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WPD arrests six in prostitution bust

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington police were busy last night. They arrested six suspects in a downtown prostitution bust. Residents who live near the corner of Fifth Avenue and Wright Street complained of alleged prostitutes walking the street in their neighborhood. Police investigated and arrested one alleged prostitute and five men who solicited her services. Police first arrested the woman and used an undercover officer to apprehend her patrons.

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Our WPD is kicking serious butt. They are highly effective, and getting hookers off the streets helps put the dope dealers out of business. I'd like to see them start going undercover at the cheap motels in Wilmington.

It is a start

Yes they should be after the drug dealers and such, but those arrest take time to get a good conviction. I commend the WPD because that area has been bad for a LONG time. Keep up the good work WPD.

That's good But......

That's good WPD but what about the gang killings and drug dealings that is killing our nice city.....How fast do you work on that.....where are your undercovers at on that stand point....another things she will be in a different spot tonight so you really did a good job....maybe if the people living on that block complained about drugs and gangs we wouldn't have the problem we have now....

Sam, you could not do this job...

But you sure try to talk like you do. And that's the difference. You talk about it, I go out and do something about it. Did you get the Lexus washed this weekend? I worked all weekend. Think about it Sam. Life's good in your small minded world.


Its amazing to me that anyone with any portion of a brain could imagine that prostitution or any other vice: alcohol, tobacco, flouride, perscription drugs, gambling etc. could or would ever just "go away". Prostitution being the oldest form of compensational servitude will always be here. If not in its naked form, most certainly in the form of you selling yourself to your employer for a dollar bill so that you can partake of your other vices. What a bunch of hypocrites. Give it a little time....prostitution, just like every vice before it, will eventually be legal. Who would have thought or believed that marijuana would be legal AGAIN.


Like the maid said in

Like the maid said in "Driving Miss Daisy", I wouldn't do it if the sweet Lord Jesus asked me. I wouldn't do the WPD's job. Hat's off to all of you. You're doing a great job!!!

Sam How can the police

Sam How can the police prevent a murder? Thats like me blaming the police because someone ran a red light. Prostuition and drugs run hand in hand. The WPD makes several hundred drug arrests every year.

prostitute /drug dealer

why didnt wpd arrest her drug dealer thats why she was working the street for sure the prostitute wasnt working the street to pay her golf club dues or to make church donations with the money .i have seen that filth myself when i have to go through that part of town its embarrising my cousin came to visit me here in wilmington when he arrived he called me when he first got over the bridge and pulled into the first gas station and as he and his family waited for my arrival so they could follow me to my apartment they were solicited by a prostitute and pan handler and someone bumming a cigarette.i had to applogize and explain thats why i tried to give directions to get away from that side of town it is filthy and nasty with lots of street trash .

who were they?

who were the culprits? any mug shots?