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Witnesses to testify against alleged murderer, rapist

WILMINGTON -- Witnesses are coming into Wilmington from across the country to testify against an alleged murderer and rapist. Tyrone Delgado has been accused of murdering an FBI employee a few years ago. Thursday a woman Delgado allegedly raped and assaulted will begin testifying against him in the New Hanover County courthouse. Nine women total are expected to testify against Delgado. FBI employee Melissa Mooney was murdered on August 5, 1999. Investigations revealed that someone kicked in her door and tried to sexually assault her before strangling the agent to death. Delgado lived a few doors down from Mooney. She had just moved in to the neighborhood. Delgado has been charged with her murder. FBI special agent Kevin Kendrick said, "On a personal level, Melissa Mooney was an employee of the FBI, a very dedicated, long-term employee. She worked for the bureau for 11 years and she was family for us." New Hanover County prosecutors were issued a gag order for the case. There's currently a motion to determine whether media will be allowed in the courthouse. Delgado's trial is scheduled to begin March 10 at the New Hanover County courthouse.

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tyrone delgado

Mr.Delgado and I know eachother very well, we dated have a child together. When we first started dateing we went to Neuvo Laredo (mexico) when we came back across the border the "homeland security" stopped us ran both of us the computer this was in (june of 2004) approx. they talk to Tyrone and then told us we could go. If the FBI was looking that hard for Tyrone they would have held him right there. As far as everything else Mellisa's family is not the only one hurting Tyrone was arrested when our daughter was 7 months old he has not gotten to see her grow up or anything else because of this. Just know that our prayers are with you and hope that this is soon over.


He got away far too many times. His mother paid ppl off to drop charges. He's a narcissistic monster and his wife and family knew he was a monster. He committed crimes all along his travel path. He was a married man so why would you have a sexual relationship and child with him anyways? Be glad he's not exposed to his child because those demons run deep in his blood. He got exactly what he deserved for stalking, raping, and murder!!! Karma is a bia!!!! I hope he burns eternally and gets everything back in prison the way he gave it to those women that he terrorized. He's the epitome of the devil. He's a deviant monster. Call a spade a spade. He's guilty!!!! I don't care who's husband, father, friend, or family member he belongs to. You reap what you sow...



What is your name? I dont

What is your name? I dont think I know about you...I am his oldest daughter...please send me an email at



ur crazy

are u out of ur mind i am one of his victims he dont deserve to see his dughter he deserves to be exactly where he is my thoughts and prayers are with the justce system that he necer sees the light od day again. u have no idea what it felt like to be his victim

Gary Rummer's cell mate

Delgado was Gary Rummer's cellmate the night the deputies came in and killed Rummer. Delgado not only witnessed the killing but he told a reporter from the star news about it. Delgado was transfered to a different jail way out of the area and then arrested for the murder of the FBI lady. There is no DNA, no evidence at all. This was to quiet up the murder of Gary Rummer. Delgado was not even in town when the murder took place by the way. But Del makes a good suspect, he is black, has a record and needs to be silenced.

Oh really?

Your claim that Delgado wasn't even in town at time of murder is a LIE. Delgado and his wife lived practically next door to the victim, and in fact were outside watching the initial investigatin and he was the very person the FBI talked to about the case. Once the FBI discovered that Delgados mother was buying off his other victims, the chase was on. Two years after this particular murder (he's murdered twice that we knw of), his wife finally admitted she had lied about Delgados alibi during the murder of Ms. Mooney. Educate yourself, fool.

I guess?

I guess you think all Black felons are innocent?

Thanks for the sensationalism

"...the night the deputies came in and killed Rummer." Yeah, they probably used a dart-board to decide on which inmate they'd kill, and Rummer was just the unlucky guy that night, right? Gary Rummer was killed while scuffling with a deputy - there's no doubt about that fact. There's also no doubt that two investigations, one state and one federal, cleared the deputy of any wrongdoing. So it's nonsensical to imply that there was some kind of conspiracy by deputies to kill Rummer. As far as Delgado, if there is no evidence at all and he has a verifiable alibi, he'll be acquitted. It's doubtful, however, that government would even bring charges if that is in fact the case. So lemme guess....the same federal-state law-enforcement conspiracy that decided to off Rummer is now fabricating evidence against a guy that they have no need to fear anyway, since they've already been cleared in the Rummer death? Uh...yeah....that makes sense.....



