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Wrightsville Beach mulls sand smoking ban

READ MORE: Wrightsville Beach mulls sand smoking ban

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Like it or not, finding a place to smoke is becoming more difficult. Now Wrightsville Beach is considering a new smoking ban. It would make it illegal to light one up while working on that tan.

If the smoking ban passes, it would make Wrightsville the first smoke-free beach in the state. As it stands now, you can be fined for littering if you leave a cigarette butt in the sand. The proposed ban would fine smokers just for lighting up.

The majority of beachgoers we spoke with today said the ban could be a good thing. We spoke to a few smokers who did not want to go on camera. They said ban or not, they would still light up on the beach, but they would be more careful about it.

Also part of the proposed ban would be an increase in the littering fine. The town council will meet Thursday evening to discuss the proposed ban.

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Beach Ban

They just as well ban smoking. You cant do anything else over there. The residents dont want you over there, unless you are a rich tourist whose gonna rent an expensive place for the weekend. If you are a local, they dont want you there. If they had it their way, they would blow up the bridge so we could not get there. I remember the bumper stickers from a few years back that said WELCOME TO WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH. NOW GO HOME !Just because they live there, doesnt me they are the only ones who have a right to go there. The beaches belong to all of us.

Dream on son.

Dream on son.

Listen to all of the Commies below!!!

Anti-smoking Nazis, that's all this forum is about. Do any of you self-righteous, self-serving, whiney butts ever think about what you're saying? Smoking outside on the beach isn't going to hurt a sand flea, much less any of you "beautiful" people with the perfect health, while you FRY your skin from intense UV and suck down your suds (which is already illegal at WB). Never, ever wish away ANY rights that are still there!!!! This is still America and all of you crybabies best realize it soon!!!

The problem here is NOT the smoke, it is trash!!! Trash is in many forms on the beach and it comes from MANY other sandwhales than smokers!!!! Busted beach chairs, beer cans, soda cans, water bottles, candy wrappers, busted coolers, lost flip flops, abandoned plastic kids toys, sandwich bags, lost panties, socks, shoes, swim goggles, surfboard leashes, broken surfboards, etc. and this list can go on and on and on. I walk the beach every day and carry an armload of this people induced trash to the can ...EVERYDAY!

So THINK before you decide to bust the chops of one categorical beach visitor. You all are contributors of trash and EVERYONE should pick up their junk and put it in the trash cans that are provided for you!

So go ahead...trash and bash the smokers! Have their rights removed!!! Burn them at the stake in public audience! Just be ready, because if you use ANY of the products of trash listed above...YOU'RE next. No trash means NO YOU on the beach if you cannot be responsible for yourself, stay home and let your mommy pick up after you. Too bad your mammas even let you go on the beach by yourselves!!!

You should be embarrased and ashamed of some of these rediculous posts! If you don't like how things are done here, then book the next available aircraft to Iran or Siberia where you will fit in a bit better!


I have been know to have a cigarette or two with a cold beer but smoking at the beach should be banned. People litter and leave their nasty cig butts all over the place. It is disgusting and is littering. Smoke at home.


Eating at the beach should also be banned, people can also do that at home. Come to think of it, people at the beach should be banned. If they want to get in the water let them get in their bathtub.


Ive seen people smoking on those Crown7 electric cigarettes and they seem to beat the bans because it only emits water vapor which is great!!!

Another fine example of the

Another fine example of the erosion of freedom in America by a vocal minority bent on forcing their views down our throats. In a fine sense of irony, this particular freedom hater is actually named Neumeister, which translates literally to "New Master" -and doesn't that shoe just fit perfectly.

Maybe some of us do not like seeing obese people stuffing their face and leaving McDonalds bags all over the beach, yet we aren't out raising taxes on your habit or forcing you to change your life, much less banning your disgusting habit from public places.

There are penalties for littering, and as a previous poster said, how do butts not fall under the category of litter? The answer is that they already do, and a fine already exists for the act of throwing a butt on the ground. This is nothing more than some petty little tinpot dictator haughtily telling others what they can or cannot do, while trying to dress up her totalitarian views in the sheep's clothing of environmental concern. It is her kind, and their belief that they have the right to tell the rest of us how to live that eat this nation like a cancer.

Doubtless, she is pleased to have forced us out of resturants and bars, and into the parking lot (where her SUV belches toxins the likes of which our poor cigarette couldn't dream of aspiring to) and hopes to force us off the beaches as well.

Good luck, because I think your kind have pushed the public about as far as we are willing to go.

Butts Not Wanted

If a smoker doesn't want their own "butt" what makes them think someone else does by leaving it on the beach or anywhere else? It's a disgusting habit!

No Smokin' Beach!!

I Smoke! Now with that said... No smoking on the beach is an awesome idea!! I am not being sarcastic here either. The problem is not the act of smoking, it is the act of I am too lazy to walk my butt over to throw away my butt!! The same people who can't be bothered to throw away their other trash either!! PIGS!! That is the problem!! The beach is not an ashtray, ashcan or garbage can. Throw your trash where it belongs. In the can!!!

Good, I'm tired of the

Good, I'm tired of the pretentious smokers polluting the beach. Non-smokers can smell your cigarettes 100ft away, and they stink. If you walk from one beach entrance to another you can easily see HUNDREDS of butts. Don't blame anyone but the smokers themselves.


I don't like the smell of suntan lotion. Maybe we should ban that.

And your toxin belching SUV

And your toxin belching SUV is different how?

No one to blame but themselves

Wrightsville's beaches are disgusting and I rarely ever go there. There's nothing but cigarette butts as far as you can see and walk, a few feet deep. It's litter, plain and simple, and "the smokers" have no one to blame for this ban under consideration except themselves. I've never seen anything like it outside of this area, and Wrightsville Beach is hardly the only beach where people smoke. I guess most other places, smokers aren't such filthy litter bugs.

Smoking ban

Come on, they are trying to drive everyone away from "THEIR BEACH".. You know they only want locals there. I am sure the will allow the locals to smoke where they want to. It is like parking there. Locals park where they want to..

Wrightsville Beach Smoking Ban

Why would you make another "you are not allowed," when they do not or cannot enforce the "you are not allowed",that are already in place. Things like no glass bottles, no drinking, picking up your litter and on and on.

...And pretty soon you won't

...And pretty soon you won't be able to take a leak at your own house either!


Really? Now you can't smoke OUTSIDE? I guess the next thing on the agenda will be increasing your property tax if you smoke in your house.

Sounds good to me! I don't

Sounds good to me! I don't want to breath in your smoke. I don't smoke for a's not healthy and will kill you. It's disgusting to go to a public place and be subjected to nasty smoke.

More disgusting than the

More disgusting than the toxins belched by your SUV?

Don't complain smokers - it's your own fault!

I find cigarette butts in the sand every single time I go to the beach - its disgusting. What's so hard about putting out your cigarette and taking the butts home with you? Just stick them in your pocket! If you don't want ordinances like this, the answer is very, very simple - quit littering the beach with your cigarrette butts!

Don't give those idots at

Don't give those idots at city hall any ideas!! They probably would increase property taxes to smokers in their own home. they do'nt need any help in coming up on how to take whatever money we have left after taxes that we now have to pay.