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Wright hearing begins after attorney claims racial bias

RALEIGH (AP) -- A state attorney says Rep. Thomas Wright repeatedly engaged in unethical and criminal conduct by misusing more than $340,000 in loans and campaign contributions while in office. Special deputy attorney general Bill Hart made the allegations during opening arguments before a legislative panel on Monday. The six-member committee is considering seven counts of ethical misconduct that are nearly identical to criminal charges against Wright. Wright's attorney said his client has been unfairly targeted. Douglas Harris said the allegations against the eight-term Democrat equate to racial bias. He told panel chairman Rep. Rick Glazier that a special House committee wasn't created to consider ethics charges against a white legislator who faced similar allegations last year. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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This is racism...

This is a cooked up crock against Mr. Wright because he black. If he was white, this would not even be talked about. A black man still can't catch a break in America. But all that's changin' cause Barack Obama gonna win this year baby. You gonna see a Black Man doing his thang when he get in the White House baby. Peace.

to dre

for god sakes man....go back to school before you make another post and your former teachers will not feel like they are a complete failure with your education. oh and by the way, if obama wins the presidency you think you've been deprived thus far...what handout programs you've got now will be out the window.

LMFAO!!!!! Thats the truth!

LMFAO!!!!! Thats the truth!

Even when Obama wins, you

Even when Obama wins, you are still going to be uneducated, which means more than likely broke. What do you think as soon as Obama is sworn in they gonna start cuttin us all checks? Obama should be an inspiration to all especially to people of color. Now we have a prime example that if you work hard enough, and do the right things the sky is the limit for any person of color. But with a black man as president it takes away the excuse that "the man" is holdin us down. It's pull yourself up by yo boot straps time for alot of my people and many are already shaking in their boots. Can't be no more excuses now. Go for yours young black man make us all proud.

Very well said SW

I posted a comment earlier but it did not get on here. Hahaha w/e. Correction it should read "even *IF* Obama wins". You are right tho it does take away that very old excuse, I had not thought about it that way. I guess if Mrs.Clinton wins some women will get cocky in a different way. I think that post was a joke to get us angry though. No one with a PC that can spell and uses HTML is that ignorant.

Ohhh, my.

Yes, yes, I see this as a perfect cry for change. Vote him, in, voters. And then you have to stand to pull your boots straps up and make us all proud! Are y'all ready for that?

You need counseling.

You need counseling.

rediculous race card again

That way of speaking/spelling makes people think of an uneducated person, a gang style persona that only helps perpetuate your negative stereotype that you have been fighting for years. Why keep that stereotype going strong? Maybe you should show some educated, well thought out, literate words to convey your feelings and maybe, just maybe, people will see things differently.

You said it perfectly. If

You said it perfectly. If you want to be respected, whether black or white, then you need to speak, write, and act correctly. Why perpetuate the stereotype of ignorance when you want people to know that you are well spoken and educated. For whatever reason, this case with Wright has become a black versus white agenda instead of what it is. It is a man who was elected by the people to do a job, of which he has not done and if the proof comes out, has done it criminally. Enough said!


B.H.O. had to get that butt kicked by a woman Tuesday night. Don't know why my last comment was not posted WWAY. It certainly was'nt racist like Dre Devon's is!!!

Right on, bro. It seems the

Right on, bro. It seems the more clownish, inflammatory remarks are posted. Many of my "decent" comments are not posted, either.

"Catch a break"??

I'm white. That is not my fault. I had nothing to do with my race. But if "being white" means I get to "Catch a break"...... (something you can't do if black) please tell me how.


Things that make ya wanna go, "Hmmmmm". Dear Obama, please educate your country in the written word. Thanks in advance, America

I'm fat, middle-aged and

I'm fat, middle-aged and white. I can't even seem to catch a break. Many people are discriminated against in all walks of life, for many reasons. Wright isn't one of them. I guess I could moan and gripe about my "circumstances" in job discrimination, but I don't. I am moving forward---and not placing my hopes and dreams on a president who will inevitably choose the side of big business, which is controlled by--you guessed it--"the man". Peace back at ya.

And you doing this?

And you are doing this because you are a troll. You win the "Most Obvious Troll" Award for the day!


Well that seals the case!!! When the defense has none, they claim racial bias. What a cheap shot! Seems the first thing out of someone's mouth when they cannot prove their innocense is "they are prejudice against me!!". FOR SHAME!

Wright's lawyer is trying to

Wright's lawyer is trying to say his clients case is like Rep. Gibson's. That won't fly. His case is more like another Black that's Jim Black. I think he is in jail. Possibly Black and Wright can be roomates.

What do you expect?

When you've got no defense, just whip out the ole' race card. Like a true politician and lawyer, they throw up a smoke screen to divert attention and stall for time. He'll probably get re-elected by the very people that use skin color as their reason to vote for a person and an excuse for their own failures.

What do you expect?

You got that right. Everything else failed,let's bring out racial issues.Seems to work in the past. BOO HOO.If it was a regular 'JOE SHMO' he would be in jail already for embesslement.And these are the people who should be role models for our children. NO THANKS.

They all do it, black,

They all do it, black, white, latino, asian, and whateva, He just got caught. From Bush to the PTA.

This is getting old

Using the race card is getting way too old...I wonder if Jackson and his counter part will show up


Wessssssssst Siiiiiiiddddeee! Thomas Wright is da man! Don't let 'em get you down Thomas!

Waste of time!!

Discussing Thomas Wright is a waste of time, even though that is what I'm doing now. Lazy, ineffective, irresponsible, disappointing, and selfish are some of the words that come to mind. Oh, but I forgot, he's been mistreated and discriminated....yeah right.

Did you see.....

Did you see the news clip of him and how smug he looked and how sure he was going to come out of this a winner? It is amazing how much citizens will take getting the shaft by their local and national leaders!!! Aren't you folks getting tired of paying for everyone else's lifestyle????

More Graf

Thomas Wright running for office is a big farce. He must need some more money since he does not work. Him getting re-elected will allow him to add more graf and illegal monies to his personal account. Go ahead, elect him again. We have done without representation for all this time so what is the difference. Someone tell me at least one politician they can trust!

Good Man

Why do you people keep putting this GOOD MAN, that has done so much for the area down?

Guest 3564, this GOOD MAN

Guest 3564, this GOOD MAN seems to have gone BAD. That is why he is getting put down. He's screwed the people in his district over, and his ego is preventing us from getting the representation that we need NOW. He chose to stay and not do a dang thing, when he could have bowed out and let someone else actually represent us if he cared about us so much. He doesn't care one bit about anything but his own hide. That much is clear. I would have had alot more respect for the man if he resigned and dealt with these issues on his own dime, not ours.

Like a 5 year old

Chuckles is like a tired 5 year old not wanting to go to bed. Kicking and screaming but in the end you know they will go down.

Thomas Wright-racial bias

Thomas Wright-racial bias ??? WHY DON'T YOU STAND UP AND BE A MAN ?!? I am so sick of people having a chip and not taking responsibility for themselves. What a disgrace and HUGE disappointment you are !!!