I myself saw an inmate murdered by sherriff's deputies...

in Las Vegas. They murdered him "for fun" by kicking and stomping him to death. He was a trouble maker and I think he may have had a bit of a death wish since anyone who spends time in that jail knows there is a good chance of being killed if you step out of line. It was reported in the paper that he died of a "suspected drug overdose"; stopped breathing in the patral car"... all that crap you read every day in a police blotter somewhere. It happens in America every day, it's not a conspiracy theory, it is reality.

SBI/FBI conspiracy?

It really isnt that much of a stretch to think that the FBI and the SBI would be capable of lying to cover up something or to send the wrong person to prison, even death row? All you have to do is look up the Alan Gell case where the SBI and the NC State Attorney General's Office withheld evidence ( that sent an innocent man to death row, Why arent these people tried for attempted murder? Nah they all got promotions. And the FBI also investigated this murder of Rummer too didn't they? We all know they wouldn't lie right? I live in Myrtle Beach and not only did an FBI agent lie but he actually got caught at it and got arrested for protecting prostitution. ( So it is no stretch of anyone's imagination to consider that these two agencies could and would lie to protect the sheriff and the county's millions of dollars. That's a no brainer. After all it is just some loser that died (no dart to select Rummer, he was making noise when Deputy Hatch came in and said, "I'll teach him a lesson") and who cares about some career criminal that is being framed? These guys would welcome the chance cover this mess up. I'm curious, have you seen the reports? Know anyone that has? I've seen them and that's why there is a civil suit to have them released to the public.

Did you even read the Gell case?

I'd suggest you read it. The two attorneys in question screwed up. They made an oversight. Read the whole report and you'll read about the defense attorneys claiming that even they never thought it was intentional. So much for that conspiracy. As for the isolated crooked FBI agent, it's truly a quantum leap to jump from a "dirty cop" to a conspiracy involving multiple agencies, dozens of LEOs, and the DA/US Attorney. Sorry! The Rummer/Degado cover-up/conspiracy ranks right up there with Bigfoot, Roswell, and Elvis still being alive. Delgado is on trial because the evidence points to him being guilty of murder. It has nothing to do with Rummer's accidental death.

