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Wrightsville Beach may increase property taxes

READ MORE: Wrightsville Beach may increase property taxes
The Board of Alderman will consider the increase when it reviews its budget Monday night. Wrightsville Beach is considering boosting its tax rate from 6.34 cents per $100 to eight cents. That means if you own a $1 million home, your taxes go from $634 to $800 dollars. Wrightsville Beach Town Manager Bob Simpson said, "We've managed for the last decade to not have property tax increases, but like anything else, you can only go so long." Simpson said, in order to balance next year's budget, he's had to pull nearly $800 thousand from the general fund. He said the lagging economy is partly to blame. "Government has to live by the same rules and limitations that any household has to live by. The cost of things go up and in order to maintain services, the cost of doing business escalates also." The Board of Alderman will review the town's $9.5 million dollar budget and make some changes. Simpson says it may be early June before the property tax hike is or is not approved. In the budget summary, Simpson calls the property tax increase "regrettable."

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Off Shore Tax Haven....Wrightsville Beach

Believe it or not we have an offshore tax haven right here in New Hanover county---Wrightsville Beach. You can live on the ocean or seaside and enjoy all the perks of a resort island, while enjoying all the benefits of a city center right over your taxpayer maintained bridge. You can do this all at a hefty property tax discount. Along with lower taxes you also avoid all those pesky problems of a city, like public buses, crime centers, and heavy welfare roles. To top if off, your home is also a better investment than most other areas in the city, plus you have that special feeling of living "on the island." I think I would like it there myself. Then I can push for more tax money to renourich my beach.


So what's stopping you from moving there if it's so much better and cheaper to live there?

Sounds like class envy

Welcome to real life. Suburbs across America traditionally have lower property taxes than their nearby city, simply because they DON'T have all the problems you mentioned. They need smaller police departments, smaller fire departments, and don't face mass transit bills. Most of all, they don't have to fund schools, which is traditionally the main reason for property taxes. As for the welfare tab, it is absorbed by the county, state, and feds - so county residents pay exactly the same as city residents for that. You just get to enjoy the welfare recipients' company. So it sounds like you either can't understand or greatly resent the fact that not everyone needs to, or wants to live in the city. Since there's no local income tax to nail suburbanites with, as New York City does to those who live outside the city but work in the city, I'd suggest that Wilmington put up toll roads at every major artery leading into town.... might be surprised to find out how many people DON'T go to Wilmington except on very rare occasions.

I bet

You cross the bridge everyday. Or at least every other day. Does your doctor see you at home? Do you do all your shopping at Redix and Robert's Grocery? You use the city streets just like everyone else does. It really does'nt matter how much. I'm pretty sure there is no exxon on W.B.

The city doesn't maintain the streets, Einstein!

The county and/or does, depending on which road you're talking about. FYI, I don't even live on the beach, I'm just sick and tired of people ranting about the beach residents like they're some evil cult. They pay taxes to the town and county. That's absolutely no different than you paying taxes to the city and county. People pay property tax where they live, and each municipality has the right to set their own tax rates. Welcome to America.


Annex W.B. NOW!

How would you annex them?

Theya re already a town, an incorporated area. No one can annex them. Learn NC law!


Learn to spell!!


Come on, don't be harsh!

Unfair Tax Burdens/Life is a Beach

Those who live in Wrightsville Beach not only get to live at the beach, and try to keep others from enjoying the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, now I see they also escape their fair share of the area tax burden. It all sounds good for those who live beachside. But, we who live in Wilmington, have the privilege of paying so much more in taxes for the cost of a city center, that all those living in the area use and enjoy. Those at the beach will tell you all they need is the beach island, as they use the city services and businesses as much as those in the city limits. And please do not use the "I pay and use county services" argument. Guess what? We in the city also pay full county taxes. Yes, life is good at the beach--pay less tax, use the city as much as those that pay city taxes, and then try to keep "townees" off the island. Life is a beach!

He pays taxes in HIS town

He also pays county taxes, just like you. The difference is that his town has a lower tax assessment than yours. Not surprising when you consider the smaller municipal demands and the higher average home value. So it must be pure envy on your part because quite frankly, as every day goes by, there's less and less reason to go into Wilmington for anything.

I could not agree more with

I could not agree more with this writer. Not only are they not paying their fair share,but do everything they can to discourage non-Wrightsville Beach residents from visiting the beach. Let's not forget how public transportation was rejected. Let's talk annexation!!

800 dollars? are you kidding

800 dollars? are you kidding me? most of us pay twice that for a 200000 dollar home in new hanover county. an7yone who has a problem with this anmount i have one thing to say: quit buying expensive homes on the beach. they are not worth it.

He pays county taxes, too

The $800 Wrightsville Beach tab is on top of the same county tax that you pay.


Everyone hoops and hollers about what a sweet deal the beach owners have... Yoou need to realize that the $800 is added to the county taxes they pay. Lets not forget the property valuation. I bet a dollar to a doughnut it is rated as resort property which is triple what the average home owner pays. They might live on the beach, but they pay out the nose for it.

Face the facts-this

Face the facts-this gentleman built his home before you were born-he was not trying to "raise his status" now he is retired


MAY be true of this gentleman...but that is NOT the case for the majority of the homes on WB...most of the old beach style homes are being torn down and replaced with expensive condos or homes...I for one think it is foolish to LIVE on the beach...but oh well...that can be said of living on the river.