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WPD arrests brothers wanted on dozens of charges

DUPLIN COUNTY -- Two brothers wanted on dozens of charges of breaking into cars in our area have been caught. Joshua and Antonio Auther were arrested last night in Duplin County. Wilmington and Leland police were searching for the two for weeks after connecting them to car break-ins in magnolia greens and landfall over the Christmas holiday. Wilmington Police arrested their brother Maurice Tuesday on possession of stolen goods charges.

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Police work for the rich

This is a perfect example of how the cops work for the rich white people and then treat the minority community like a scapegoat. Look at how fast the two boys have been arrested. They have not been convicted of anything, but were picked up in a sweep of likely suspects that could take the rap for the 'supposed' break ins. If these crimes that these boys have been charged with had happened in the mall parking lot, or on 5th street then the cops still would be lazing around looking for clues. For all we know because the crimes occurred at Landfall and Magnolia Greens these cops were told to go find somebody that fits the description and prosecute ASAP! These guys got picked up because of their skin colour and they don't stand a chance in the white court system that we have in NC today. This looks like a frame job by the cops. They cannot find a murderer when it must have been a white guy that did it but they sure can find a couple black kids to frame because some rich people got their stuff stole.

That's all YOU know!

These guys confessed and were out on probation for doing other crimes as these. Why don't you grow up and accept that we work for all races!

This reply is here to cause

This reply is here to cause an uproar among posters. There is no way this person can honestly believe what he wrote.

Police working for the rich

I wish people would quit making everything race related and look at it for what it is worth, two people that got arrested for breaking the law. Thats it, not Police working for rich people, not Police just arresting someone because it happened in a white neighborhood.Two criminals who got caught!



get an education, learn how

get an education, learn how to speak ENGLISH the proper way and get a job. Yo boyfriend commited a crime...let him serve.


They'll also probably become born again Christians while in prison, if that is where they go.

Born again?

Possibly, but that ploy is mostly used when someone is sentenced to Death.

I don't know...ask for a

I don't know...ask for a tour of our local jail, you will find all kinds of people in there all of a sudden reading the Bible

Your love for...

your husband is admirable, but should learn how to spell and write! Your comments are a perfect example of why it's important to stay in school.

Wow..........Thats all I can

Wow..........Thats all I can say about this comment!


He's laughing because he knows he'll be free to go before nightfall...

These two kids are lost

These two kids are lost cause..they are a drag on society. They have yet too, and never will, contribute anything worthwhile to their families, their "hood", the state, or their country. I wish they could forgo the judicial process, which is these days a badge of honor for these "thug-life" losers, and a HUGE waste of taxpayer dollars..What is it, $70,000 per year to incarcerate each degenerate? It sickens me as I work 60 hours a week to pay for this b.s. I say put them on work detail for the entirety of their puny sentences and fix these substandard roads around here. Something..anything other the status quo..


I wonder if these were the same to ripping people off in the Arrowhead/Silva Terra neighborhood. They look very young though. These break ins were happening pretty late at that. Do parents not know where their children are at night??? We have several kids that roam the neighborhood late at night. I know of one that is only 14 with a curfew of midnight. What in Gods name does a 14 year old need to do that requires him to stay out that late? Before my kids were of driving age, they had to be home by 9pm, after that, it was 10 pm. Anyway...does anyone know how old they are?


Two more illegitimate welfare deadbeats that will now be kenneled up at the state's expense. Status quo

...but not for long

If things go as they normally do, they'll be back in business before Labor Day. They might be out before the Fourth of July. As a society, we lack the intestinal fortitude to deal with criminals appropriately.

Are you the problem or the solution?

It is ignorance such as yours that feeds our society. Have you ever tried to reach out to the less fortunate. Or, do you just help society dig a larger whole for them to fall in. It is crass for you to assume that they are "illegitamate welfare deadbeats". What are you doing during the day that you have time to write something so stupid at 12:17 pm. Honestly, people who think and speak like you are just as low and dirty as those who commit the crimes.

