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WPD looking to add substation

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington Police are hoping to step up their presence in the community by adding a substation in southeast Wilmington. City Council will vote at Tuesday night's meeting on whether or not to buy a piece of property off south college road. About 50 officers would be based there. The piece of land is a two-story commercial building near the intersection of Shipyard and College. The proposed price of the property is more than $1 million. Right now, all police work is done out of the Wilmington Police Department in downtown Wilmington. The deputy chief says there will be numerous benefits to adding a substation. WPD Deputy Chief DB Conklin said, "It will help with response time… The officers won't have to come here to do obviously simple paperwork, they can do the paperwork right there at the office. Public meetings we'll be able to have out there." Some people who might not be so happy about the new station are the owners of two bars directly next door to the proposed property. The owner of Slick and Red's says he is sure the police station will kill his business. Dick Gilbert says he plans to attend tomorrow's City Council meeting. He also says he has started a petition to get the police department to pick another location. The police department responded to the bar owner's complaints by saying they will be "good neighbors wherever they go."

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I understand WHY they would

I understand WHY they would put the station there...Krispy Kreme is within walking distance. But it is a dumb idea for multiple reasons. There is pretty much only one way in and out of that parking order to make it into that area from the North, you have to go up to the light, turn around, and go in. And in order to get out of there and go south, you must do the same thing. Also, part of me thinks that on some slow police nights when Lucky's has a show going on, some officer may get bored and see if anything is going on over there. And that would just make me uncomfortable if I was there.

What happened to the last substation?

On Kerr, near Market, in the building currently occupied by Waccamaw Bank. Why did it shut down? Not enough business at Creekwood? (Ha!)

early 90's

Back in the early 90's there were police singlewide trailers set up around the city. Places officers could do paperwork, use a restroom or phone. One was on Princess Place Drive, (Crackwood), one off Greenfield St, (Nesbitt Courts) another off Adams (Dove Ghettos) in Sunset Park and the last at McRae & Red Cross, (Taylor Slums)

Relocate the substation

Building a substation wouldn't be a bad idea. But in my opinion, it should be moved closer to the Monkey Junction area. A police substation beside two bars would definetly kill some business. It's unfair for the owners that are trying to make a decent living from those bars. Alot of "non-citizens" are a major problem around the carolina beach road area. What about the used to be fair grounds? Somewhere around that area would be much better.

Great Idea

The problem with moving near the Junction is that the Junction is in the County not City limits. It's possible they could move it more down Carolina Beach Rd near 3rd Street. As far as adding a substation, I think it's a great idea. Traffic is so bad at times that in an emergency it can take forever for LEO to get where they need to go. This would definately help out on response time. It would also help out the citizens...they won't have to drive downtown in that mess to talk to an officer

Lame Idea

Why don't we just waste more money while we're at it and put in a profitless convention center. This is stupid,

I guess you do not like

I guess you do not like having the Police. Any idea that adds more officer or more coverage for the city is a great idea. Stop whinning.

Why there?

Seriously, the crime is happening on the other end of Shipyard Blvd. They could use a substation much more than the College Road end does. Whose idea was this?

I completely agree the wrong

I completely agree the wrong end of shipyard needs to be on the carolina beach rd end. There probably is more of a need for one near market and kerr also.

skipping class??

Have you been skipping your ESL night class again SW? Scally Wagg wrote: I completely agree the wrong end of shipyard needs to be on the carolina beach rd end.

The only skipping I do is in

The only skipping I do is in front of the line as you thumb through Star & National Enquirer magazines as you're waiting to pay for bird shot shells. My bad I missed a couple of commas, thanks for being so interested in me my friend guesty. I completely agree,the wrong end of shipyard, needs to be on the carolina beach rd end.

BTW Waggy

Is the tune going through your head as you skip from the Wizard of OZ? If I only had a brain.

Not even close there

Sorry SW, but at least you are consistent with being wrong... Again. The only use for those rag mags is for the bottom of a bird cage.

Did I ever mention that I

Did I ever mention that I also own a house on a slab except mine is here in Oz, where there's no need for carrying concealed weapons, or George Bush. Also gas prices are low because everyone drives Prius's. No one steals so there are no tri-county police chases, it is so safe you should come and visit, but you might not like it because there is nothing complain about I fear you might feel out of place. :(

just as I thought

Yep, a plain old liberal, looking for fantasy land. I must give you credit for being the first person to ever compare living in Leland to Oz. I knew you wouldn't disappoint me by not giving some off the wall reply. Way to go waggy

Just sell DONUTS!

Just sell DONUTS... Make money off the cops. RON PAUL ROCKS!!!!!

This is why he can't win...

Because of people like you that stay burnt all day... Ron Paul dosent stand a chance with supporters like you....

Send City council an email oposing this location!

go to you can send city council an email in one click to show your support for local business owners that will be adversely affected by this substation. not to mention the location they have picked has extremely bad logistics in regards to getting in or out of the proposed substations parking lot. it is not possible to exit the property and make a left to head south on college and the amount of traffic at that location can not lead to improved response times.

I have never been to a call.... Slick and Reds,, and maybe only one at Luckys.. There are no problems over there.. this guy is just trying to make a buck off the city by claiming adverse effects...Wake up Slick(or Red) whichever you are, your bar's been dead for awhile now.....Get over it.