WPD sends out warning post cards

WILMINGTON -- The Wilmington Police Department is mailing out postcards to some drivers in certain areas of the city. The postcards are not to say hello, they're to warn people who might be hanging out in high crime areas that Wilmington police officers are watching them. About half a dozen postcards have been mailed out since last week. Some have gone to cars registered to the persons spouse or parents. WPD Sgt. Matt Ingram "When mom and dad realize what's going on it's not going to say this person was charged with any crime but the car they pay for has been seen in a known narcotics market. " Police hope the postcards deter people from buying or selling drugs in some areas which are known for having high crime. Some of the areas police are targeting are near Ann and 11th Streets and Orange and 13th Streets in downtown Wilmington.

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This jus serves the white people by triing to keep them out of the hood were we make money off them everyday. my momma don't even check he mial but on checkday. Get REal! WPP is off makin money righting tickets knowing they better stay away from 4-to-15.
Go back to school Toby. Come back when you can spell.
This is a great idea!! I would prefer they actually arrest them but I guess we will take what we can for now. Please start in Long Leaf Park Sgt. Ingram.............
Hey, I have an idea. Why not arrest the driver of the car after the police witness the transaction. A postcard? That is stupid and not helping anyone. It is lazyness! It seems to me that if the police are close enough to read a liscense plate then they are close enough to see what is going on. Oh, what about the dealer? A postcard? Wake up Wilmington! Oates
You are missing the point of the whole article. It doesn't say they are witnessing transactions...it says they are sending out the postcards to the owner of vehicles they see in high crime areas. Nowhere does it say WPD has watched anything illegal. They are trying to let parents of these kids know where their child is hanging out
Last time I checked, Oates, driving in an area isn't illegal, so there would be no arrest for that. If the officers witness illegal activity, I am sure there will be arrests.
I think you missed the point. It's not illegal to drive through a drug neighborhood; therefore I don't think the cops would be arresting these drivers. They can, however, make those who are seeking drugs and prostitutes aware that they are being watched. If the cops see a drug deal I believe they will take the appropriate action. I think this is a great idea and I applaud the police for thinking outside the box.
Do you have any better suggestions?
It seems like a great idea! As some of the other posters stated, it lets parents/guardians know if their child has been in a high crime area. It is not a waste of money, the police are being proactive. I assume most of the posters are adults, so we know how it was to be young and have a vehicle to drive....you would tell your parents that you're going to one place but go to another. I'm sure WPD will do their jobs if they see any illegal actions.
RW must be a dealer...