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WPD bust man with over 100 heroin bags

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington Police continue their offensive against the heroin trade. They are trying to stem the tide of overdose deaths -- four in two months. Tuesday they showed us their latest haul, more than 100 bags of heroin. It was the result of an undercover drug buy near the Target store off Market Street. Antwyn Beatty of Wilmington was arrested and charged with eight felony counts related to the possession and trafficking of heroin. Officers say the heroin bags had five different stamps on them, apparently intended to reassure or confuse buyers in the midst of this overdose scare.

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Yeah, petsmart run

"Hey honey, I gonna run and pick up a baggie of err... yeah a bag of dog food." And on another note, where did they find the stash?

Heroin at the Target/Petsmart Parking Lot??

There is heroin drug trafficking going on in the parking lot in front of PetSmart(Target shopping center)???? Wow, it seemed like a pretty safe part of town. Or did they just pick up the guy there?

oh yea

theres plenty of drug trafficking going on in that parking lot as well as any low income housing project within 10 miles of there.

There are drugs and drug

There are drugs and drug dealers in every part of this town...there is no safe place

it said near target

If you follow the road past Target, it goes into a college aged, renters type neighborhood. You know, the quickly built, slab homes. I would imagine it was in there. UNCW is straight up infested with drugs. Its not all of the students but junkies keep their dealers close by.

How it go around here

Its regular for deals to go down in parking lots. Anywhere that is convenient is suitable. That part of Market is definetly popping because of the cheap motels and proximity to the east side, in addition to the college crowd. It is important to note that the majority of heroin consumption in this area is done by a dedicated few hardcore addicts who support their addiction by turning others onto heroin, usually by presenting the option of snorting the drug in the powder form found inside of these bags because of it is less of a stretch for a first user to consider than shooting it. By the way, I would like to put some truths and numbers out here. These bags are called tickets or dpacks. The stamps are for marketing, however are unreliable because of cutting at various levels. Typically when you buy one of these bags it cost $20. When you get more, for example a bundle which is 10 bags, prices go down and range from $100 to $150 depending on who you know and often you come see them. Idealy, each of these bags contains a tenth of a gram, meaning that a bundle is a whole gram. Four grams is where possession or sale becomes trafficking meaning mandatory prison time(NC Laws, not federal.) Most of the powder heroin available in Wilmington is bought in bulk in New York ("UP Top" to the D-boys) and driven back for sale. From what I am told, the packaging and stamping usually is done in New York, where bags are purchased in bulk for as little as $2.50 and sold for much more. Just breaking down the Port City Dope game for you. =)

Heroin bag stamps. How did it get started?

Hi, I`m an artist doing a piece on heroin bags from Brooklyn. I lived there for a few years and met with many a user, but no one could ever explain how it all got started in the first place. Ofcourse I understand the client/seller bit, but just why NYC bags have stamps, compared to London bags or any other city in the world. If you have any information it would be greatly apreciated.

U R Da Police

Knowsaboutthis man u da police u is a internet police. u might be a user yourself. U know 2 much not 2 be a user or a seller(undercover)


Thanks for that enlightening breakdown of heroin jargon. I had the wonderful opportunity to flush 5 little bags of it not long ago. I was helping my son remodel his house near Redcross street. I was in the closet painting and ran my hand over the top of the door jam and they fell off. I had NO clue what they where till I opened them up. I thought about calling the police but why bother them, the house had been empty for years except for the vandals and crack heads. All I could think about was if I had not found them and my little Grandchild found one on the floor and ate it. Horrifying. I went through that place with a fine tooth comb then. Luckily it had been gutted so nothing was left. I am just so thrilled that my son lives in the ghetto, you have no idea how pleased I was when he told me he was going to buy a home there, fix it up and sell it in 2 years.... Thank goodness that 2 years is up this month. No more vandals, hookers and dealers wondering around all night. He regrets it but at least he brought the home back up to standards and raised the value. I am thankful nothing really bad happened to him personally, just property.