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WPD, Sheriff's office face off on basketball court

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington Police faced off against the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office on the basketball court. Saturday the two law enforcement agencies competed against each other at New Hanover High's Brodgen Hall in the annual Big Buddy basketball game. WWAY's Kaci Christian emceed the event and threw the game's opening jump ball. On the court there's a heated and historic rivalry between the two departments, but off the court, both agree that the game is just entertainment for a good cause. Derrick Vann said, "They see it's a sport that a lot of kids love and they want to watch and they see their fellow officers or higher officers doing it and they want to be a part of that and it gives them something to look for in life." The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office held their title once again as winners. The final score was 60 to 54. Proceeds from the event benefit the Cape Fear Volunteer Center's Big Buddy mentoring program for at-risk youth.

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As if the public attends such an event. Unless perhaps they have a relative playing. Other than that, it's just the city and county employees, (not exactly the best representation, of such, on either side) and the media. So if it's just them and the media, why not leave the publicity stunt basketball at home. Because we all know, each organization gives the local, state and even national media plenty to talk about. I think a better representation of our city, than law enforcement,(already known to be a legalized gang, excessively violent, hostile, corrupt, and quite frequently murderous), would be to have the newest school district teachers play a game against the school districts principals and administration. They would actually put butts in the rafters. Every kid would want mom and pop to take them to see their teacher play. Not to mention it's good PR, and unless one of them is a former Sheriff's Deputy or Wilmington Police Officer, all media coverage, should be positive!

What a waste of a post your

What a waste of a post your wrote. Maybe you should have gone and watched. I enjoyed the game. It was good competition and for a great cause. There were quite a few people there...several students from the school I teach at. Instead of bad mouthing the police, maybe you should support them and their cause. I, for one, am thankful for them. If you are truely Dr Sarah Reed, I know one doc that I nor my family will ever go so.

Bet it

Bet it looked like a bunch of power tripping drunken monkeys just waiting for the chance to shoot one another. Geeee.. Sorry I missed it. Wait...... why weren't they our fighting this absurdly high crime rate we have? And don't blame it on the morals none of you have......