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ONLY ON 3: Wrightsville Beach woman upset with census bureau personal visit

READ MORE: Wrightsville Beach woman upset with census bureau personal visit

As Americans every ten years we get to fill out a census. You mail it in. You don't have to think about again for another decade. It's a short and sweet process, but not for a Wrightsville Beach resident who received a follow-up visit Wednesday afternoon from a census bureau worker.

Dorothy Pastis told WWAY she told the census worker "I don't need to talk to you because I've already sent it in." The worker said: " This is special. We're having to do this. We need your name and number."

It turns out Dorothy Pastis received a follow visit because she's included in a small percentage of Americans who will receive follow-up visits. Tony Osticco, the office manager for the Wilmington Census Bureau Office says it's all part of a double check procedure. He also says it's quality control.

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to tired of whiners

tired of whiners wrote-
"The reason they ask for a phone number is to help determine the poverty levels in a particular area."

That is about the most ignorant statement I have read in a while. How is having a phone number a poverty level indicator? oh wait I forgot they issue the numbers accroding to income so the prefix 232 people are poor and the prefix 798 phone number people are rich. never mnd I get it.....LOL

census snakes

why is it that these census takers ask how much moeny you make? How much your house payments are? The IRS knows how much money I make and im sure they can figure out how much I pay in mortgage based on the interest deductions.

I dont trust the census takers and i certainly dont trust the government watching over the census takers,

A census worker or

A census worker or "enumerator" will never ask how much money you earn or how much your house payments are. If you were visited by someone who did, they were not a census taker. Please get your facts straight.

For the record, you are

For the record, you are absolutely wrong. The census conducts surveys all year long, every year, where they ask VERY invasive questions such as what you make, what your house costs, your utilities, how much spent on entertainment, gas, beer/liquor, etc. Please, before you open your mouth again, get YOUR facts straight.


maybe miss wrightsville beach should hire an assistant to speak to the census taker

This story made the

This story made the NEWS????!!!!!!


... Not only did it make the news, but it stirs up many a replies.

...but it stirs up many a

...but it stirs up many a replies."..... IN WILMINGTON! The top news story last night was thunderstorms.

This isn't exactly a town with alot of hard hitting news. In any city with real issues, this isn't even a discussion on the street. It gets a 'hmmm, whatever' response and people go about their busy lives. But in Wilmington, there is absolutely nothing going on, so this kind of story makes the news.


come to my house !! I am friendly. I would love to meet a new person in the world and tell her my name and ask her or him about their job and if they'd like a glass of water.That's not only the Southern way, but the Christian way. Would it really be a huge bother for you to answer your door and "speak" to another human being. For sure if you have a pot hole on the way home you will wish your county had more funds to fix that, but your guarantee of being counted in the census is "bothersome", right?

Get over it

So what they came to your door! They are only doing their jobs! No one says you have to answer the door! This old lady just needs to get over it and move on! Go find something else to worry about!

This happened to me

I also sent my census in the day after I got it. I understand the importance of it. Two weeks later a young man showed up at my door wanting my information. I explained that I already mailed it and we haggled about it for nearly 10 minutes. This was right after the news broadcast warning folks about the scammers posing as census bureau workers. So I totally get it. Scam artists are around every corner and it's sad to say that we never feel safe or comfortable like the old days. How sad that we all have to be on edge about everything these days!!

I totally understand this

I totally understand this womans frustration. They did not send me a form so I called to have one sent so I wouldnt have to have some stranger coming to my house. I filled out the form and promptly sent it in only to have a stranger show up at my house anyway.


This happened to my son in another town. A census worker called and started asking questions about the form already sent in. When told the form was correct, and that no other questions would be answered, the census worker became irritated. My son hung up on him. He tried to verify the call was not a scam by checking caller ID, but the number could not be validated.

I'll gladly give them my name

When it comes to my phone number, they can kiss me where the sun doesn't shine. I have an unlisted number for a reason, and even the FBI can't get it without a warrant or court order. The Bureau of the Census can drop dead.

unlisted does not mean no one can get your number

Having an unlisted number does not mean that the government/FBI/CIA/whatever cannot get your phone number without a warrent. It just means that someone cannot get your phone number from 411 information or a phone book. In this age of the internet almost any phone number can be aquired by searching various websites with nothing more than a name or address. Some people will complain about anything. There are always a percentage of census forms that are followed up in person as a way to make sure that information is correct and the process is working effectively. Deal with it.

