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WPD: Four teens arrested for exploding porch bottle bomb



WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) - WPD officers responded to a chemical bottle bomb explosion at 3950 Appleton Way at 12:50 a.m. on Wednesday morning. The victim reported that when he answered the doorbell, the bottle bomb detonated, causing damage to the residence. Responding officers also found a second bomb at the scene that had not exploded. Initially there were no suspects.

At 4:30 p.m. on the same day (Wednesday afternoon), a citizen called 911 to report that some teenagers at 3927 Appleton Way were blowing up bottles in their backyard. Responding officers determined that the suspects at 3927 Appleton Way had been involved in the earlier incident. When WPD detectives interviewed them, all four suspects were implicated in the manufacture and explosion of the device used at 3950 Appleton Way. All were charged with Malicious Use of an Explosive Device. Arrested:

Jonathan Norman Page - d.o.b. 12-10-1993

Austin Richardson - d.o.b. 8-1-1993

Eric Alexander Richardson - d.o.b. 11-16-1994

James Casey Parker - d.o.b. 11-6-1994

All four suspects live in the neighborhood where the incidents occurred. Each was released on a $20,000 unsecured bond.

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I happen to know one of the

I happen to know one of the parents of the accused, and I do not believe this can be blamed on the parents. My parents kept a close watch on me and I spent many a summer nights/weeks/months grounded because of stupid "pranks." No matter what they tried to do, I would still look for some sort of "harmless" trouble. Thank God I grew out of it and no one was hurt. A lot of changes go through many kids brains from age 16-22.

Looking back, I blame MTV (Jackass, for one) and my inherent desire to rebel. I set bags of poo on fire, played ding-dong ditch and much more. The thing is, I never once thought of the consequences. In the media, whether it is TV or rap songs, you rarely see the consequences, only the uproar the "prank" causes (Jackass has produced 3 movies to date).

These didn't have malicious intent. They were bored and looking for some excitement. That doesn't excuse their reckless behavior, but it shouldn't result in a Federal case, or felony charges following them into adulthood.

They should be punished, with fines, community service, maybe even jail time (weekend jail could teach these kids a lot). This is not "getting off scott-free." They will be haunted by this for most of their lives, not to mention they will never live it down from the anguish this has caused the parents.

If they're slapped felony charges, this will effect their adulthood, and potentially lead to serious crime. What will they do if they have no opportunities because of a prank?

The fact of the matter is, this was stupid and reckless, but they shouldn't be burned at the stake. The prosecution should look at the motive and intent. These kids don't have ties to Al Queda, and they weren't trying to blow this man's leg off. They did not think about the potential damage. Just like many of you are overlooking the potential damage this could cause these boys.


Someone could have been killed! I would hardly call this a harmless prank. Not one of those boys tried to stop this from happening. The parents clearly didn't teach the so-called "boys" any good values! Hopefully the justice system will. People were terrorized and traumatized! It's easy for you to say that it was a harmless prank since no one tried to blow you up at your front door!


If you would do a little research you would not make such rediculous statements about someone being killed. Look back at your mistakes when you were that age and think before you cut with you pen(keyboard).

These kids should be punished but this is not a federal case. If they have previous records then okay. If not,,,, time should be served on several weekend and then tack on about 500 hours of community service.

Concerened Citizen.

Forget it! Ben David is

Forget it! Ben David is very selective in the cases he prosecute...this one will be tossed out because, "they have no priors or they just made a mistake or they've learned their lessons or their parents will pay for any damages done to the victims property" and then CASE CLOSED!!!

No Ones Perfect

I agree with the valid points stated above. I think it is completely rediculous that in this one article the address of the incident is stated four times. The father of one of the children has taken all means of socialism away: His car, his phone, attempting to delete his facebook, and making him do community service. These boys are teenagers(not yet 18) and are going through horrible times at school with taunts and slandering.
It has left the families highly upset, not just the children are being punished here. The event could have been ALOT worse. What was intended to be a "prank", has turned into a worse nightmare, flushing these teens dreams down the drain. All we can do is pray for them and thier families. Please keep in mind that no one is perfect, and this very easily could have been one of your children. Just think of all the dumb things you did as a child, and what you would do if it was your life on the line. They deffinatly should be punished, but not my a felony offence.

Some years ago, pranks were

Some years ago, pranks were considered just that, pranks. The most that would have happened was the kids have to clean up the mess, the parents pay for any damage and would probably open up a can of whoop-a$$ on the kids. But, times have changed and a prank is now a serious criminal offense. Obviously many of the posters who are calling for blood are too ignorant to see what is going on. Government of all levels are becoming extremely heavy-handed and will become more so. It is all about the control of the population. In ten more years, we will probably not be allowed off our property between 10 PM and 7 AM.


You are calling people ignorant? You need some help.Trying to cause bodily harm with explosives is not a prank,it's a serious criminal offense.Your right, its the government.I see whats going on,your ignorant.


