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Women and Guns

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After the recent attacks in Wilmington more females are learning to protect themselves. One local business manager said women are using, owning and carrying guns and other forms of protection. Kimberly Moore is a manager at Shooter's Choice in Wilmington. She said attendance has gone up 50 percent in the ladies shooting class just over the past few weeks. Moore said “a lot of people come in they're worried about the increase in crime, my co-worker was attacked or assaulted. They're just more alert; they're in a different zone. Their awareness is peaked. They wonder what if this happened to me." Dana Robertson is learning more about guns because she plans to own one, to protect her home. Robertson said “my husband is set to deploy in January and wanted to be sure I was completely knowledgeable and capable of handling a firearm because he wants to get me one before he leaves." But some people don't believe owning a gun is the best weapon of defense. Bonnie Becmer said “more guns lead to more people being hurt or harmed. Fewer people need guns, I really only think police and people who are supposed to protect us should have it, that doesn't mean a woman shouldn't protect herself...say martial arts." Moore agrees that owning a gun is not for everyone. “We don't want to put a gun in the hands of someone who is uncomfortable with it because it can be turned and used against them, they could hurt themselves, someone in their homes, their pet. We want to make sure they are comfortable and know what to do and how to use it. We want them to be safe that's the whole point,” said Moore. Shooter’s Choice offers other means of self defense like stun guns, tazers and pepper spray. To own a gun you must have a gun purchase permit. To carry a gun, you must take a class and have a license to carry.

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To Carry is your Right!

You have a right to "keep and bare arms". So, take advantage of the right! Yes, you can "open carry" in NC. But, I strongly suggest a concealed carry permit. I suggest this for several reasons the least of which being part of the course teaches when you can use "deadly force". If you are not aware of this, you could quickly find yourself from victim to accused. Another reason is, you will have to qualify on a target. This procedure means you would have to demonstrate at least the fundamentals of operating your weapon. Truthfully, if you do not possess these fundamentals, you should not carry at all. If, you do not want to go through the time and very small expense of doing this, at the very least, get some instructions from a knowledgeable shooter and PRACTICE. If the day comes that you need your weapon, you will not have time to look at the books! Think of it this way, a car can be a very dangerous and deadly weapon. That is one of the reasons you have to prove you have a certain amount of training and/or time behind the wheel before you are allowed to drive on a public street. The same should go for guns. Hand guns or long guns. Don't just go get a buy permit, jump on a bargain at the pawn shop and go home. Learn your weapon, it may save your life. If you do not, it may be used against you. Lastly for all you gun control freaks the fact is and has always been, "when you outlaw guns, only outlaw's will have guns!"

Hand guns

It's up to the individual to carry a gun or not. I will not ever own a gun because I had a "boyfriend", who got mad at me, point a loaded gun at me & threatened to kill me. I called 911, had him arrested & moved. It wouldn't have done any good for me to have a gun in a situation like that-one of us would have gotten injured or killed. I went to a shooting range, heard a gun go off & left the area. Guns terrify me. Most gunshot victims are from domestic violence. Plus I don't consider anyone carrying a gun "sexy".

The value of a firearm

You are terrified of firearms because you don't know anything about their safe operation or value. A firearm is nothing more than a tool. It has a specific purpose, and if you learn to use it and use it for that purpose, it can be extremely valuable. Consider my case, as opposed to yours: I was in my house when an armed burglar broke in, thinking no one was home - bad day for him. Also, I'm not sure where you got the statistic that most gunshots are from domestic violence, but that is absolutely not the case. Most gunshot victims are the result of criminal activity unrelated to domestic violence. BTW, the moment that your "boyfriend" pointed a loaded weapon at you and threatened to kill you, you had every right to resort to deadly force and would have been totally within your legal rights to end his life at that time. I'm glad that you emerged unharmed, but that might not be the case next time you run into someone who intends to do you harm. Plus, you might have saved some other girl's life had you taken a more forceful approach to dealing with someone who obviously has a severe problem.

