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Wrightsboro parents concerned about mold


Mold in Wrightsboro Elementary School has parents concerned for the health of their kids. The school held an informational session Monday night to answer their questions.

Some parents say their kids have been chronically ill; and are sure it leads back to the mold found in the ceilings of two classrooms.

"He's had severe runny nose coughing throughout the year. It seemed like he was getting the flu just about every other week," parent Mari Jenkins said.

Other parents are beginning to wonder as well.

"I just started him in January," Jennifer Altman said. "I just thought it was colds here and there, and I'm hoping that's all it is, but I'm going to start looking in to it further now."

The school's informational session was filled with parents frustrated by what they say is a lack of communication by the school district. At the heart of the parents' anger: how long the problem has been around and what caused it.

"The teacher's been out sick. She's been trying to warn us," Jenkins said.

The classrooms were tested for mold in September, but nothing was found. After more complaints of illness, they were tested again in January. The results came back last week revealing mold in the ceilings of two different buildings that house kindergarten and first grade classes.

"We erred on the side of caution and got them all out the day we got that report," Assistant Superintendent Rick Holliday said. "Actually, in fact, we didn't get the written report that day. We got a verbal report from the company."

Monday morning first grade had class in different buildings on the campus. Kindergarten classes now go to Castle Hayne Elementary while the mold clean up takes place. It's expected to take six to eight weeks. During that time they expect to find out what caused the mold.

Parents say they intend to stay on top of the school board's action. They're hoping to have another meeting, similar to the one on Monday, with the school board with a doctor or specialist on hand. The hope is that information will help parents determine if the mold is responsible for the reported illnesses and how their children can be treated. Some called for the school board to pay for both medical and emotional treatment for their kids. The board reminded parents school counselors are always available.

The board will post both the September and most recent study on the school's website. The board is considering the parents' request to repeatedly test the school even after the clean up is complete.

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Mold can get in your brain

Mold can get in your brain and casue permentant damage. I know a professional singer that has to have IV treatments from exposure to mold in there beach house.YES it is serious.It can cause your asthma to flare up etc.... Once again the school principal to the school board knew. I think each parent should get together and demind action.Remember the child/ren with the health problems are the ones suffering.

mold happens

Our son is in kindergarden at Wrightsboro and has also been sick a bit more than years past- but remember this was a hard year w/a long flu season and the weather was back and forth, that doesn't help. There is no one to 'blame', the people at the school care very much about our children's wellbeing and are making alot of precautions to make sure the situation is taken care of. This same situation could arise in anyone's home, new house or old, and mold can grow behind walls, under rugs and carpet and up above ceiling tiles and people don't even know it's there. Mold spores are microscopic and airborn and love warm, wet environment- so do I that's why I moved to N.C.! Let's not forget how fortunate our children are to be getting a good education from people who really care about them. This will get fixed. Parents need to be supportive. Nature is a pain in the butt once in awhile, that's what they are dealing with. Please don't make it any worse with silly talk about lawsuits- not if you really have your children's best interest at heart.

mold in classroom

im really not sure who will read this but as a parent im very concerned about the well being of my child and what has happened at th school bothers my alot my child does have asthma and this year has been sicker then usual it pisses me off to read a comment like this when lot of money is coming out of my pocket to pay doctor bills due to regular cold medicine not working and it makes me more upset for someone to defend the school after reading the mold reports from sept and then feb

Okay, I've Heard It All Now.

"Some called for the school board to pay for both medical and emotional treatment for their kids. "

I have severe allergies, so I understand the impact that mold issues can have on a person's health. Medical bill reimbursement is one thing, but emotional treatment? What? They now need a shrink? For their allergies? Sounds like a money grab to me.

There's more to this...

You are only hearing one part of this. There have been other things happening with that particular classroom than just emotional concerns from the mold issue. If you are not in the situation, you don't know so why judge? They are not looking for a shrink, just extra help to help scared kids dealing with school for the first time and then having to deal with all of the extra change that came along with the changes from the mold. It's not a money grab, it's a loving concerned parent trying to protect her baby. They are just asking for the school to provide extra time for these students with the school counselors to help deal with the transitions.

Isn't that what PARENTS are for?

Maybe you need to explain a little better because I don't understand why you parents can't help your own children.

If you are calm and positive you can provide the stability your kids need through this. The board already said the school counselors are available. How much extra time are we talking about here?

Am I missing something?

A better explanation...

Yes, that is what parents are for but when your child is in school all day, the school personnel are the only people the kids can turn to. So, talking with the 5 year olds to help them understand that there is someone who can help them through this and they don't have to be scared. Yes, again the parents can do this but the school should step in so the kids know they can trust them too. I don't mean they need to put a lot of time toward this, I just mean be proactive and be sure these young kids know that they can talk to someone if they are scared. Personalities in children differ and some have no issue telling a teacher something and others hold it in. This causes those fears of emotional scaring that parents feel. And yes to a later comment, kids have been scarred dealing with school for the first time. My Uncle had many changes to deal with like this and he developed a stuttering issue. So again, why does everyone need to be rude about this and call each other idiots? If it's not your situation to deal with and you have never been in these shoes, keep your comments to yourself. I guess your entitled to your opinion but maybe you can keep the name calling to yourself and try to understand what someone else may be going through. You may think they are strange for how they feel, but remember, everyone deals with things differently.

No you haven't....

Just wait until tomorrow... there are plenty more idiots where those came from.

Somebody please explain what emotional scars came from this "horrific event"! How did anybody over 40 survive growing up?

I was just wondering the

I was just wondering the same thing myself...