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Woman wants answers about son's death


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The SBI is investigating the death of a Pender County man. Michael Williams, 32, died about two weeks ago. Now, his mother is speaking out about what she says was negligence on the part of first responders.

Deborah Williams says Michael wasn't feeling like himself on the morning of April 18. She says he was dropping things and falling over, and then he had a seizure. Paramedics arrived to the scene and called for back-up from the Pender County Sheriff's Office.

Deborah Williams was at home when she got a call from her brother that her son was having a seizure. Williams was told that paramedics could not get control of Michael. According to witnesses, when sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene, a number of men held Michael down and handcuffed his hands and shackeled his feet.

Michael was rushed to the Pender Memorial Hospital, where he later died. Williams says her brother's house was taped off with crime scene tape after Michael left for the hospital. She says she wants to know the truth about what happened to her son.

"I keep having nightmares of what he looked like the last few minutes of his life," Deborah Williams said. "And I want answers for my son. And I want everyone to know that I'll fight until the end for my son."

When WWAY called the Pender County Sheriff's Office, they told us to call the SBI. The SBI says the Sheriff's Office requested the investigation because Michael Williams died in custoday.

Williams says the Pender County Sheriff's Office made no attempts to contact her after her son's death. She says all she wants is an answer to why he was handcuffed and shackeled. Deborah says she's been able to handle Michael's seizures by herself for 32 years and that it should not have taken more than five people to control michael during his seizure.

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i am not going to say my

i am not going to say my name but i am going to say i have been a firefighter first rsponder for many year. if we feel that we are in danger we are going to call for backup we will do what we have to and the sheriff/police will do what they have to to contain to sitition

I feel sorry for this lady,

I feel sorry for this lady, but why is everyone trying to blame someone else for something that happens???

If he was handcuffed and shackled, then it was probably done to assist EMS in giving care. I'm pretty sure it didn't have anything to do with his death


What is this? If the man was out of control, and attacking others, police have every right to control someone who is out of control. Bravo police, keep up the good work.


I take it you've never seen anyone have a seizure before. They don't attack people! They are usually lying down and have body jerking movements that they can't control as well as the potential for biting or swallowing their tongue. I didn't see anything in the story about this guy attacking anyone. I don't think their was any foul play, but you should at least know or have seen a person having a seizure before saying something like that.