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WPD looking for teen missing since Nov. 6



WILMINGTON, NC (WPD) -- Alondra Itzel Arrelano is fourteen years of age, although she may appear to be older. She is considered to be endangered due to her young age and the length of time she has been missing.

According to family members and friends, Alondra was last seen at the Latino Festival at Hugh MacRae Park in Wilmington on November 6. Detectives have been unable to confirm any sighting of Alondra since that time.

Alondra is described approximately 5'5" tall, 120 pounds. She has brown eyes, and when last seen she had long black hair. Information was entered in NCIC at the time of her disappearance. Detectives also have sought the assistance of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Anyone with information about Alondra is asked to call the Wilmington Police Department’s main number at 910-343-3600. Information may also be submitted anonymously through Text-A-Tip. Enter Tip708 and the information, and send to CRIMES (274637).

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fired up

I love it when people get all fired up about mexicans...look at all the replys...I bet not one of you has ever had to go to food banks to feed your children and see them in their nice cars and trucks getting free food and 20 children with them. Have you ever made a trip down to dss and see whats in the waiting room? have you ever been to our health dept and seen whats in the waiting room? GO THE "blank" back to MEXICO! Oh, and I believe there was a recent story of a poor girl "AMERICAN" who her husband was SHOT riding jet skies....were??? MEXICO!

Off topic

What's any of that got to do with a missing girl?

Have some respect for a grieving family.

Take your rant somewhere else.

While you're at it, learn some spelling and punctuation.


Think on this Guest555: If there were 500 or 5,000 illegal Mexicans in this country, it would make sense to be angry at the Mexicans.

If there are over 10 MILLION illegals in the country, you need to be angry at your government.

The Department of Homeland Security estimated 10.8 million illegals in the US in 2009...

You can hardly blame hungry and poor people from doing whatever they must to improve their lives or feed their children. You would do the same if the situation were reversed (assuming that you could).

Since hungry and poor illegals are able to find food and jobs here with no greater penalty than reading ignorant posts on a blog, no one should be surprised if this problem continues or grows.

Spewing hatred on a blog won't solve this problem.

Be mad at your government. Vote for people who want to secure the borders.

Also, think about going back to school and joining a church. A little knowledge and compassion never hurt anyone.

She could be in GA she had

She could be in GA she had said that that's were her bf was staying at...and if it helps she has her nose precised now. we need to find her she is one of my friends and i want her home safely. I don't know anything else other then she might be in GA.
And i do agree with the person that said that the police aren't doing enough. They should have put out a report on her in the first 72 hours of her being missing unless her parents did just report it but a 24 day head start there's no telling where she is at now.


Latino, maybe shes back in mexico where she probably belongs. Does mexico have American festivals?


Don't be a complete idiot. She is 14. Leave politics out of it. It's a missing child.

A 14 year old girl goes

A 14 year old girl goes missing, and all you can do is spew hatred towards her because she's latino? This is a little girl, her parents brought her here. Have a little compassion for once in a row.


Bigot, maybe you should go to hell where you probably belong. Does hell have bigot festivals?

Just because someone has a

Just because someone has a Spanish last name, or a Spanish name at all, doesn't mean they belong somewhere else. For all you know, she could have been born here in the U.S.A. which would make her an American citizen. Either way, who are we to pass judgment on someone else simply based on a name? To me, that is pure ignorance.

As far as having American festivals in Mexico, maybe you haven't traveled much outside of the U.S.A. Americans are catered to in many countries where signs are written in English, our restaurant chains line up several blocks, and even some countries use the American dollar as their currency. So what if they had a festival here to celebrate their heritage. Did it hurt you in any way? No!

The real issue here is a child is missing. A mother and father don't know where their daughter is tonight. That's the real issue, not the origin of the missing person or the festival she attended.


Okay, so why does it matter if she is Latina or not? She is a 14yr old girl who is missing, no one should care about her race but about getting her back with her parents. Also just because she went to a Latino festival does not make her Mexican she could be of Honduras, Guatemalan, El Salvadorian, Spanish, or Ecuadorean, decent and the list could go on. What are you saying that because she is Latina that we shouldn't care that she is missing? You seem like a very heartless person and I just hope no one close to you ever goes missing.
I pray that this girl is found safe and brought back to her family which is where she belongs with her family no matter where they may be living.

Not funny

I hope something like this never happens to someone you care about.

if it

if it does I will make sure your post is investigated!!!!!

OK, so she went missing on

OK, so she went missing on the 6th and this is the 30th, so if someone kidnapped her they have a 24 day head start. Nice to know the authorities are right on top of things.

The Authorities

I am sure the missing person report was taken the day they called and reported her missing. Nice to know you are on top of things cupcake.


The comment I made below, was referred to you. I guess you get the jest of it. I work from 8am - 4pm. I challenge you to come down to the Police Department, and I will be glad to fill you in about this case as much as I can. Since she is a juvenile, I think our Juvenile Detectives have released the relative information, without endangering her life further.

Get a grip

Where in the story does it say her family reported her missing on the 6th? They may have just now reported it and the police are doing what they should... Getting the word out. I'm betting all you police bashers wouldn't last a shift in that job.

Um hello "get a grip" It

Um hello "get a grip" It states that the information was put in the missing child database the day she went missing! Learn to read ALL inormation befor you Spout off at the mouth! It does not matter that she is hispanic,black,white,indian,blue,green or WHATEVER SHE IS STILL A CHILD! OBVESLY YOU DON'T HAVE KIDS!

I looked

But I couldn't find any "inormation" in the story. I never said anything about race, you brought that one up. And thanks for playing "Guess my life" but you like many others lose.


We investigate missing persons, juveniles and adults based upon what the family relates to us. At this time, we feel she may be endangered since the parents haven't heard from her longer than the time reported. If you or anyone has information concerning this case, you can call me on my cell phone 910-470-3734. I know the family hopes for a positive outcome as we do at the Wilmington Police Department. If you have concerns about the investigation, my number is posted above, and I will be willing to entertain your thoughts about this case or if you are willing to help us try to locate missing persons in the future, we sure do need the help to find anyone that has been reported missing.

SGT J.R. Tyson
Wilmington Police Department
Criminal Investigation Division