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Wright working his way through prison system

Former state Rep. Thomas Wright is working his way through the North Carolina prison system. Wright was convicted on three counts of fraud yesterday in Raleigh and sentenced to as much as eight years in prison. He's currently at the craven correctional institution in Vanceboro. The superintendent tells us that it's only a processing center. Wright will be there a couple of weeks while it's decided where he should spend his sentence. The superintendent says Wright is in a cell by himself, where he spends 23 hours a day. He comes out for an hour to have recreation and a shower.

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Let the games begin!

Just as the arrogant Mr. Wright was quoted, "Let the games begin". Guess what, Thomas Wright? GAME OVER! Now all we need are some pictures of him in a jumpsuit and shackles. Stop blaming everyone else, Thomas Wright, you did this to yourself.

Wright is in a cell by himself

Is this normal or is he getting special treatment?


Prisons and jails often put high profile convicts in cells by themselves. Their 'celebrity' makes them a target for other inmates.

Oh well

There goes my birthday wish!

Misplaced priorities

I have no sympathy for thieves, whether they're wearing bluejeans or silk suits. Wright belongs in prison. That said, there is something terribly, terribly wrong with a state that will send an embezzler to prison for eight years, but sentence a burglar or armed robber to four or five. Exactly WHO do you think is a bigger threat to your safety?


But with the burglar you know what they are about, with chuckles, there is no telling where his crime spree could have ended. They don't need to stop with him, keep cleaning house until all the criminals are locked up. Maybe they are setting the standard with jim black and chuckles.

Wright is WRONG

I think everyone felt that Wright was going to get hit hard for his crimes. I guess the moral of this story is-DO NOT STEAL!!!!!! Hope he learns his lesson. Hope others learn from this too! DO NOT STEAL!!!!!!!!!!