I guess you think we should

I guess you think we should just turn our heads because they are young and without guidance? Sorry, they are a waste. And no, I'm not going to worry about trying to reach out to them. And just so you know, I work night shift so don't question my posts that are done at 12:17

What do I do at 12:17 PM?

I do whatever I want at that time. I recently retired from Law Enforcement after 23 years of arresting illegitimate welfare deadbeats and putting them into the DOC where they can be fed and housed at the taxpayers expense.

Again, are you the solution or the problem?

My whole point is what have you done to help these individuals. Nothing, besides throw them in jail to waste the taxpayers dollars. I did not say that it was right for them to rob. I asked you, have you tried to help. Or, do you just sit back and add to the problem with your way of thinking? If they grew up on welfare and are indeed illegitimate, it was not by choice. It is what life has dealt them. Have you ever thought about a solution to help the young people in this situation. No, instead, you just stereotype because it's easy, because it's all you know. These gentlemen are not lost. They still have a full life ahead of them. They are capable of changing. People make mistakes, especially without the proper guidance. If just once, people who think like you do, would decide to be a solution, it would help! It would help our society! But, there's a word for your type of thinking. It's called, RACISM! Wilmigton Man.

It has absolutely nothing to do with RACISM

It has everything to do with their conduct. I could care less what color a man is, what matters is his character and these guys have NONE. They are thieves. And what's with this nonsense about US having to help? Why do WE have to do anything other than protect ourselves from these criminals? I already raised my children. How am I (or anyone else) obligated to now help rehabilitate The Auther Gang? They belong in jail. Their conduct has earned them nothing less. Trying to rationalize and justify their criminal behavior is exactly what's wrong with society. Things will never change until you grow a backbone and hold people responsible for their actions.

Let's all just keep

Let's all just keep pretending that everyone else is the problem, and perhaps while we are at it let's continue to pretend that our own children don't have to live in the same world as these such persons. Because while you ignore the problems that society faces as a whole you only promise your own loved ones a legacy of crime, hate, and victimization, etc. It rediculous to pretend that it is notOUR problem are you living on another planet? I don't think so, so you can just as easily be effected by these types of crimes too. Better yet, have you not done something in your early years that you just never got caught for? Probably not. Please note it is much more than a racial, cultural, or class issue it is a human issue.

I prepared my children for that world

One is a deputy sheriff, one is a career military officer. I'd say they're both prepared for whatever confronts them. I carry a .45 automatic in case "our problem" suddenly appears in front of me, brandishing a weapon. As I'm not exactly a small guy, rarely do I encounter problems. For common thieves who like to break into homes, I have an alarm system that is of my own design and monitored 24 X 7. Truth be told, yes, this IS our problem, but only because the courts refuse to place criminals where they belong for adequate periods of time.

America has TOO MANY GUNS!

Thanks for raising two more gun fanatics that perpetuate the violent gun culture of this society. 6'1" 220lbs and I've never needed a gun.

Nice try

Scally, that's just too obvious. If you're going to try and bait people with blatantly idiotic posts, at least use a different name....

No baiting just straight

No baiting just straight facts. Believe it or not common NOBODY knows it ALL, and nobody likes someone who thinks they do know it all. I hope you have more friends than just guesty.

No baiting? You actually look down upon.... enforcement officers and military members because they are "gun fanatics?" Wow. I thought you were simply a liberal. I never realized that you were such an ingrate and so ignorant of who is out there protecting you.

Thats what you get for thinking

Way to spin words, I don't look down on LEO or the military, but I'm sure the offspring of a judgmental know it all thats sports his .45 caliber for a trip to Food Lion every time didn't fall too far from the tree, know what I mean...... and the vicious cycle continues.........

Gosh Scally, just last week.... were cheering me on. You were agreeing with me 100%. You were one of the mob praising my posts. You need to make up your mind or get back on the meds. (Erratic people annoy me.) Meanwhile, I'll try to write "dumber" so you won't feel so intimidated...

Dealing with these "problems".

I agree with your comments. I think that all of us should start defending ourselves and our property from the vermin that is robbing, raping and killing without any concern for any consequences.