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WPD investigating fatal shooting

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington Police are looking for information about a fatal shooting last night. It happened around nine p.m. at 13th and Marstellar Streets. When police arrived they found 23-year-old Robert Lee Marshall Jr. of Wilmington lying in the road. He was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where he died. If you know anything about the incident call Wilmington police at 343-3600.

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~Rob~Gone But NEVER Forgotten!

♥Rob♥ was my big brother,my friend,my love...rob meant sooo much to me i can not even sit here and tell you people how much he meant 2 me there are so many positive things i could say about him:)...and how much i LOVE him!many of you probably knew him many of you may have not but rob was a very special person with a heart of gold i could really care less what any negative person has to say but i know myself and ALL the others who may have known rob knew that he was a shineing star and is still shing to this day!"WE LOVE YOU" and will never forget you they cant Take ANYTHING from you NOW BABY NO MORE OF THIS TROUBLED LIFE DOWN HER!ill see you on the other side! LOVEING YOU ALWAYS!! Your LiL sister ♥CaMeRa♥

Robs Death

Rob wuz my 1st cousin and Ive known him all my life. I dont know why something like this happened 2 a person as loving and caring as Rob. I do know that it seems unreal and it feels like Im just having this horrible nightmare that I cant wake up from. Seeing Rob laying in that casket brought back every smile, every hug, every fight, every horse ride, every four-wheeler ride, everytime Id watched Chi (his dog), every memory that I have of him. Rob is truly one of the sweetest people that you'll ever meet. He never met a stranger. The last time I saw him he gave me this bracelet that he said was for good luck. Now Im wearing mine and the one he died in. I loved that boy with all my heart and he had such a big future ahead. He was leaving in May to join the airforce and serve his country. I pray that God has mercy on the souls of the people that did this to him, becuase to kill a person that would give all that he had to a friend like Lil Rob u have nothing but the worst of the worst coming for you...Watch over me and walk beside me Rob...they say its best 2 move on, but Im never letting you go...R.I.P. Rob...ur fav lil cuz (as u told me) loves u!!!

Such a Tragedy

I met Rob my freshmen year of high school. I will never forget his smile, one of the most beautiful smiles out there. More recently I had seen Rob a couple of times at Fox and Hound where I bartend and he always asked for a Corona. I will drink one for him...He will truly be missed... Rest in Peace

See You In Heaven ROB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man This is my homie since i came to roland grise to Hoggard. we used to chill and party so much and i can't understand why some little nigga would take my boy life i just don't understand. who ever did dis will rott. My thoughts goes out to da fam and da fam please keep ya head up just remember how rob was just dat person dat will just be silly just for no reason at all. pop bottles for us on earth Rob and we love you here and we all know dat you are in a better place -One love- mark hawes

I Will Always Miss You

Rob was the type of guy you can always trust,he was very responsible.If anyone hung out with him you can feel safe because Lil Rob was a safe kid.He took my brother horse back riding for the first time and when they came back all they could do was smile because it was the 1st time my brother been horse riding.Rob was my next door neighbor very sweet kind responsible and now remembered. RIP Lil Rob see you in the big place in the sky!!!!!!


I am in complete shock. I have known rob for a while now, and I can not imagine how anyone could do anything this cruel to him. He was always by far the sweetest person to everyone. And for me he was a true friend and coworker. No matter what was going on Rob always found a way to make me smile and laugh, he was the ideal person to look up to and respect. And he definitely had a positive outlook on things. I also had anatomy class with rob last semester- which is an extremely hard class. I'm in the second part of the class now and whenever I saw Rob at work he'd always ask how I was doing in the class, and continued to encourage me to keep working hard. He genuinely cared about his friends, and I am so sorry to hear that he was taken from all of us. I will greatly miss him. And him as well as his family and friends are continually in my prayers. RIP Rob- i'll always remember you for the amazing person you were! Love always, Heather Anderson

Lil Rob

I was heart broken when I received the news of Rob's death. We basically grew up together. From Winter Park to Roland Grise to Hoggard. Living in Westchester riding bikes and jumping on his trampoline! Such a sweet person. He definitely did NOT deserve this. He was not into anything that would put him in harm's way. My thoughts and prayers go out to his Mom, Dad, sisters, and his entire family. I am so sorry for your lost...

