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WPD officer charged with assault, sexual battery

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Wilmington Police conducted an investigation into one of their own, and now an officer faces charges. Patrol officer, Wotzvely Albert Perez, is charged with assault on a female and sexual battery in connection to an alleged on-duty incident that happened December 23rd. The 38-year-old officer was put on administrative leave without pay after a criminal investigation. The news comes as a shock to Perez's neighbors. "Brief time I ever talked to him, he seemed like a very nice guy, kind of guy you'd like to have in a neighborhood, being a police officer. I don't know much about him," said Don Nungesser. Perez has been a member of the Wilmington Police Department since September 2006. He is out on bond and could not be reached for comment.

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everyone that has commented

everyone that has commented here should know by now that he was guilty. it has been years since this happened and now that the truth is out, everyone can just put their tails between their legs and shut up. see how looks can be decieving? family man, police officer, that dosnt mean a thing in this case. ahh, knowing the truth is so much better than THINKING you really know someone.

Accused officer..

Albert has been an excellent friend, family member and a loving husband! Why believe something that has only him in the news! Where is the accuser on this matter?! When the officer was here in California, there was not even ONE bad thing about him. He was always respectful to others. He looked out for his community and especially his family. They moved to NC planning to live a better life and thinking that they were gonna meet new people. But the way it looks like now, iy wasnt even worth it. This woman is such a fake person that does not know what to do with her life but to destroy Alberts future for him and his family. This woman needs to realize how bad she destroying someones life. SHE JUST NEEDS TO GET A LIFE! AND PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THAT THIS IS A FALSE STATEMENT! Look at it, face it, and aceept it!

I am sorry to hear of the

I am sorry to hear of the trouble you are having with your husband. However, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty. I know nothing about this women you are attacking and appear to place blame with her. I am sure you will feel quite differently if your husband is found guilty. I am a defense attorney and as you know, there must have been some form of probable cause to arrest and charge your husband. It had nothing to do with a women being fake and the police normally don't investigate and make an arrest just on a victim's statement, there is some other evidence that corroborates the victim's statment(s). That being said, tell your husband to keep his mouth shut and get an attorney.

Wake Up

If you were an attorney like you say you are you would pay more attention to what you are reading. Obviously the person that wrote that comment is from another state and couldn’t possibly be the wife. And for your information the so called victim has been with more than one officer in WPD and has done this before, it just so happened that this time the person she pointed the finger at was not white and just happened to be HISPANIC. You might not know her but apparently some of the male officers at WPD know her very well. That being said Wotzvely Alberto Perez should thank GOD he doesn’t have you as his attorney because apparently you are quick to pass judgment on people. You should advertise in your ads (if you have any) that you only help people that are presumed innocent and are not a hard case to fight in court. And to tell you the truth I am very sorry to hear that you are an attorney at law. I always thought that attorneys were supposed to be bias to any case.

inocent to proven

Dont believe this at all.Great person,lovable husband,outstanding father of two and just wants to help the public and community in all he can.He,s just wants to do his job like every police officer out here in California.How about the accuser were does she stand it must of been a high cost ticket.

This is a very dedicated

This is a very dedicated individual to both his job and his community; hard to believe such charges exist, let alone plastered all over the news. I hope he is not condemned before further investigation finds otherwise.

All the facts are not being released....

I have known Officer Perez for a few years now and this guy is a good officer, friend, and family man. How about the accuser? Why would she accuse the officer of this if it was not true???? There are many excuses people use when they file false reports like this one. Some women's advances are rejected and they become bitter. Some women have consentual relationships, but make up lies when caught cheating on their current partners. Some people have psychological issues that enables them to do things to destroy other peoples lives because they have no happiness in their own lives. I believe that Officer Perez will be found not guilty when all the evidence is presented in court. Please give this guy a break until all the facts come out because there is a lot more than what has been told so far.

I have worked with Officer

I have worked with Officer Perez on many occasions. He is always kind, polite and always did what was right to best serve our community. I can not believe that his picture has been plastered all over the news and internet. How is the department taking sides with an unknown female compared to a Police Officer who has worked years in law enforcement to help society and fight crime?!

I have seen this officer

I have seen this officer deal with the public and he is very kind and respectful to all those he comes in contact with. I refuse to believe these charges are true and feel there are two sides to every story. It is however, too bad that his name was splattered all over the news....what about the other party?

lets hope that this doesn't

lets hope that this doesn't become a reflect on the whole WPD.

Why so quiet?

No word from those who are always bragging about how good and honest the LEO's are. Oh, that right, he's different than the rest.

And you guys

We still have innocent until proven guilty here don't we? I'm not saying he didn't do it, we don't know yet. Grow up.

Not quite

No, you can find a bad apple in most any barrel you look. We have enough respect for a man that does a job you don't even have the stones to even make it through the BLET course. Yes, he is different from the rest. You sound like a little child that must have been ticketed or arrested.

"the stones to pass the

"the stones to pass the BLET," are you kidding? It really doesnt take "stones" to pass the BLET , more like a year of classes at the local community college. You speak of it with the same regard a logical individual would give marine boot camp. Keep your ignorance to yourself.

Maybe you should keep your

Maybe you should keep your ignorance to yourself. Going to CFCC has nothing at all to do with passing BLET. Just because you have a degree doesn't mean you can automatically become a police officer. And yes, this guy is different than most others that are on the force. Just because one guys does something doesn't mean the entire department is bad. If that were the case, no schools, churches, or anywhere for that matter is safe for any of us to be.

"are you kidding? it really doesn't take..."

it takes discipline and patience to endure the monotonous four months not forgetting to mention a passing grade on the state exam and even then in most cases you're still unemployed b/c your criminal history has been tainted due to an unpaid parking ticket which somehow transforms into a misdemeanor offense on your record AND no one wants officer candidate inthemix because how can s/he be trusted to carry out lawful duties when s/he's not responsible enough to pay her/his parking ticket...

"more like a year of classes..."

16 weeks. 618 hours formal class instruction at WPD - they house their own academy. PT is a constant. I'm sure you've seen the duty belts and yes, they weigh close to 20 lbs. no branch of the military has 16 weeks of continued initial training i.e. boot camp. A school. B school. whatever special training schools there are. LEO's also attend continued training throughout the year. It's called in-service training. Knowledge is power.

If you think it is so easy

If you think it is so easy to pass the Police Academy, then do it. And if you believe everything you see on TV then you must be well known - Mr. Bond. Don't criticize something you don't know. I can't believe we live in the United States and it is the 21st Century and there are people so inbred as yourself. Hell, he must be a witch and the earth is flat.

I passed it, can you?

No ignorance here other than yours. Yea, classes, that is all that is gone through in the BLET program. Go buy yourself a clue since you don't have one. Never did I compare it to boot camp, only you did. And it isn't only "classes" it is to prepare you for dealing with an ungrateful public, such as yourself.