Let me be the first in this new year to pull the race card.Rich white boys in a rich mostly white neighborhood. Let out of jail without any cost.These boys are stupid and dangerous and should be put away somewhere..

White, yes....

...but it was HipHop from Black artists that drove them to kill!

Oh, wait....they didn't kill anyone...yet.

Everywhere I go I hear White kids listening to inner city, mega-ghetto rap and Hip Hop from guys like Little Wayne and that guy who was just here, Flaming Makka Flaka Wakka or something like that. IT'S TURNING EVERYONE INTO GANGSTAS!

This started with Public Enemy and continues to this day: The Black conspiracy to destroy our White youth who were pretty much worthless already and really didn't need any more distractions....and it's not only the youth who are affected.

Just the other day I heard that KIA Soul commercial with the hamsters for the three-hundred, nineteenth time, and could not stop myself from going out, smoking a few rocks and sticking up a convenience store.

So you can throw that race card and point out that yes, they're White, but YOU know who is really responsible. I'll bet you they smoke Kools, too! Now where did they learn THAT from, hmmmmm?


Not many comments about this,but let someone shoot somebody in Creekwood and you have 2 or 3 pages of them.
BTW: How did you know I smoke KOOLS?

Safe bet!

You guys that smoke ALL smoke Kools....or Newports.....the old guys smoke Salems....

Whoa! I just realized that destroying our WWY (worthless White youth) with brain-dead Hip-Hop "music" is obviously payback:" Mentholated cigarettes were invented by a White guy, and you can bet he wasn't looking out for your health!

I hope that the kids are

I hope that the kids are charged with a felony level crime. Totally unacceptable. Their parents need to beat them too

I'll bet these kids won't go

I'll bet these kids won't go to jail or even pay a fine other than the cost of court because they were "just having a little fun". Anyone want to bet???

Therein is part of the problem

They set off an explosive device which could have injured the person answering the door. Loss of limb or loss of an eye would certainly have been possible.

So they are apprehended and each is released on an unsecured bond.

They all appeared to be 17 or 16. Maybe their parents should have been required to secure the bonds with the deeds to their homes.

What the heck were they all doing out at 1:00 AM. Where were the parents? They may think they're grown up; but all appear to be under 18.

I am related to one of these

I am related to one of these boys, and I happen to know that he is normally a very disciplined child who respects others. You can't say that you've never made a "bad choice" in your life, or been pressured by your peers. Seriously, before you judge others who you have no idea who they are, you need to look in the mirror and judge yourself. The boy I'm related to, he always says "yes ma'am/sir" or "no ma'am/sir" and he is very well mannered. No one got hurt, the boys learned their lesson. BACK OFF! They already have enough to deal with, and don't need hateful remarks from strangers who have no idea who they truly are. If anyone needs to grow up, it's all of you hateful so called "concerned citizens." Ever heard of keeping your opinions to yourself? Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you want to talk about these boys doing wrong, you might want to realize that it is good manners to keep some things to yourself. Try being a model citizen so these boys have someone to look up to instead of people who are full of hateful comments and nothing better to do then to bash on boys who made their first mistake where no one got hurt. These boys have definitely learned their lessons, and it won't be happening again. I think they had enough of a scare when they got charged. I'm not saying that they should go un-punished, but I am saying that the charges and punishment they are getting is way out of portion considering we're having a young boy and his father hit by a senior citizen with possession of cocaine, and people getting shot in their car in Blockbuster's parking lot.

Don't let this slide!!!!

A bunch of young kids with no respect for anything. Its ok, Im sure their parents will buy their way out of it. A slap on the hand and they will be on their way to grow up and make real bombs. Throw the book at them Judge!!! Next time the victim might not be so lucky!!!

What a bunch of jackasses

The main ingredient in most of these type bombs is hydrochloric acid. If the victim were to get this in the eyes or on the skin, it could cause severe burns they would have to live with forever. This idiots should be forced to repair all the damage to the victim's house and do their yard work for a year.

They should be charged as

They should be charged as terrorists! thats exactly what they are!They do not need to be running around free!

that's a shame.

back in the day, i remember setting bags of flaming poo on fire and ringing a doorbell and running off.

"kids ,do dumb stuff like that"

i couldn't imagine being arrested and placed under a 20k bond .

sometimes i wish it was the 70's again

You and me both. I have

You and me both. I have never seen such over-reaction, assumeing it was a harmless bomb that just caused excitement and a little mess. If it was dangerous chemicals, that is different. It seems like there are so many laws now that make criminals out of people. They should not get off free, but arrested and a big bond? No wonder respect for the law and the police has been lost.

Apples and oranges

Bags of flaming dog poo and bottles that explode are two entirely different animals. Yes, your flaming feces could have set a house on fire but more likely just messed up some shoes. Exploding bottles can cause a person to lose an eye, hearing damaged or potentially even loss of appendages.