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Wrightsville Beach motel to be demolished

READ MORE: Wrightsville Beach motel to be demolished
WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH -- What some call an eyesore at Wrightsville Beach will soon be gone. To many residents delight, demolition is scheduled to start today on a motel that's been in the town for decades. Longtime Wrightsville Beach residents the Gentrys say for years the Seascape Motel has not only been an eyesore, but its guests have also been a thorn in their side. Gentry said, "They would throw beer cans, whiskey bottles, and a lot of profanity and all that stuff. It was really just unsafe to go down to that end of the beach at night." Starting Monday though, the only sound the gentry's will hear coming from the motel is the sound of bulldozers knocking it down. "We're delighted that they are going to tear it down," Gentry said. In its place will be the town's first mixed-use building. The plans call for a below-ground parking lot, retail stores on the first floor and two stories of high end condos. "The concept seems very good. The building itself seems nice. I like the way they have planned at least on paper, the landscaping and that type of thing," Gentry said. Danny McLoud owns the Palm Room Bar and Grill two doors down from the motel. He hopes the project will bring more business to the area. "I think it will make this part of the beach a better business district," McLoud said. "It'll take two years for them to build it, for it to be completed. But I think when it is it will help, definitely." The only downfall, he says, will be the actual building process. "It's going to be loud, but you can't stand in the way of progress," McLoud said. Progress has been two years in the making. The only thing that might prevent the demolition from beginning today is the possibility that the state will not approve the owner for the proper permits.

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not underground parking

I just wanted to say that there will not be underground parking. The parking is at street level. the retail portion and the parking are on the same level.


We were only responding to what is reported. Where'd you get your info?


I understand you guys are responding to what was reported. I just wanted to let everyone know that the underground parking is not true. I have the plans laying on my desk right now. Just didn't want people to be commenting on something that wasn't completely accurate. Have a good one.

Eyesore and earsore.......

Another little project to appeal to the perfect little WB crowd for their perfect little beach. Used to be a fun place to go, but not anymore with all their parking problems, fees, gumshoe police force and pole presented poopie bags. WB isn't a beach anymore, it's merely a sandy spot barely out of the water with a bunch of silly rules, regulations, overpriced real estate and northern snobs that want everything perfect. Send them the Wallgreens, where the "land of perfect" is open 24 hours. If that isn't good enough I-40 West is an even better one, use it!

WB new development

Wow! They approved an underground parking lot on a sandbar. Can't wait for the approval of oceanfront highrises then ya'll can be just like Carolina Beach. Yeah!!!!!!!

below-ground parking lot

Below-ground parking lot ???? at the beach???? Good luck with that. More money in the sand hole. When will they ever learn that WB is a sand bar and it will move no matter how much money & sand you throw at it.

Hope they buy pumps

I sure do home they buy some sump-pumps to try to keep it dry down there.


Underground parking on a sandbar? One of these days all of WB is going to blow away and the sand bar will move.