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Wrightsville Beach Considers Ban On Human Waste Disposal On Boats

READ MORE: Wrightsville Beach Considers Ban On Human Waste Disposal On Boats
Boaters are familiar with the term "no wake" zone. In the future in Wrightsville Beach there may be no discharge zones as well. Essentially, boaters would need to discharge their human waste in approved areas and there would likely be a cost associated with this. As dirty an issue as it is, town manager Bob Simpson says it's probably worth tackling: "Obviously we're all concerned about water quality and I think we have some movements afoot to try some things to ensure that the future water quality is preserved around the town of Wrightsville Beach." Dr. Mike Mallin is a research professor with the UNCW Center for Marine Science. He has data that backs up the flushing boaters. "We have found that there are human sources of human fecal bacteria pollution in these waters and most of these areas have been around boat docking areas which tells us that probably some people have been out there who have been dumping the heads from their boats into the water." The material is pathogenic and it could cause disease to swimmers, kayakers or water skiers in the area. Dr. Mallin also says if boaters have to discharge, then it's best to do it in unpopulated areas, but apparently that's not being followed in Wrightsville Beach. "We found evidence of this sort of pollution where you see large boats that are docked for quite a long period of time and we've seen here at the public boat ramp as well." Even if the town of Wrightsville Beach gets their wish, the approval process for banning human waste discharge on boats could take up to a year and a half in order to work through red tape.

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Enforce This!

I now understand why inland waters around Wrightsville Beach have high bacteria counts that sometimes close the waters for swimmers. WHY aren't the regulations on this enforced? Authorities and residents of the Beach appear to worry about all sorts of minor infractions... WHY not this very unsafe and disgusting one?


You mean to tell me its not already illegal to dump your toilet in the ocean!! huh!! double huh!! Wow!! All the other cock-a-mamie laws around here but go ahead..... and take your dump in the ocean?? Where our food comes from?? Where we swim?? Just incredible.

Human waste discharge is already illegal.....

The discharge of an on-board toilet or waste holding tank is in direct violations of the DOT Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and is enforceable by the US Coast Guard or thier deemed agency. Any vessel equipped with a toilet must have a approved holding tank, marine sanitation device and a lockable y-valve for overboard discharge prevention. No vessel shall discharge sewage in inland lakes, waterways or estuaries without an approved MSD. A vessel must be at least 3 miles offshore to discharge untreated or non-MSD treated sewage overboard. There is no need for additional law or mandates, enforce the ones that exist. Very hefty fines exist for this, oily waste and garbage discharge. There is actually a $5000.00 fine ready for any boater over 40 ft that can't present a written "Garbage Plan" to the USCG when boarded. There are adequate pumpout facilities at WB and no excuse for overboard discharge, just flat out laziness and or negligence!

dumping waste

Its illegal to dump human waste up to 50 n.m. offshore. How are they doing it in the intercoastal. There Are pump stations that pump it out of your boat and into a holding tank. Maybe the marinas should be inspacted to make sure their holding tanks aren't leaking.