Open Carry

I live in Florida where open carry is not allowed. If I need to go to an area that is not a good place to be, then it means that I have to wear an extra shirt and a belt that is tight enough to hide a gun in a way that is not "patterning" or that it is showing. Do that in 98 percent humidity and 99 degree weather once. You have the right to carry openly in your state. Individual cities may request that you not carry openly, but the right was guaranteed by State v. Fennell (1989) as long as it is not a really small weapon. You are allowed to carry in your car as long as it is CLEARLY visible. Anyone 18 or older can purchase a gun. There is the four or five minute NICS check and you are set. You can avoid the NICS check by getting a handgun purchase permit. Few do and it is not required. Some do when they have legal issues. If you have a concealed carry permit then the NICS check is not even required… but recommended to make sure you don’t have something you might not know about going on. There is no waiting period... so in other words, you can walk into a gun dealer, buy a handgun within half an hour, strap it on your hip, and walk out. So let me ask Mrs. Becmer. If a guy stumbles out of a bar bent on rape, sees two women walking in an alley. One has a nice big Hi-point 9mm on her hip, and the other is wearing a black belt karate outfit, who do you think he is more likely to attack. Laughing... It reminds me of a joke. A man walks into a NRA convention and says, "This is a holdup, give me all your money!" A disarmed public makes for easy victims. If you don't believe me, ask the survivors of the Luby's shooting in Killeen Texas. 42 people were shot that day because only the criminal would bring a gun into a gun free zone.

You must be twenty-one... purchase a handgun.

Girls get guns and stay safe!

Great idea... Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the scumbags out there.

Gun purchase permit? You

Gun purchase permit? You don't need a gun purchase permit to buy a hand gun in Delaware but the Seller is required to place a call to the FBI and the State to make sure you are not a convicted fellon.

we are not there

Ummm, last time I checked this story is about Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA.

A North Carolina resident, however....

....cannot travel to Delaware and directly purchase a handgun legally. It would violate the federal GCA of 1968. Only long guns can be purchased by an out-of-state visitor. You could travel to Delaware and purchase a handgun, but that dealer could only ship the weapon to an FFL holder in North Carolina for delivery to you. You would then need a purchase permit from the sheriff.

Realistically, however....

Until you actually COMMIT a crime, or at the least express some attitude that catches the government's attention, you won't appear on any background check. Even Mental Health evaluations will be blank if you've never had a problem before. You have to remember, the NIU shooter was very highly respected before he went on his shooting spree. He even had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. NO ONE knew he even had a mental illness, let alone knew he was taking meds for it. Andrew


Good for them! My wife just purchased her 2nd Glock. (And firmly knows how to use it shooting 94%... Yes I am proud of her!) What that means (basically) that 94 shots out of 100 shots in any given radius of 25 yards will make their mark exactly where she wants the bullet to go.. The other 6 shots will be mighty close... So what does this mean for me as her husband? I am proud of her accomplishments. She loves to go to the range and practice. She shows more confidence in anything she does. I feel like she is safe when she is out at night because I know that she can and will protect herself at any and all costs. And for any of you old school guys that think women do not need to have a gun? Get over yourselves.. Besidesyour wife being more confident and secure with herself.. Guys.... Let me tell you.. A woman with a firearm that knows how to use it.. is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


"Bonnie Becmer said “more guns lead to more people being hurt or harmed. Fewer people need guns, I really only think police and people who are supposed to protect us should have it, that doesn't mean a woman shouldn't protect herself...say martial arts."" Spoken like a true leftist liberal know it all. In a liberals eyes...women should just lie down and take it...after all just give him what he wants and he will leave you need for guns....just give him what he wants and he will be on his way. It's only your body, not your life, right? Martial arts...LOL I LAUGH AT YOU...give me a 110 lb black belt and all I need is one second and she is down...I might get bashed for this but women and men are NOT EQUAL...when you have a 200+ guy coming at you and you are 110 MAYBE...there is LITTLE you can do unless you do it in a split second which you most likely will NOT have the opportunity to use. these cases a gun wouldn't have helped either as the guy surprised them. The only hope you have is to be VERY aware of your surroundings and carry some sort of high DB alarm to make noise...I am ALL FOR GUNS...but in this situation I just don't think it would have done any good unless you shot him in the back...which I am NOT against that idea either!

Women & Guns

I AM a 110 pound black belt (in Taekwondo). I'm also a 5'1", 40 year old female. While I can take down a 200 pound man in a classroom or for a belt test, if I am in the "real world", my martial arts skills are my fallback position. I have my concealed carry permit and carry a Ruger SR9. We have a family membership at Shooter's Choice and practice regularly. Martial arts require that I be in bodily contact with someone intending to do me harm. If I have a choice, using my skills as a black belt are a distant second.


