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Wright pleads not guilty to wrongly obtaining, using $350,000

RALEIGH (AP) -- State Representative Thomas Wright has pleaded not guilty to six felony charges that accuse him of illegally obtaining or misusing more than $350,000. His attorney, Douglas Harris, entered the plea for Wright in a Wake County courtroom on Friday. Wright also was in court but didn't comment. Prosecutors accuse the Wilmington Democrat of fraudulently obtaining $160,000 in bank loans for a foundation he led in Wilmington and converting $185,000 in campaign contributions to his personal use. He could face up to 11 years in prison. After the hearing, Harris said he believes Wright is innocent based on his review of two boxes of evidence prosecutors gave Wright this week. Harris said he expects a trial date set for sometime this summer. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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You know it

You know chuckles won't go away quietly. This guy wants to milk it as long as he can.

What did you think...

he was going to do? Plead guilty? No, he'll waste a ton of taxpayer money trying him and hopefully convicting him. Then, maybe he'll be forced to reimburse the money he stole.

innocent till proven guilty

you know the former senator in montana was cleared of the accusations made against him regarding his relationship to lobyist abramof. the fact that he was innocent didn't seem to save his senate seat. i am no fan of thomas wright, i just don't like the idea of removeing a man from office on the basis of these kinds of allegations. he is not being accused of pedephelia, or murder.

innocent by concerned

lobyist? removeing? pedephelia? looking at your spelling you are probably one of the crooks supporters. next time you want to comment about this thug....please break out the websters so your spelling teachers won't think that they are a complete failure.


According to breaking news reports, MR. Wright is planning to seek re-election. All I can say is he is a FOOL if he thinks he is going to be re-elected. However, knowing the city of Wilmington as I do, he will probably get re-elected. And to that I say, we are BIGGER FOOLS than he.

Coming Elections

His intent to be a part of the coming elections just shows to us that he intends to keep his hand in the money-jar as long as he can. At every taxpayers expense. Not only will he have the money received from his office, he will have the money from the election campaign donations and the Political Action Committee money that has been donated to the Democrat Party as a whole. The FBI would not have pursued things this far if they didn't have some good dirt on him. Last word he was trying to get around the new law that denies benefits to elected officials that have been convicted of a felony. Only the state of NC prosecutors and the Governor can do that. Ummm wait!... They are Democrats too! Darn!

Mr. Wright is no fool in the political sense.

Mr. Wright is no fool in the political sense. He is literally BANKING on a consituency of voters to only see color and to vote blindly at the peception of injustice. Trust me, the race card is coming. Ironic, given his family history of being part of the Wilmington 7, who struggled FOR justice. Two wrongs apparently do make a Wright!