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Wright wants back in

NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- Thomas Wright wants back in the state legislature. Wright was ousted Thursday by an overwhelming 109-5 vote. Monday his lawyer filed a motion in Wake County Superior Court to have that vote overturned. The motion contends that the House and Speaker Joe Hackney violated the state and federal constitutions in expelling Wright. The complaint further states that Wright should be immediately restored to his position as the duly elected representative of the 18th House district. Wright was ousted on the basic of six ethics violations involving financial irregularities totaling nearly $350,000. Wright argued then that the house should wait until after his criminal trial. Hackney said Thursday the house legally empowered and obligated to act. Wright's attorney is asking for a court hearing within 10 days with hopes of getting a permanent injunction.

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Wright wants back in?

Hey broke the law. Take it like a man. What a loser !!!!!!



Put Him Back

The people voted him in, & the people should be the ones to vote him out, not the state legislature. He still hasn't had his day, in a court of law.

Yes, they did. However, I

Yes, they did. However, I believed they did before they found out all the wrong doing. They will have another say in May and can put him back in if they want too. However, I think it might be hard for him to go to the meetings being his new home is going to be Central Prison..

Run along, now.

Alrighty, we see Wright will not admit any wrong doing. Go away, now, silly boy. We THINK you have done wrong. We all want a little money, just like you did when you saw all that money in the kitty. Wait for your tax refund like everyone else. Be gone, silly boy. Wright, you make we people from Wilmington look bad. Please don't try to run again. Please stop wasting the taxpayer money that we have no choice in giving. Accept that the decision is for you to be gone. Go preach or something. Tell the followers you have about tithing or something. Just go away, Wright.

I want

a solid gold football.

Wright wants back in.

They obviously want him out; and he needs to accept that. If he is really guilty of what he is being accused of, then he should be very ashamed of himself for wasting people's time and money. Not to mention he could be facing jail, and fines if found guilty. If he is found not guilty, I think he still should not be allowed back in. This kind of drama is uneccesary.

enough already

Give it a rest chuckles, we don't want or need you.

Wright is Sooooooo Wrong!!!!!

Dear People of North Carolina, People take note of this travesty being done in our face, at our expense! This guy will not give up! What makes him think that he is better than Jim Black? (no I am not playing the race card, his last name was Black, remember?) There continues to be suspicious events that occur with this arrogant SO and SO. . . .of course, these pending allegations, . . . the dead guy near his house . . . the fire at the restaurant owned by Basnight (on the day Wright was absent from Raleigh . . .) Is there any justice? Joyner is a very good attorney. But why is he wasting his prowess on this? It is not about race. It is about Wright who is WRONG! It will truly set a precedent if the Courts even consider overturning an action by the Legislature - especially in a case involving someone where the evidence is so strong, he will eventually be found GUILTY! We all can grieve for the people of New Hanover and Pender Counties. This all continues to be so embarrassing. . . When this man finally goes to jail for a long time, then he will finally be Mr. Right! . . . next?!!!

- dead guy?!!!! - fire?!!!!

- dead guy?!!!! - fire?!!!! This guy should be put under the jail!! can we trust any of these lawmakers (black or white?) but if the court does change the ruling by the legislature, we will find out just how crooked the whole system really is!

Wright is Wrong!

Wright only wants back in so he can get that pension, or other. He should be in jail,and I agree with all of you who say the same. People like that are untrusting, and who wants someone that you cannot trust? And yes he makes us black folks look bad! He should be ashamed of himself!