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Wrightsville Beach drops plan to ban balloons at the beach


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. (AP) - Leaders of a North Carolina beach community are reconsidering banning balloons from the shore as a way to protect turtles. The board of aldermen in Wrightsville Beach voted to shoot down the ordinance.

The ban was proposed to keep the inflated materials from getting away from children and floating into the ocean. That's where sea turtles can mistake them for food.

Wrightsville Beach leaders think a better solution would be a law fining people $250 if a balloon is released anywhere in the town.

Balloons already are outlawed on signs and not allowed at special events.

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I am so pleased that I can return to Wrightsville beach now that this balloon problem has been solved. What is wrong with these parents who would allow their child to walk around in public with a balloon??? Last time I was there I could hardly see the sun with all the balloons everywhere. I hope at the next meeting they outlaw kites as well. And while we are on the subject lets go ahead and ban chewing gum.

I swear I have been to several Thurs. night meetings and it is always the same bunch of WB residents with nothing better to do but find new things to complain about. And the board members are like a bunch of children that might as well be flipping coins on whether or not to enforce this nonsense. It's like a parody of "pleasantville" and the meetings are just a way for these politicians to justify their existence on the tax payers dime.

I agree with the previous poster

Fine the turtles for eating the balloons!

If they can't afford the fines then put them on some sort of work/release program. Have them clean the beaches of dog poop for example. In fact, have them eat the dogs that poop, that would solve all the problems at once...

To Guest1903

That is without a doubt one of th funniest posts I've ever read! Thanks for the laugh - I really DID lol!!!

i've lived in wilmington all my life

and i can tell you i have never saw a sea turtle on the beaches of wrightsville beach in fact they couldn't afford it.

Re: "i have never saw a sea turtle"

Re: "i have never saw a sea turtle"

Which is more grating on the ears? Part of the answer is in the tag: "i've lived in wilmington all my life"

Entry #1: The bumpkins that say "seen" without the auxiliary verb.
I seen that movie. I seen that girl before. I seen you in the Food Lion.


Entry #2: This guy. He thinks he's stepping up with the hypercorrection that adds the auxiliary to "saw." I have saw you before; however, I have never saw a sea turtle.


Nothing to do but nag the boards, and I got blisters on me fingers!