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Woman attacked at Greenfield Park; slashed on face

Wilmington Police are looking for a man who attacked a woman in Greenfield Park, sending her to the hospital. Police said it happened around 1:30 Monday afternoon. The victim told police she was sitting under a pavilion when she got in an argument with the suspect, who slashed both of her cheeks with either a knife or razor. Police said the suspect left the scene on a bike. He is described as a black man between 5’11” and 6’1”, about 60 years old, and may have a mustache. He was wearing a gray shirt and possibly gray pants. Police said the victim knew her attacker and they got into an argument over a cigarette. Anyone with information is asked to call Wilmington Police.

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Over a Cigarette

So... the police had to conduct a search of a suspect in a limited area, lockdown a local school with kids and parents upset, and escort folks away from the park, because some homeless fellow was upset over a cigarette? I have faith in our law enforcement, I hope they don't let this go, and bring the fellow in for what he did. If they left it for her to go to the magistrate for charges, I'd watch your back around Greenfield Lake.

The article says she knew

The article says she knew her how hard can it be to find him?


What is happening in our country. The violence is absurd. This poor woman enjoying a beautiful day is now marked for life at the hands of yet another thug. I remember when we could go to the parks and enjoy fun times, now we are being made to fear public places, even our own homes. I say this, get a job and buy your own cigs and make your own way through life. Wait, perhaps this creep is waiting on his check,,,What was I thinking...Obama to the rescue please.


Hi my name is jessica, I think that people that does this kind of stuff should be made to pay major consequences