I have trained in mixed martial arts (submission wrestling and Muay Thai) and anyone who thinks martial arts is enough for a small woman or man to defend themselves is sadly mistaken. Carrying a firearm is the only equalizer, just ask Frank Mir, former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Without the right to bear arms, there is no way to exercise the common law right to self-defense, if necessary. Consider multiple attackers or someone who has around 100 pounds on you. Trust me, it is not the movies. I am not suggesting that good martial arts training does not work, but size plays a huge role in hand-to-hand combat. By the way, gun accidents are 100% preventable with proper training and common-sense. Also, some states, such as NJ forbide concealed carry or carrying a firearm in any fashion for almost everyone, yet our violent crime rate is off the charts. People need to educate themselves on the benefits of firearms and then consider joining and supporting the NRA. The NRA protects our second amendment rights every single day.

criminals don't care

That is because criminals don't care what the law states. That is because they are criminals and a no carry law or sign won't stop them. That just makes the law abiding citizen an easy target.

Don't bring a knife...

to a gun fight Bonnie. "Bonnie Becmer said “more guns lead to more people being hurt or harmed. Fewer people need guns, I really only think police and people who are supposed to protect us should have it, that doesn't mean a woman shouldn't protect herself...say martial arts.""

Clearly Bonnie Becmer hasn't

Clearly Bonnie Becmer hasn't read John Lott's "More Guns, Less Crime". You don't even have to read far to get the point, page 4,second paragraph. A statistical survey of victims by the Dept of Justice found women were 4 times more likely to suffer serious bodily inury if they resisted unarmed (i.e. self defense/martial arts) than if they confronted their attacker with a gun. Similarly the idea of offer no resistance and the attacker will be on his way had an equally bad outcome. Women were 2.5 times more likely to suffer bodily injury by being passive rather than those that were armed.

Hand guns

YEA 2nd Amendment.

Darn right someone is going to get hurt

Bonnie Becmer (whoever she may be) is obviously one of those idealistic dreamers who think we all just need to get along. "I really only think police and people who are supposed to protect us should have it." I'm personally alive today because our founding ftahers were a lot smarter than you, Bonnie. I had a firearm when I needed one. Since you gave us your opinion, here are some of mine: The police can't be everywhere at every moment. You better be ready to defend your own life....or ready to die. If you have any experience in martial arts, you know that contests are held based upon gender and weight class. The simple fact is that a 130 pound female black belt, while better equipped to fight off an attacker, is still no match for a violent 200 pound male who means her harm. Don't ever lose sleep about the bad guys getting hurt. These women have a right to use deadly force to defend themselves from death or grievous bodily injury, and if they permanently remove one of these dirtbags from society in the process, it's a win-win situation all the way around. If a woman receives the proper training and is of the right mindset, there is absolutely no reason why she should not consider arming herself with a firearm. It certainly isn't for everyone, but it's outrageous to use the current situation in Wilmington to beat the drum for gun control. There's absolutely nothing wrong when the GOOD GUYS are armed.

Bonnie Becmer

Bonnie Becmer is also assuming that all women are in great shape and able to fend off an attacker. NOT the case. I personally would rather shoot first and ask questions later. I do not want to be close enough to let anyone with bad intentions touch me and certainly not hand to hand combat. She apparently does not understand the criminal mind and the physical strength of someone who is trying to attack. They have nothing to lose therefore they fight with more power than a woman that has been startled. Just shoot them, kill them and do us all a favor.

Das, you don't have to be

Das, you don't have to be "in great shape". There are self-defense techniques that anyone, of any age or physical condition can employ. I would recommend, even if you are bound and determined to have a gun, that you learn those as well. Can't hurt, can it?

Guns + my own hands

This is precisely why I love my local range (Memphis, TN)...they not only offer the class required by the state to carry a weapon (we don't require concealed carry in TN), but they also offer a course on how to use your weapon if attacked in a responsible way IN ADDITION to a whole class on simple "everyone can do it" martial arts techniques to use when you don't have your weapon on you - since more and more locations are unarming those who wish to protect (so the criminals can just walk in with their firearms, but the law abiding citizens must disarm).

you dont have to have a

you dont have to have a permit to carry a gun as long as it is in plain view of the public i.e. on your hip. you have to have a permit to carry concealed

You can't carry in plain view everywhere

Remember that North Carolina also has a statute making it illegal to "go about armed to the terror of the public." That law is basically interpreted to mean that while you can carry a sidearm in plain view in rural or hunting settings, walking around Crabtree Vally Mall or downtown Wilmington with your hogleg swinging isn't allowed. The best option is to attend the required training, apply for a concealed carry permit, and let the bad guys wonder if you're prepared to be a victim...or come out on top.


And we need to do away with the "no carry zones" like the mall. A law abiding citizen will leave their weapon in the car while the thug will come right on in. We need to level the playing field and take away criminal rights and enforce victim’s rights. If you wish to rob me, you also unknowingly wish to end up dead.


Good for these women, now, instead of being a victim, they can protect themselves against these thugs,rapist and a girl with a gun is just way sexy :-)