Feel free to pass that on to the Census Bureau

They can scour the web, looking for my number. Meanwhile, they can DROP DEAD. I didn't give them the number on the form and I won't give it to them if they come around asking for it.

Then, technically, you are

Then, technically, you are breaking the law. We are required by law to fill out/answer census questions every 10 years. It's one of those pesky little things we're required to do as citizens of this country. If you don't like it, move to another country where they don't require you to answer a few questons. I bet you whine about the possibility of doing jury duty too. Our answers to the Census helps determine what federal funding our state gets, including school funding. The reason they ask for a phone number is to help determine the poverty levels in a particular area. Act like an adult and not a petulant child.

All you have to do is tell

All you have to do is tell them who lives at that address and nothing more.

Take me to court

The Constitution requires a census for "enumeration." Knowing my phone number has absolutely nothing to do with enumeration. I filled out nine of the ten questions. The phone number was going over the line.

When law enforcement has to appear and sign a sworn affadavit before a magistrate or judge to get a warrant to obtain that information, no government bureaucrat is going to circumvent that requirement by simply saying, "It's required to analyze your community."

So you keep on doing exactly what Big Brother tells you to do, regardless of its basis in Constitutional law. I'll wait for them to arrest me....and I'll win.


The first word in the title tells the problem"Wrightsville Beach".I am still in favor of putting up a gate at the bridge and let them try and live on their own.

census visit

It's just the census. Sounds like she needs to get over herself! There was no need to be rude to the worker!

I understand her

I understand her frustration. You fill it out, send it and bam someone shows up at your door. Government is way to big. They need to stay the h**l out of lives. Only the lazy, people who love welfare, and all these women who get pregnant that dont work who all want a big government. I have always worked, and I have come into contact with people like I said in the above always talking about want to move here "I wish they took section 8 , I need my check now, its coming at the beginning of the month, you know the government gives money for free cell phones". If people didnt have the government to support them they would find a job or create themselves works.

But h**l for all that woman knew that could had been someone to rob her, or scam her.

RE: Guess555555555555

You are a complete idiot! LOL....obviously reading comprehension isn't your strong point. I'm guessing too that you are one of those moochers that's living off the backs of people willing to get off their a** and WORK!

the usual racist's response

you don't seem to realize how small of a percentage welfare is of the budget, and how few people are on it. you argument is just a front, just come out and say it. you don't want to help out the poor or minorities. i bet you couldn't even describe what "big government" is. if you really cared about where your tax dollars were going then you would have looked it up and been mad at legitimate things. but in this case you're just shown to be a racist loser.

LOL's NOT a small percentage of tax dollars that go to Socialized have to look at local, state and federal levels...ITS A LOT! Oh..BTW..there is NOTHING racist about wanting to keep my money in my own know the money I WORKED for...what makes you think those that don't want to work for it should get the money I worked for? In does keeping money relate to being a racist...unless you think only a certain color is poor and on welfare...which makes you an IDIOT! Just another moron throwing around the racist card...which is becoming more and more watered down every time you use it!


WOW, look at you jumping to conclusions. I have read Guest55555555555555s post and they say nothing about race. So why in the world would you call someone a racist loser? They are just stating the facts about the ignorant people in this world sucking up all the "free" money that the government gets from hard working people. Your post tells everything about you, even down to your race.

Poor Thing

Life must really be tough for her having to tell someone her name...

census? what?

doesn't the census bureau know that the inconvenience of follow ups are meant for us common folk, not the self-righteous, law-abiding nobles of WB. How dare the bureau question those on the other side of the ICW.

The deal was... commercials

The deal was... commercials implied that you send in your form so big brother don't come knocking on your door. Now they are going to come knocking on my door?

Another example

of government efficiency.

Three times we returned home, on week-days to find a census note on the door confirming someone had been there.

I guess they don't understand some people work and are not home during weekdays. After all, were it not for those of us who work and pay taxes, the Government would have even less to give away in entitlements.

And these people want to run health care.