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Woman wants apartment complex to pay for mold damages

READ MORE: Woman wants apartment complex to pay for mold damages
WILMINGTON -- A Wilmington woman is upset with an apartment complex that failed to get rid an un-invited guest -- mold. Nioka Jewett moved out of Harbour Ridge Apartments a couple of days ago. Now she wants the apartment complex to pay for her damaged furniture and her medical bills. Jewett's apartment is infested with mold. It has been like this for several months. She says it started around the windows and doors, and when her landlord didn't do anything to fix the problem, the mold grew, and got much worse. Now she and several of her children suffer from respiratory problems. Some of them will have to visit a lung specialist. Jewett wants Harbour Ridge to pay for her medical bills and her ruined furniture. She said, "They don't want to do that. They want to beat around the bush and figure out a way not to give me my money. That's why I have to take the next step to tell people these apartments are not worth living in." Jewett says she's now considering taking legal action against her former landlord. Vista Realty, the owners of Harbour Ridge Apartments, said they are investigating all the facts and will handle them accordingly.

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A person can't just leave.

A person can't just leave. Doing so would break their lease and unless they have the several months rent required to break it legally they're pretty much stuck. If there is a mold problem it is the management company's responsibility to either a. clean it up or b. move them to a non affected unit. By doing neither, they broke their part of the agreement that pertains to upkeep of the property.

I am having part of my lung

I am having part of my lung removed in 3 days due to mold exposure in an apartment building. You should never make comments on what a person should have done unless you have been in the situation yourself. I was in an apartment for 6 months and I stayed sick. When the doctors figured out what was making me sick I pulled the blinds up in the apartment and found black mold around the windows. The apartments ONLY sprayed the windows with bleach and told ME to do it every 2 weeks. I was too sick to do anything! It's not that easy to just move. You have to have money to move, pay a deposit, etc. I did not have the money for that because I had used all of my sick days at work and was not getting paid for the days I was not there. I have been sick for 2 years now and my life has completely changed. Along with all of the times in the hospital, trips to the many different doctors, losing my job because I missed too many days, stacks of medical bills.....I feel like there is poison in my body. I hurt when I wake up, I cough up so much "fungus" out of my lungs that I throw up. I take more medications than my 90 year old grandmother. The worst thing is that nobody cares.....nobody wants to hear about mold!

Clorox does not treat mold infestation

Bleach agents do not kill mold unless it is surface mold. Typically when an establishment is "infested" with mold, EPA laws come in effect, the house is sealed with a perimiter and a profesionally licensed mold abatement team comes in with respirators and contains, kills and removes the mold. Key word there... respirators.. So the face mask this lady is wearing isn't doing anything but making her case look more pathetic, and why wouldn't she just move? Why wouldn't the apartment management move her if she alerted them to the issue? Probably another schmoozer that waited until medical treatment was necessary so she could file yet another frivilous lawsuit to help inflate prices on housing even more...

Bleach is a Joke

Using bleach on mold is a joke! Do some research it only makes it worse. Mold spores are what make you sick. Mold probably came from leaky windows (is she suppose to fix those). Some people are highly allergic to certain molds. Don't make comments about things you know nothing about.


Ever heard of cleaning? Are the landlords responsible for your cleaning as well? A little bleach will do the trick. You let it get bad, not them.

This comment just shows the

This comment just shows the depth of your ignorance! I live in the same apt complex with a spotless apt and still have mold. There are other causes of mold than not cleaning Einstein

If there is documention

If there is documention showing the apartment management knew of the mold problem, then they should be required to pay for the furniture and especially the medical bills related to mold. Clorox will kill the mold being seen, but it won't do anything to the mold that lives in the walls.


The mold took time to come in the house. Why did she just now move once there was small signs of the mold.

If she saw the mold growing

If she saw the mold growing around the window why didnt they clean it with bleach water so it would of never spread and get the maintenace man to fix the window

Re: Woman wants apartment complex to pay for mold damages

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