corporal Cesar Armando Laurean waited almost 24 hours after learning of the death of one of his comrades to go to police. Authorities say Laurean is the prime suspect in the violent death of Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach, whose body was found buried in Laurean's backyard. She was eight months pregnant and had accused Laurean of rape. He had denied the charge to military investigators. The sheriff's affidavit doesn't explain why Laurean's wife waited. Police have consistently described her as a cooperating witness, and she does not face charges. The affidavit says Laurean told his wife, Christina, a week ago that Lauterbach visited the couple's home on December 15, demanded money and told him she planned to leave the area. He told his wife that he and Lauterbach purchased a bus ticket for her to El Paso, Texas, but that she later returned to their home and they began to argue. He claimed Lauterbach produced a knife and slit her own throat. An autopsy determined Lauterbach died of blunt force trauma to the head. Authorities have said they don't believe she committed suicide. Witness finds possible murder weapon in pregnant Marine's death Authorities investigating the death of a 20-year-old pregnant Marine near Camp Lejeune says they may have recovered the weapon used to kill her. Onslow County sheriff's Captain Rick Sutherland says a witness gave investigators an item that could have been used to kill Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach. Sutherland would not say who gave officers the item last weekend or what it was. An autopsy determined Lauterbach died from a blow to the head. Lauterbach disappeared in December, not long after she met with military prosecutors to talk about her April allegation that Corporal Cesar Laurean raped her. Authorities say Laurean fled the area last week. Her body was found in a fire pit behind his home. Authorities think Laurean may have gone to Mexico. For a full description of the suspect, see the FBI's wanted poster for Laurean HERE. Lauterbach had accused Laurean of rape. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Clearly there is a smell that comes from charred human remains. Investigators say there is still a smell protruding from this grave-like fire pit. How do you live in a home for 3 weeks and not "smell" anything. Not to mention that if my husband had been accused of rape and the girl came up missing--- I would already be suspicious. Then I come home and my husband is strangely painting my house. Duh!!!! "smells a little fishy to me."


I have felt all along that the wife is either clueless to her surroundings of down right guilty herself and is helping him stay out of trouble or covering her own guilt....things still are not adding up...we as the public may never know, and that 's fine as long as they punish the "guilty one or ONES!!!!!!"

Marines wife

I have thought from the beginning his wife knew all about this. I am stunned that they are not going to charge her or haven't yet. Besides the fact that she waited 24 hours before going to the authorities, this "wife and mother" stayed with her husband for almost 24 hours after he "confessed" to her what he had done...if their child stayed in the house with them the last night, she should be charged with child endangerment at the VERY least!!!! I have read other articles/informaton (no I don't believe everything the media reports BUT) where neighbors were interviewed. One neighbor stated that sometime prior to Christmas she saw gallons of paint sitting on their front porch, inquired about that and the wife said they were painting the whole inside of the house. Another neighbor stated she saw the guy and his wife out at the fire pit before Christmas. (I have tried looking for these articles again and cannot find them!) In my personal opinion, I think she knew of the killing, participated in it, helped try to cover evidence/body, lived with this fact throughout Christmas. I cant help but feel that when they felt the police closing in on them, he decided to go on the run and take the blame for it so that their child would have one parent to raise her, knowing he would probably never be caught in Mexico.

Marine's Wife

Could it be the other way around. Could she be the guilty party and he is taking the blame. The public knows nothing about his wife. Could she have been capable of attacking this 8 Month Pregant Woman? I don't think at 8 months a lady would be able to defend herself. There are a lot of unanswered questions.

Very possible

That scenario is very possible. I've thought about that myself and it makes sense. Here's a wife, who's husband just slept with another women (no facts there was an actual rape...just charges) rape or not, and now she is coming to the wife's home and trying to get money. Maybe the wife was jealous or mad and she killed the girl and the marine is covering for her


If he makes it to Mexico he is a free man. Hundreds of US criminals in Mexico and they won't arrest or extradite them. Dog the bounty hunter had to do it once and was successful....look what happened to him for catching a rapist.

She was probably scared out

She was probably scared out of her mind, and waited until he left so she knew she was safe to contact the authorities. He probably would have killed her too. I hope they find this guy!

Marine Murder Investigation

After being involved in homicide investigartion for over 24 years I feel that the Sheriff should shut his mouth and keep it shut to allow his investigators to do their jobs. He is running off at the mouth like he is running for reelection. Its a shame when a political figure trys to obtain votes by shooting off his big mouth. Someone should teach this sheriff how to be a law enforcement officer and not shoot his mouth off about the investigation. I guess this has been his style and he needs to change it. If this is the only big homicide then he is doing an injustice to the public and the Investigators.

Marine Murder Investigation

I hope the Sheriff will think ahead of the case when it comes to trial in the future. Everything he has said will be introduced in court as evidence on this case. The investigation is and will not be over until someone is behind bars for this horrific crime that was so senseless.

He also bought a bunch of

He also bought a bunch of deputy cars not long ago. Parked em in his front yard. Good tax money wasted. Onslow county is in a shambles. It's unsafe to walk the streets, and I couldn't get out of there quick enough. I quit going out at night for fear of my safety. Onslow needs to clean their closets out.

I was thinking the EXACT

I was thinking the EXACT same thing. This sheriff could be ruining any chance for an imparial jury, with his spouting off like a broken faucet. My goodness, where did he learn to investigate crimes, through Bazooka Bubble Gum? I wonder if he got the X-ray glasses as a bonus?

The Wife

I was just wondering why we have yet to see a photo of the suspects wife any where? This lady stayed in the house where Marie was murdered & she claims NOT to have seen the blood splatter on the walls or ceiling...Yeah Right!!Then she admits that she knew Marie was dead a day before she went to the police! Why? So he would have time to flee the country? I think she's known the whole time! She should face some type of repercussions for that. Isn't that considered some sort of aiding & abetting?

It's possible that the wife

It's possible that the wife never saw the crime scene until it was cleaned up.

the wife

I'm with you, why wait to contact the sheriff dept..... sounds to me like someone needs to be charged with conspiracy to commit a felony or accessory to a murder..... how do you not know there is a woman buried in the back yard? All I know is that someone would be in the books!!!!

i agree

I wonder if the wife helped commit the murder?,, another friend said the wife is/was very posessive/jealous. at any rate she should be charged with aiding and abetting as there was another eye witness that stated cesar was still there at 6:30 am. hmmm


I know for a fact that they don't put all the facts out in the media. We have no idea what this woman saw or anything else. She may have been an accesory and she may be perfectly innocent. The fact is that none of us know, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for accusing this poor woman of such a thing. Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty.

Being innocent doesn't mean

Being innocent doesn't mean helping to dig a burn pit and having cans of paint on your porch weeks before noticing "something was amiss". Oh look...I found a note...what a shock!!