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WPD adding surveillance cameras downtown

WILMINGTON -- Downtown Wilmington will soon be under a close watch. The Wilmington Police Department plans to install at least 20 surveillance cameras throughout the downtown area. Police and business owners alike hope to see the cameras deter aggressive behavior. Some people who work on Front Street who have been victims of vandalism have gone as far as to install their own cameras. They say as long as privacy isn't invaded, they're all for the police department's cameras. With as many bars are there are downtown aggressive behavior tends to be alcohol-related. The cameras won't replace downtown police officers, just assist them. The plan is to have them on everything from buildings to parking decks. Downtown business owner Justin LaNasa said, "I've had lots of problems with vandals. I've had my locks glued shut one time and I installed cameras that are really high quality and I don't have a problem ever since I've done that." Downtown employee Rachel de Faut said, "If there's some sort of record of what's going on, maybe these things can be better addressed." The Wilmington Police Department received a federal grant to help fund the surveillance system. It's expected to cost about $257,000. Other city departments are considering the surveillance cameras.

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If Valenos (sp) cafe had camera years ago I wonder who would've been caught breaking their fence and stealing the replacement materials?? Do you know who it would be, Justin???

this is a good thing

This is not that big a deal, it's already all over Europe and everywhere else. It can aid police in identifying and catching someone who mugged or assaulted you, or whatever.

What ever you say!

It's always nice to see people willing to give up their rights in the name of "freedom" or "terrorism"! Maybe soon we should settle for a king! "Ask not what your country can do for you, but how well you can monitor your country!" George W. Bush...not really, but it should be!

You don't have a clue do

You don't have a clue do you? There is nothing illegal and no invasion of property with cameras pointed at a public area. Nobody is giving up any of their rights because of these cameras.


we now live in the USSR

Uhhh no...

You think so? Ever been there? Doubt it but I can assure you that was an ignorant statement. Look around you wally gator... this would be a good thing with the crime rate around here. Some people just don't get it that some things are to protect you from people that don't give a rats behind about your rights and are only interested in your wallet. hmmm Maybe you are one of the latter.... Anyway.. grow up. Cameras are a fact of life and if you don't have anything to hide.......


Well put one at the corner of my house...7th and Bladen...Keep the drugs out of downtown...

Hello Big Brother

Welcome Wilmington, NC. Don't even think of picking your nose! Somebody will have it on video! What's next? Who decides if these cameras are going to be looking into private residences? What assurances do the public have against that? If your apartment is near downtown Wilmington, you could be film in your own home. This is a case for the Civil Liberties Union!

Close your drapes

If you don't want cameras or people looking in your windows, close the shades!

Re: Hello Big Brother

Get a grip. It's people like you that cry about their rights being violated all the time that has screwed this country up. It's time to take back the streets and get tough, so if you don't like it go someplace else.

Or, we will can catch

Or, we will can catch another sick predator that likes to rape women while pointing guns at infant’s heads. If you have problems with surveillance than u have something to hide. If you feel there are things that you like to do,that the state does not agree with, i.e. marijuana, then that takes reform.

Just pull your tinfoil hat down over your eyes

They'll never recognize you. BTW, time for your Thorazine...

ok ron paul...

gimme another stupid line, please. if you are worried about a camera looking into your window at night, then you should be worried about the people across the street looking in there for the last 30 years. I'd take my chances with the cops rather than dirty moe next door.

Calm down....

The sky is not falling! A little carried away there eh? It's ok... the paranoid can post too...

Response to "Hello Big Brother"

Hey Bubba,,,got something to hide? Just what we need...the ACLU along with people who claim this is racist or unfair. I think it's a GREAT thing that authorities are really making an effort to make it safer downtown. Stop trying to stop good ideas. Find a hole somewhere else.