RIP Little Rob

I have known Little Rob for the past 15years. I was able to watch him grow from the little boy who everyone called mama's boy to the loving, kind young man he was. He had a deep passion for horses, 4wheelers, friends, family and most of all a deep love and wonderful relationship with his mother and father. My children and every child I knew couldn't wait to see "Little Rob". He always took time with them and that was the first thing he'd ask me about if I was without them. The impact of his death will be especially hard for the children too. I have fond memories of him and can smile when I think of him. It will be very hard to see CJ, Danny, and Eugene without our Little Rob. I will miss the beautiful smile and warm hugs I received everytime I saw him. My prayers are with the Marshalls. The East Coast Families Past and Present have lost a beautiful son. RIP Little Rob

Rob was a wonderful person who made you smile.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Lil Rob's family I've known him for about 8 years now and he was always funny and had a smile on his face. Getting to know him I learned he had a love for horses and was just a laid back guy. I am so sorry this had to happen to him but now he's in gods hands. RIP Rob

Lil Rob

I have known Rob since he was at Winter Park Elm. School. He has always been a good boy. I know that as we grow we all make mistakes, but there are no mistakes worth loosing your life. I am heartbroken that someone as kindhearted as Rob lost his life do to senseless violence. I will keep all that knew and loved Rob in my prayers. R.I.P. Lil Rob...You will be missed!!

i love you and miss you lil rob

Rob was such a sweet and great guy!..its horrible that something like this would happen to him of all people. As long as i have known him he never had any troubles with anyone. It just makes no sense. I am going to miss all our fun times together but the memories will live on. I know you will live in the sky! R.I.P baby boy..


Sorry to hear of another young person being killed downtown. I know of this boy through family and friends that knew him from work. Apparently he was a nice kid to them but he did appear at a party with a gun and pulled it on a white boy that was in a slight altercation with a friends girlfriend. These kids have got to learn that guns kill one way or another. I feel sorry for the family but i doubt they knew about his behavior. They seem like decent people trying to raise a decent kid in a screwed up world.


Okay, first and foremost this boy had a name. His name was Robert Marshall Jr. And another thing, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. You were not there and therefore you have no idea what happended. Assumptions and second hand information is the mother all screw ups. Robert was a very special person and to know him was to love him. I feel sorry for you, because even in Rob's death he is still being criticized by someone who did not know him. You are only reporting junk that you heard and did not witness because you yourself are leading an unblessed, unhealthy, and unfulfilling life. Get a life and instead of bringing someone down especially in death, try and raise someone up and help these so called boys in our society. Submitted respectfully by Robert Marshall's Family. GOD BLESS TO ALL AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE MANY KIND WORDS, FRIENDSHIPS, AND SUPPORT.

Guns Kill?

I can see from you statement, "These kids have got to learn that guns kill one way or another" that you mistakenly think that somehow an inanimate object (the gun) killed someone. Going by your statement and how you understand things then shouldn't we take the "gun" to court and if guilty lock the "gun" away in a jail somewhere? Of course the person that had the gun, wielded the gun, pointed the gun, and/or controlled the gun had nothing to do with it. I hope you are really not as pathetic as you sound when you try and share your logic when you make comments like this. Cars do not by themselves kill people, guns do not either. But otherwise I agree, kids today do not have a clue what real responsibility really means and far too many never learn until it's much too late.


You are correct that people kill people, guns just help make it easier. I feel so sorry for this kids family. Why are so many young men being killed here? For that matter young people everywhere. Haven't there been 2 young college women killed this week elsewhere? I do think that the gun situation is nuts but I also know that when I was coming up a lot of people had guns but no one would ever dream of using them to settle arguments etc. Guys at my High school had gun racks with guns on them everyday. What is different now in just one generation that these kids turn to such deadly force rather than just fist fighting it out? Better yet talk it out. I hate to think it is the parents fault. Society as a whole maybe ,technology ,greed, TV images, computers, violent games who the heck knows? If it is any of those things and ALL our children have been exposed to them then why don't ALL of our children fall into violence? I hate to say parenting skills play a huge part.

Will be missed

Rob was one of the most kind hearted kids I have ever known. He will be missed badly by a lot of people!

Rob really was a great guy

Rob really was a great guy never a bad word always smiling and playing with the kids. It breaks my heart that his life was taken. He was getting ready to serve his country and that seemed just like the kind of person that he was, serving! I hope and pray that they catch them for his familys sake. there are a rare few like him in this world.

R.I.P. Robert

Its pretty sad to see such a well respected friend die like this. What is wrong with this community. He always had a smile on his face and was just enjoyable to be around. I am scared i have a newborn baby that i am going to raise in this town. Makes me really think hard if i want to stay here. Its a sad day and Robert will be missed. People of wilmington really need to smarten up and enjoy life. Stop the killing!!! Please.


My thoughts and prayers are with the Marshall Family. The young mans who's life was taken was a great guy, with a loving family. My parents worked with this parents. It's ashame what this world is coming to with so many shootings. I know in my heart he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and doing no wrong. I hope there is some justice to the person who did this to Rob!