Jump in on the SBI/FBI thing

In a recent court filing, Gell's lawyers -- David Rudolf of Chapel Hill and Barry Scheck of New York City -- said they discovered, for the first time, that SBI Special Agent Dwight Ransome and the case's prosecutors David Hoke and Debra Graves, former top prosecutors in the state Attorney General's (Mike Easley's) Office; had hidden additional evidence favorable to Gell from the two prosecutors who tried Gell for murder in 1998. Shortly before the trial, the prosecution's key witnesses, two girls who were 15 at the time of the murder, Crystal Morris and Shanna Hall, were about to change their story, only to be held in line by the threat of first-degree murder charges, the lawyers said. GOOGLE "FBI agent arrested" FBI Agent Accused Of Security Breach, Woman Pleads Guilty To ... Nada Nadim Prouty, a former employee of the CIA and FBI, pleaded guilty to ... Nada Nadim Prouty, 37, emigrated to United States from Lebanon in 1989. ... 2007/11/13/terror/main3496101.shtml - 84k - Cached - Similar pages F.B.I. Agent Accused of Role in Four Organized Crime Killings ...A former F.B.I. agent was accused in an indictment today of "acting in concert" with members of organized crime in the murder of four people during the ... - Similar pages F.B.I. Agent Charged in Sex Case - New ... LEAD: A former F.B.I. agent was arrested yesterday on charges that he sexually molested 10 boys in a soccer league, the Nassau County police said. ... html?res=950DE4D6123AF934A35751C0A96F948260 - 44k - Cached - Similar pages - FBI agent charged as Russian spy - February 20, 2001 Stanislav Lunev's reaction to FBI agent's arrest for spying ... In addition, former FBI and CIA chief William Webster will lead a comprehensive review of ... - 41k - Cached - Similar pages FBI Agent, John Connolly Indicted For Taking Payoffs From New ... Former FBI Agent Indicted In Mob Case. By EDMUND MAHONY December 23, 1999. BOSTON - One of the FBI's former top organized-crime investigators was arrested ... - 10k - Cached - Similar pages Breach: The arrest of an FBI agent on charges of espionage ... Breach: The arrest of an FBI agent on charges of espionage! ... The movie concludes with former agent Hanssen telling Mr. O'Neill to please "pray for me". ... - 50k - Cached - Similar pages FBI Statements on Robert Philip Hanssen Veteran FBI Agent Arrested and Charged with Espionage .... Former FBI Director and Director of Central Intelligence William H. Webster will lead the review. ... - 31k - Cached - Similar pages FBI Agent Arrested On UA Campus FBI Agent Arrested On UA Campus. Updated: ... police report reads the suspect identified himself as Ryan Seese and said he was law enforcement with the FBI. ... Similar pages FBI agent arrested on indecency charges | ® FBI agent arrested on indecency charges. Arizona Daily Star. Tucson, Arizona | Published: 05.26.2007. advertisement. A man identified by UA police as an FBI ... - 23k - Cached - Similar pages - Agent: FBI bosses hindered Moussaoui probe - Mar 20, 2006 ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (CNN) -- The FBI agent who arrested and interrogated al Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui a month before the September 11, 2001, ... - 46k - Cached - Some 16,000 other similar pages!!!!!

one of his family members

please jus let him go he is a good person and i really miss him and i want to see him.he is a very close family member and i hate to see how his mother is now knowin that all these people are trying to go against him for stuff he didnt do and how they are tryin to keep him in jail well i love u tyrone and i hope u get out very soon


Um, guys, I don't think she was an agent. She worked for the FBI office but I don't remember that she was an actual agent. Your fact checker should be required to pay extra for the office coffee fund as punishment tomorrow.


First and foremost, a life has been lost/taken, and all our prayers should go out to the family and love ones of this person. There is no doubt, the person who committed this crime should be prosecuted to the full extend of the law. Let us make sure we have the right person. We all think, if you are arrested you must have done something wrong, right. We all know they only arrest guilty people. I can only look at Dallas County, leading the Nation in releasing wrongly convicted people, in 2007, about 15 and counting. They all spent about 20 to 27 years in prison before they were released. I have always been the one to think, if you have not done anything wrong, you do not have anything to worry about being charged with a crime of this nature, and perhaps go to jail. Well these authorities have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a square peg fit into a round hole. Who said there isn’t money in crime, these guys have stayed in hotels for years, renting cars, eating at very nice restaurants, and flew people from around this great country to testify about this man’s past. You bet your sweet ass they are going to prosecutor someone. Your past is a great predictor of your likelihood to commit a crime, specially if you are in the area of the crime and poor, right. We should demand more, do your job and not waste taxpayer’s money. Everyone is voicing their opinion based on the information the media releases, how smart is that. God bless us all, it really does not matter what happens to this man right, until next time, it can be you! Let the evident speak, oh they don’t have any, just a bill of all that money they spent for the last six years. You all are being used as ponds. I said all that to say this, do not believe everything you read, ask yourself, why would they release that information. If one can be treated in an unfair manner, the opportunity is there for us all to be treated in this manner. This is a great country, I know because I fought to defend this great nation. Again, my prayers go out to the family and friends on this person, but let us get the right person.

Head you are correct, she

Head you are correct, she was an office worker not an agent.

isn't the point!!!

Who cares if she was an agent,Secretary,teacher, etc....she was a mother,friend,daughter that some crazy loser strangled and killed he deserves everything he got I feel bad for his daughters and his victims may God be with you and bless you all are in my prayers