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Yahweh Center for Children low on funding

READ MORE: Yahweh Center for Children low on funding
The mental health system here in North Carolina has been suffering from some financial blows. One non-profit organization focusing on the mental health of children is now behind in its monthly payments. Yahweh Center for Children is a shelter for children who have suffered neglect or sexual abuse. The center includes a full psychiatric hospital. Paying for that alone means raising nearly $1 million a year. Having to rely on donations is tough, especially at a time when many people are finding it hard to make ends meet. Without their usual donations, Yahweh Center administrators are now finding it hard to pay the bills. Some organizations that regularly donate to the center have had to cut back because of the state of the economy. Since the children at Yahweh live on campus full-time, the center also has to pay for the basics like food, clothing and gas. Founder and director Carla Roberts is concerned about the financial state. She said these children rely on the center to help them heal. "Children here are butterflies. They come in one way, and transform into somebody else. The transformation, if people can understand that being one on one with a child here means the world to them," said Roberts. The center was the first 90 day emergency shelter in southeastern North Carolina. It serves children ages 5 to 12. Once the children go through therapy and psychiatric treatment, the goal is to place them with adoptive families, so they can begin the next phase of their lives. Visit the Yahweh Center's website to donate.

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speaking with facts, not opinion.

Yahweh Center is a place where miracles happen everyday. I am amazed at the changes in children that have taken place and are continuing to take place on the campus! Those that use the words like "indoctrination" have no idea what actually happens here. It is unsettling to think that someone would state opinion as if it were fact. Hopefully, those that read "good riddance" will recognize the difference. Yahweh Center is not ashamed of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will shout from the rooftops of His healing power. The strength of spirit that is infused into the staff can only come from Him. The staff is bitten, clawed, spat upon, cursed, kicked, slapped and pinched by children whose abuse history is more graphic than any movie that Hollywood could make. There are children have been placed here by guardians and left for years, ones that have witnessed horrific crimes, have suffered through failed adoptions and physically and sexually abusive parents. These children are treated lovingly and with respect by a staff who treats children as Jesus would want them to be treated. To get true information about the facility, please call and ask.

Good riddance

Most social workers and professionals in the field would agree, if they could say so publicly without fear of a county commissioner running them out of town, that shutting this indoctrination center down would be nothing short of the truest of blessings. It is one of the worst in disquising services for force feeding ideology. If this center is suffering it is becuase of its misuse of the Gospel.


What gives you the right to speak for the Social Workers and the Professionals in this field? Also where did yopu get your facts from?

Not in agreement

I beg to differ "informed" Do some homework on published papers on success rates in the restoration of children who have failed to thrive and you will find that children who believe in a higher power succeed 5-2 over children that don't. A child either give his pain to God or shoves it down the throat of someone else years later. Just ask Anthony Bowen how he dealt with his childhood abuses.

Yahweh Center

I am saddened to read the reply "Good riddance"- the Yahweh Center Children's Village is an amazing, professional agency that has served many NC children that other agencies refuse to serve due to the extent of their issues. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am both a social worker and a professional that recognizes the incredible work going on at the Yahweh Center. Many professionals refer children to the Yahweh Center from across the state because they are aware of the work being done that is changing the lives of children and their families. I am sorry that there may be some who are misinformed regarding the work and intent of the Yahweh Center.

Yahweh Center helped me out

The Yahweh Center saved my life years ago. I was the victim of a horrible family. Although I was never conscious of my situation because of my age I was none-the-less severely abused and neglected. My family was talked into allowing me to enter into Yahweh when it was located in a house on Wrightsville Avenue. I came out of there and entered into a couple of foster homes until I was able to go to college where I am studying for my masters in social work. I have never gone back to say thank you but I swear on everything holy that there isn't a day that goes by that I don't say a prayer for Carla and all those who work along side of her. God will find some money to keep their doors open, I'm certain of that, but I'd hope that some of you will become involved so that you can be blessed one day when you realize lives are changed because of all the sacrifices these people make for your community. My heart is filled with hope that someday I will make a difference in someone's life the way Yahweh has made a difference in mine.

Yahweh Center low on funds

Just want you to know how much that has encouraged me and what a blessing you are to all of us who work in this ministry and our prayers over the years include those whom have been in our care. Praise God for you! Thank you so much for sharing this .. I will pass on to the team there to come on site and read this. This scripture has been one we have put forth over the children and how good is is to see it as evidence of fruition by your email. Jeremiah 29:11 " For I know the plans I have for you not for evil or calamity but for a hope and a future. God bless you, Carla Roberts