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Wright in trouble again


A key player in the Sen. R.C. Soles saga went back to jail today. B.J. Wright was arrested this morning for allegedly shooting at someone January 26 in Whiteville.

Wright was arrested this morning near Sen. Soles' office in Tabor City. Police say Wright had more than $2000 in cash in his pocket. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, and felony possession of cocaine. He has been released from jail on a $7,000 bond.

Wright was one of the men at Sen. Soles's house the night Soles shot Kyle Blackburn in August. Soles told police that Wright and Blackburn, who were both clients of his law practice, were trying to break into his house. Blackburn was shot in the back of the leg, and told us he was leaving the property when the senator shot him.

A grand jury indicted Sen. Soles last month on felony assault charges.

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When are they going to put

When are they going to put this dude away for good. He is getting more and more dangerous. They don't need to wait until he kills someone.


That's what their waiting for is them to kill someone then they might do something about it.Or then again pull a little bit of time then guess what their out again.It doesn't matter that he is a felony just got out of prison and shot at somebody.And by the way had coke on him.None of that matters I suppose.Wonder where he got the $2,000 from for someone who has no job?The FBI needs to start looking over at Soles office.They will see that all those guys are still there.

RC's Boys

" . . .Assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, felony possession of cocaine . . ."

With each passing day, RC's boys' credibility grows stronger and stronger!

Indeed, you can count on these fine, upstanding young men to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

Now, is there a date for RC's trial? Or is it still pending on the "investigation"?

Coming up soon

RC has court on 2/10/2010

The Plot


Another key player further diminishes his credibility on the witness stand.

The question though is whether he would have been a witness for the prsoecution or defense

When it all comes down to

When it all comes down to it, he was shot in the back of his leg.. and something must have been caught on the tapes.. against Soles...

Think So??

better get your head out of whatever it is in.

A smart attorney -- and rest assured Senator Soles will have the best -- will make mince meat out of the reputations of all those who think they will attest to the Senator's guilt.

A smart attorney will have a change of venue to some urban location like Charlotte where none of the local gossip and street knowledge will even be heard.

A smart attorney will have a judge declare all of the attempts to cover Senator Soles' lifestyle ruled irrelevant -- and the Judge will have no choice but to do so. Frankly, in an area like Charlotte, they won't care.

The focus will be on the incidents leading up to the shooting. Not things that took place 30 years ago. The direct actions of the 2 young men once they entered his posted property and would not leave.

And remember, one of the 2 young miscreants has already given statements declaring the Senator was protecting life and property.

Remember, the prosecutor must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Senator Soles' attorneys will be spreading doubt all along the path to the courthouse.

Of course all of these suppositions assume a trial will be held. I'm not holding my breath on that one.


A smart attorney would accept a plea if he knows his client is guilty.

what matters...

The real deal is. that every one is looking for resons to discredit these guyes to save another crook.
it is as obveoiuse as the nose on your face.
its like a scrached record.
the way these boys are getting into trouble. or should i say getting caught.
I guess we will see them next on worlds dummest crime do'rs.
heck just put them all in a cage together. including sole's.
people please dont drink the water in that neck of the woods.