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Woman in serious condition after being hit crossing street

READ MORE: Woman in serious condition after being hit crossing street
A young woman is in serious condition, after being hit by a car while crossing the street early Wednesday morning. Police say 20-year-old Jeremy Poteat was driving the car that hit Katelyn Drum at the corner of Market Street and Lullwater Drive. Most people would think in a case like this, the driver is automatically at fault, but that is not always the case. State law allows fault to be placed on the driver or the pedestrian. It is called contributory negligence. That means if either the pedestrian or the driver acted in a way that is at least one percent negligent, that person could be held liable for the entire accident. At this point investigators do not believe speed or alcohol was a factor in the accident. Jeremy Poteat was arrested for leaving the scene. WWAY spoke with people who often cross Market and Lullwater. They have concerns about the busy intersection. Tammy Corcoran said, "People don't watch where they are going, and you're standing out in the middle of the road. They don't pay attention. It's just not safe. Not safe at all." Attorney Thom Goolsby says North Carolina is one of just four states that enforce contributory negligence.

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It's a shame

Poteat wasn't drinking or speeding, I think i might just keep driving if i was just cruising and all of a sudden a girl jumped out in front of my car like a deer. But i would have notified police within hours or a day. He was scared to death, and of course the mug shot of him just makes him look guilty. The police need to do some heavy investigating. They need to hit up the gas station cameras where she was at, see if they can see her at all, then the hotel cameras. According to friend they were drinking heavily.


I cant imagine traffic being to busy at 1am, how hard is it. look both ways and run. unfortunate


talk about wrong place wrong time huh?


Most of the people crossing the street there have been drinking at the Old Chicago bar.. What do you expect..??


That my friend was a good troll! The troll-o-meter registers an eight. Original, abrasive and fabricated. You have done well. 2 points off for not getting but 4 hits.

How can you just assume she

How can you just assume she had been drinking? That is all you are doing is assuming. Besides, she was crossing the rode on foot. Even if she had been drinking atleast she wasn't driving. However, the guy that hit her and then left the seen, he may have just been a drunk driver. But that would leave me assuming just like you. The real issue here is a woman was hit and the person who ran her over left the scene of the accident.


Most of them are also just walking across the middle of the street....people, that's why there's crosswalks at intersections.


Come on guest134, not everyone that crosses a street is drunk. Check out Poteats record I wonder why he hit her. Perhaps he was spaced out on something.

She's not drinking there

She's not drinking there because she is 20. You can't hate on an establishment because it's a bar. Unfortunately, accidents like this tragedy do occur, and I'm just glad they caught the coward.