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Woman charged with murdering son makes first court appearance

READ MORE: Woman charged with murdering son makes first court appearance
The 18-year-old Wilmington woman charged with murdering her four-month-old son made her first appearance in court yesterday. Logan Van Dyke died Friday night from internal injuries. His mother Meagan Stuhan is charged with first-degree felony murder. While Stuhan was in jail, the boy's father Randy Van Dyke says he was at the hospital with Logan, and had to make the final decision about his son's life. "They asked me to make a decision if my son should live or die and of course she broke down and said no no no, and I explained that somebody beat the crap out of him, someone shook him so bad there's no chance he'd even survive. If he did he'd be a vegetable," said Van Dyke. Randy Van Dyke says he does not believe Stuhan could harm their son. He says she was seeing another man, and Van Dyke thinks that man may have played a part in their son's death. The district attorney says Stuhan could face the death penalty if convicted.

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Meagan is bubbly and kind.

I met Meagan in jail. She always showed her emotions towards her son. She wished he was still with her. She was obviously in a vulnerable state. I have seen so many young women meet the wrong person and have to suffer the consequences of the relationship. I have heard her say that she will never go to North Carolina again when she gets out... She has gone through enough... I wish I knew how the trial went. I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving Morning in 2009. :( I left jail and never heard a thing since. GOD be with her, she is a very beautiful woman inside and out. I feel irritated that she had to spend her young life in jail, for something she has already experienced, cannot prevent and wouldn't you think a woman losing their child would be enough of a punishment. I love you Meagan. I am happy Logan is safe with our Lord, Christ Jesus, he is waiting for his mommy to see him in his true purity. :D God works in amazing ways.

my best friend

meagan was my best friend and i had talked to her not even a week before this had happened. when i heard about it i lost it i was bawlling i couldnt save her from what she had to face, i thought it was made up she would never do that. she was so happy all the time. when i hear about mothers that kill their babies i think that mom needs to be hung, but with her she was soo close to me i thought she cant go to jail. I will never see her again. she had contacted me and i talked to her for a long time and she never once said anything about who she was dating or where she was, she seemed happy. she talked to me about everything and i dont know how it got passed me. i love her still, people make mistakes i think she just cracked and lost her mind. as a friend meagan i love you and i hope your doing ok. but no one will ever forget the pain that happened that day.

i knew meagan personally

i knew meagan personally from high school and we hung out a couple times which is crazy when i heard the story it was completely shocking i never expected that out of her so i dont even really know WHAT to think,....

Young Mother

Young Mother is in court for charges of killing her infant child - true Society blogging about hateful ways to then kill her - True I have yet to read any other post about praying for her and what she is going through, alone in that jail cell she is now a very broken soul. Right or Wrong in the court of public opinion, it is not our decision now it is her makers - I know there is more than one christian out there who feels this way. That baby has gotten his wings and is safe now but his mother needs prayers and salvation.

Like I stated in the other

Like I stated in the other report on this website... 18 years old is not a teenager. She is a legal adult. She knew she had responsibilities when she turned 18 and made the decision to have a child. Therefore it's her fault the baby is dead and she never got help. That is her fault. she is old enough to know right from wrong. She should be put on death row for this. Anyone who takes up for her should be just as guilty. If she didnt want the child she shouldnt have done the act. Or have the baby put up for adoption. Plain and simple. She had multiple choices as to what she could have done, and she chose to kill her baby. MAKE HER SUFFER!!!!!

Well she needs to get get

Well she needs to get get sent to prison or put under the dirt just like her little boy, Who ever can shake your baby to death needs to DIE also. Babies have the right to live and learn not to be shooked to death by the mother. But I hope she gets just as much pain as she gave to the baby. She was in the wrong when she done it so she needs the same punishment.

death of a angel

I think we all should get together and see if we can get a law passed to get a instint death penalty for anyone who causes the death of a infant or toddler. this is just sick. everyday i look at the news and this is all i see over and over again. THIS MUST STOP. when will it be enough. A child is a blessing from god. come on.

reply to carmen/death of baby

I agree, kill a child get the death penalty! NO PLEA AGREEMENT! spend our tax dollars on lethal sports equimpent and cable tv for the prison.

what are people thinking

I feel that he needs a reality check regarding the question if she shook that baby or not! Somebody shook him! Someone needs to Shake her to Death, but I am sure she will get everything she wants in the State Pen from the other broads that find out she is in there for the death of her child, either way Justice will be served!! He is also talking about another man having involvement, first of all if you let a man convince you to shake your child or too even consider it for a man, you still should suffer the consequences.....That is Crazy.........

as i see so often , this one

as i see so often , this one is already guilty without benefit of a fair trial...guilty or not, it is NOT our job as the public at large to hear a story and convict someone on the grounds of what is reported.


Guest 67 you are absolutly correct. Just the other weekend when those two people were killed on the motorcycle we were first told alcohol had a factor. So everyone wrote in condimming the drunk which later we found out that he wasn't. His alcohol levels were so low and well under the legal limit. But we the people wanted him to fry for that. It's a real tragety for someone so young to die before life really got started. But lets hear all the facts first. We are only hearing what the media wants us to here and how many times has the media been wrong. TOO MANY TO COUNT.

why not? perhaps the

why not? perhaps the hospital killed the baby. or the little imaginary "not me" character? or a leprechan? Even if she didn't kill the child, she left him with someone who did and that makes her negligent. Next, i guess i'm going to hear that it's our fault as a society because we didn't stop this woman or get her help. Oh, wait, already heard that argument. She was the child's legal guardian and She brought the child into the hospital. which means she knows what happened and if she is hiding something or someone she is guilty by law of abstructing justice.

Maegan Stuhan

I agree 110% with you! When you're wrong you're wrong and not one single person is ever going to alter that. I don't believe the "new" boyfriend harmed that baby, I don't believe it was any one other than Maegan herself who beat Logan causing his death. From what I hear Maegan is in a cell all by herself because she has been getting 'death threats' from other inmates - hmm I wonder if Logan would have been able to get away from her when she was beating him.

"Even if she didn't kill the

"Even if she didn't kill the child, she left him with someone who did and that makes her negligent." And that would go the same for anyone who leaves their child with a babysitter, or a childcare facility, a family friend,... and, god forbid, something fatal happens? Would you call that negligence? Would you Fry that person in the blogs. Anyhow, I wasn't arguing whether or not she is guilty, my remarks were for the posts i read, and not just this case, that the posters have a person convicted based on what the "media" told them. I see them in a lot of articles that a crime is reported. If I were to read an article that reported a man was "accused" of raping and robbing an 80 year old gramdmother, after the article, I am positive I would see the same angry mob, outraged at the thought of that actually happening, would have the poor sucker crucified in the comments before the sun went down.


Sometimes the media reports what is told to them, they can be a pawn too. You said "what the media wants us to here" (it was a quote so I kept the miss-spelled word) but maybe it's what law enforcement wants us to hear. Maybe it's easier for them to gain public support by painting this girl as a baby killer instead of investigating into it more. Maybe it's a lot of things. But the one thing I know, is that I have only heard one version. I am an American, which means that I do believe this girl deserves the benefit of the doubt, until 12 people have weighed all the evidence and convicted her, it is not my place, or any of yours, to already know what her punishment should be.