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WPD looking for Hampstead teen

Wilmington Police are asking for your help in trying to find Ashley Marie Ryan. She's a white female, 17 years old and was last seen New Year's Eve at the Mayfaire Cinema. She went with friends, but went to a different movie than they did. Her friends realized she was missing after the movies ended. If anyone has any information please contact the Wilmington Police Department at 343-3645.

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Ashley Ryan FOUND

Ashley was located in Key West and we brought her home Sunday. Thanks to WWAY for keeping the story alive. Thanks to everyone who prayed and helped us find her. Mom

Ashley Ryan!

Please call! We miss you!

So sorry to hear about Ashley

I can remember when Ashley was very young and going on the band trip to Disney world with our band director Mr. Ryan. He was a wonderful teacher and even though I am in Albany, GA , I heard about this news and I am praying for the Ryan family that Ashley will return home safely.


On behalf of our family, I want to thank you for all of the support. Sadly, as of this moment, there are lots of rumors but be clear, WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE SHE IS AND WE DO NOT KNOW IF SHE IS SAFE!!!!! We still need any and all help. If Ashley contacts anyone, in any fashion, do not alert her but please contact the Wilmington Police immediately. (910)343-3600.

help the famlies

If any one that this girl knows. If you know anything even if you don't think what you know is important. Tell.. The smallest things can matters. This young lady goes to my daugthers school. My daughter has been deeply upset over what has happen. My daughter isn't a friend of the missing lady but, alot of the kids are finding hard to believe it has happen at their school. If this young lady sees this post. If you have made a choice to leave home and go with some one. Call your parents let them know. Think about the police and voluteer that are spending there time looking for you. I hope you come home soon safe My prayers are with the family and you...

Help Find Ashley

I hope every high school in Pender County and New Hanover County has a poster regarding Ashley's disappearance. I know it's at Topsail High School. Each poster should have her picture, along with information on the last movie she was going to watch. Other local high school students were probably in the Mayfaire theatre on Monday, December 31. Someone at Mayfaire must have seen her in the lobby or seated in the theatre. Do any stores in Mayfaire have outside cameras?


i go to school with Ashley and was in the THS marching band with her this past season. We miss her so much please if anyone has anything about this let us know! we miss our "crazy eyes"

Please do not let this young

Please do not let this young woman be forgotten! Where is the news coverage?

I think going to see a

I think going to see a different movie than your friends is a little odd and suspicious to begin with. Perhaps this girl was meeting someone there she didn't want anyone to know about.

So much for being abducted

Looks like she wasn't abducted after all. Another problem child causing heartache and trouble for the city of Wilmington.

Problem child? Do you even

Problem child? Do you even know what you're talking about? She's amazing and strong girl with a problem LIFE and dreams of getting out of this WONDEROUS place called Hampstead. Remove head from rectum, THEN speak.

What is it with people like

What is it with people like you who have to say things like this. I hope if you have children and one of them feels the only way to deal with pain is to leave, people don't show the stupidity that you show. I know Ashley and it hurts to know that someone would say these things about a girl who would bend over back wards to help a friend and those she loves, not that you would know.

What ever

She really bent over backwards to help the ones she loves....she left them behind without a clue about where she was or where she was going. Great kid. If all of you claim to know this girl as well as you do, you should have known there were problems and offered to help her. I'm sure she told someone that she was planning on running away. Where is that person she told? She ran away, she broke the law, and she needs to deal with the consequences.

Use your mySpace

Spread the word, post and repost on MySpace. For once use it as a tool!

With so many people around,

With so many people around, I don't see how she could have been abducted by someone she didn't know. It doesn't make any sense. If she was kidnapped, I would think it would be by someone she knows, or at least had some trust in.

we miss you

I was in High School Musical this past summer with Ashley, and she is such a talented young woman. She always brought warmth to every rehearsal and show. We miss her dearly, and hope she comes home soon safe. Remember if theres anything you can do to help, please do. "We're all in this together"

Missing Teen

I went to school with Ashley (have since graduated) and we took a drama trip together to NY. She is a very sweet person and cares about everyone. We're praying for her safe return. If anyone has any information, please report it as soon as possible.

Ashley Ryan

I hope someone comes forward about Ashley. I know this young lady and she is a special person with really big dreams. Please contact the authorities if you have seen her. Thank you.

We love you ashley!

Please, If anyone knows anything, tell someone. I don't want to have to go the rest of senior year without her...the last two days sucked so much already without her. -C.S.

Missing Teen

Thanks for publishing this. Anyone and everyone who may have any information, please contact the Wilmington Police Dept. Let someone know something!!!

Missing Teen

As a mother of a 16 year of girl my heart goes out to this family. My family and I pray for a safe returnof this young lady. Many prayers!!!!


Please anyone help find Ashley. She lives in my town. I am sure we can find her. I think everyone should join together here in Hampstead and look in the town, as a team we can find her.