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WPD cracking down on drug sales

WILMINGTON -- The Wilmington Police Department has launched a new program to deter drug sales in the city. Since last Thursday police have been camped out on the corner of Campbell and Seventh Streets, leaving drug dealers and other criminals no choice but to avoid the area. Up until last week the WPD only used its mobile command centers for major events and crime scenes. But last week it began using the camper -- equipped with a high-powered surveillance camera -- for day-to-day police work. Their first stop was the corner of Campbell and Seventh Streets -- a notorious corner for drug activity downtown Wilmington. The command center has been parked there from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. for six days now. So far police say they are happy with the results. Sgt. Curtis Stansbury said, "The first day we set up the known drug dealers kind of walked around and got frustrated and left. We noticed potential customers coming and going still. But by the third day the known drug dealers did not show up. We did not see any potential customers and there was actually some kids out playing and riding their bicycles and stuff on the sidewalks so that was very rewarding to us." Thursday is Sgt. Stansbury's last day on Seventh and Campbell. He says he hasn't yet determined the command center's next stop. And if the drug dealers return, he says he'll be back to chase them away. Some people who live in the neighborhood said the neighborhood has been a lot quieter since the police set up shop.

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Reason for the Banker's hours

The reason the Police are out there during daylight hours is because that's when the demand is. That area is known as a place to buy heroin. Heroin users in particular need to be on a schedule. They almost always need to "do a bag" first thing in the morning if they don't they will get sick. Therefore they are looking for it at around 7am. I'm sure that the dealers would rather sleep in but they are (as sad as it is) running a business some of them actually have business cards. I know someone will disagree with me and that's their right. But before you start typing your fingers off in an all CAPS response know this. I've bought drugs in that area many times. I'm not trying to say I'm right and you are wrong. I'm educating you on the "game". Contrary to popular belief not all drug dealers are stupid. They are not as easy to catch as you might think. A lot of them know the law and the best ways around in. Someone posted that they are sure that the dealers have something on or around them. That’s most certainly true. Too bad those guys wrote that pesky constitution and put that 4th amendment in it. That’s the one that protects people from unreasonable search and seizure. Drug dealers know this we should too. Those officers have to play by the rules. If they didn't they would end up being a story on this website. Then people would spend hours posting about how corrupt they are. You can't have it both ways. Most people tend to put their opinions in here and you are entitled to your opinion. I'm giving you the facts. If you don't believe me read the constitution. No better yet go "cop a Bag" and see for yourself you might change your mind. I would like to thank those Officers for a job well done.

Guess that means they'll move

So now this corner is going to be safe. So...that only means they'll move to a new corner. Hopefully not one in our neighborhoods.

no they wont come to your

no they wont come to your kids go to them....they move at all times and the kids chase the drugs with that$20.00 allowance and that cell phone you gave them......

good cop

Good cop, you get a doughnut.

being belligerent to the

being belligerent to the police who protect and serve you is very unbecoming. At least the police are making an attempt to combat drug dealers. I think they should be applauded not belittled as being a police officer is mostly a thankless job. Instead you attempt to ridicule with your grade school doughnut jokes

So if they are KNOWN drug

So if they are KNOWN drug dealers, why aren't they being arrested? Odds are you will find something on or around them.

Because a DA told me that

Because a DA told me that the laws aren't there in NC for the small fish only for the big drug dealer......after my son died....

Are you sure you didn't mean

Are you sure you didn't mean 7 PM to 4 AM? When did drug dealers start having banker's hours?

when the drug became

when the drug became herion.....these kids wake up to get a fix the demand is in the morning...noon.....all any one has to do is go to your local methadone clinic and look what our children are going your eyes the drug dealers are in the store,restaurant,ect...if you open your eyes you will see them meet in the parking lot or in the bathrooms

Just post a police schedule

Just post a police schedule on phone poles around the area telling the dealers where not to go to...then they'll take their business elsewhere...another task for the police to try and find out where they went. Don't tell them a thing...just nail them when they get caught in the act.

Are you coming to the 600

Are you coming to the 600 block of North 30th Sreet?

if they do come

if they do come to the 6oo block of n 30th i sure hope they bring an unlimited supply of ammo amd body bags. how many of them do you think they would have to tote off before the animals got the message. nevermind, don't answer that. you would probably have to tote the very last one off because this is the mentality of these thugs.

This is a great idea except

This is a great idea except it seems the dealers are always 2 steps ahead of the police but it's still a great start WPD

Yeah, leave at 4. That

Yeah, leave at 4. That should do it......

at least their making a

at least their making a effort, if you have a issue regarding the level of service, DO SOMETHING, DON"T SIT AROUND AND GIVE YOUR POOR EXCUSE FOR INPUT.


The big huge vehicle to deter drug dealers left the neighborhood at 4pm? Hmmmm. I thought drugs were sold best at night. Go figure.


And you know this how?