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WPD arrest alleged drug dealer linked to fatal overdoses

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington Police have arrested a drug dealer linked to the distribution of "hell razor" heroin -- the substance identified in several deaths earlier this year. Officers arrested Darryl Owens in New York on a Wilmington warrant. He waived extradition and was returned to Wilmington yesterday. Owens has been charged with possession with intent and conspiracy to sell a controlled substance. He is being held at the New Hanover County jail on $750,000 bond.

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He was killing junkies

The community should post his bond and pay his legal expenses.

Razor...more like Lozer

I'm glad they got this guy. Castle Street is safer because of him. Treebeard I will rule all of Middle Earth...and the squirrels!!

Look, if you think Castle

Look, if you think Castle street is bad, you probably do not understand that areas on the East Side (including Hurst, Clay, Evans, and N30th Streets,) North Side (Rankin Terrace, Campbell St., 6th and Nixon, etc.,) The Bottoms (Especially 13th through 7th by Ann through Dock) and the South Side (Any where between 16th and 3rd from Dawson to Greenfield) are much more dangerous as Castle is somewhat of a main road. Visit your these areas in the evenings for a real idea of what to avoid. Don't wait very long at stop signs.

Way to stereotype how do you

Way to stereotype how do you know he doesnt reside in Landfall and deal on the UNCW campus Drugs are a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-socioeconomic problem. Scally Wagg where bees come to find their nectar

Scally, get real!

Does he look like your average Landfall resident? If you were going to play the odds, where would YOU place your bet?

Poor Scally Wagg

Scally Wagg, I read the police report. Maybe if you tried reading, you would know what was going on. Instead, you sit and comment on news and events you don't understand. Your sentences ramble and make no sense! Have you ever used a period (.) in your life. Try it. It breaks up sentences; or in your case, clumsy worded sentence fragments that lead a reader to think you just finished 1st grade Treebeard I will rule all of Middle Earth...and the squirrels!!

Just what this forum needs

Just what this forum needs, another old, cantankerous, backwards thinking know-it-all. It takes such a sunny disposition to point out others short comings instead of trying to make the world a better place by offering solutions. No instead why don't you and common sit on your perch and cast judgment on all of us underlings, sending us to eternal fire and damnation.

drug dealer

Ahh,one down a million to go. Do you think that 1 guy in jail (for now) will make a difference? He is one of many and as long as the users here want it the drugs will keep coming this way. Castle St. is no safer now. I would not go there after dark unless I was in a armed tank. I even avoid that area in the day time. Das Supreme Mother of Middle Earth...I OWN the squirrels !!

It has to start somewhere.

It has to start somewhere. Although I doubt this arrest will make a difference, we can't let things go just because we arent making a dent in the problem

Good luck convincing a jury

Good luck convincing a jury that he is responsible for "hell razor." Ben David knows he probably can't, which is why this model citizen hasn't been indicted for second degree murder based on NCGS 14-17 where death proximite to unlawful distribution of a controlled substance is classified as a B2 Felony.

Hmmmmm..... thats

Hmmmmm..... thats interesting since NCGS 90-95 covers all of the controlled substance act.... NCGS CHAPTER 14 is all crimimal law EXCLUDING CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES aka "drugs", 18 is ABC law... ohhhhhhhhh and NCGS 20 is all motor vehicle law.... just dont want anyone mislead....

The 14 is criminal law,

The 14 is criminal law, which does cover second degree murder. Have a look for yourself...

"Hell Razor" says it all.

Make him feel the heat now.