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Woman arrested in connection with Hardee's robbery

A 19-year-old woman is being held on a $2 million bond Thursday evening as she faces numerous felony charges including attempted murder. Jaqualah Banks was arrested in connection with a Wednesday morning armed robbery at the Hardees on Carolina Beach Road. She was also wanted in an attempted murder in the Houston Moore community in mid October. Police say that case was a drug related robbery. They are still looking for two male suspects in the Hardee's robbery.

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she needs to read her bible

she needs to read her bible and understand the two of the commandments say thou shalt not steal and thou shalt not kill what do u think her punishment will be if i was her i will be trying to get saved and ask for forgivness may the lord have mercy on your soul

Quite a Role Model

Too bad part of her sentence, if convicted, could not include television appearances on all the big holidays. Filmed in the slammer; let the world, and especially the area youth who feel they can roam the streets at 3 AM, see what life in the Big House is like. While everyone else is sitting at a bountiful Holiday table enjoying family and a Holiday dinner, this young lady and her recently arrested male companion will be feasting on bologna sandwiches. And even in our liberal society, if convicted, she could be middle aged or older before seeing the light of freedom. Let's hope too, every time she comes up for a parole hearing, she displays that same look of arrogance displayed in the article.

I wonder if she is connected

I wonder if she is connected to the horrible murder of a young man this week. Didn't one of the news articles mention that he had an argument with a girl that was from another town? Glad to see some more trash picked up off our streets.

No biscuit lady here!

Lock her up for that name alone...this chick is bad news, I read in the star news that she sold someone drugs, then went back & robbed the same person? What person robs a Hardees at 5/6 am? Employees had just started making their world famous biscuits! Someone hit this lady in the head w/some raw dough & then throw away the key!