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Oak Island votes to buy Yaupon Pier

READ MORE: Yaupon Pier bought by Oak Island
The Oak Island Town Council voted to approve the purchase of the Yaupon Beach Pier Tuesday night. But with many development projects already underway on the island, its just another job on the busy town to-do list. Bob Whitworth is an Oak Island local and fisherman and he absolutely loves the idea. “I think it's the greatest thing that's happened on the island in a very, very long time.” Whithworth is referring to Oak Island Town Council's decision to buy the Yaupon Pier, and while the council's actions faced some criticism, Whithworth is not alone. Bruce Corrie is also a local. He said, “I also think it's a nice tourist attraction. People like to walk out on it, take their kids out on it, you know whether it's in the daylight or the moonlight.” Still others say the pier is valuable because it makes the North Carolina shore unique. “I mean you can go anywhere and find condos and town homes and things like that. But very seldom can you find a nice pier that you can go to a lot and just have fun and enjoy a family day,” said Walter Hall who is also in favor of the pier. Residents said they were concerned when the Yaupon Pier closed last December, but now that the towns agreed to buy it, they are happy it won't suffer the same fate as the Long Beach Pier. ”A developer bought it, it's been sold, and it's been gone. Everyone's been totally upset about it,” one local remembered about the Long Beach Pier. And with only one pier currently open, locals said they have noticed the difference. Now that the decision is made, beach goers want to see the pier open sooner than later. The town of Oak Island is in the middle of some big undertakings. Along with the pier, the town is building a new fire department, sewer system, and town hall. Oak Island Mayor Johnny Vereen said he is excited the town saved a historical place. He points out the $1.5 million price tag is $700,000 less than originally planned.

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Pier Stays

Good for the governing body on Oak Island or old Yaupon as we more seasoned folks know it. The town has taken a forward step by purchasing the pier for future generations to enjoy. This state has been known for many years as a great place to go fishing and preserving the pier is one way to keep that great hobby going. The elected officials of Oak Island may do some crazy things from time to time, they have done a positive thing this time in buying the pier. Keep doing those positive things and maybe you will get reelected this year. Thanks Jerry Walters for the push


With fishing piers disappearing all up and down the eastern seaboard and more specifically NC, the town has taken a giant step forward in preserving something for many generations to come. By leasing the pier to private business the town will also be taking the appropriate step to not be in competition with another legitimate business on the Island. However competition from legitimate businesses is good for the consumer. I am more than aware of the many issues that are currently being addressed on OIK. It would have been easy for council to turn away from this rather than to take a stand. Thank you council for stepping up to the plate and assuring this landmark and recreation was saved rather than going the road of the LBP as well as the many other lost piers on our coast. I am looking forward to "hooking up" with a lot of my old and dear friends on the pier next spring and summer!

Way to Go Oak Island

Thank you to the council members who voted for the pier!I know Oak Island has a lot going on but it's good to know that people can look over the darkness every now and then to see the light. I for one look forward to going to the pier and enjoying the people who will also go there. I love living in Oak Island and this will make it a little more special!!!

Yaupon Pier

We started fishing Yaupon Pier in the ealy eighties.We decided to try Ocean Crest Pier.We fished there for 26 years with no problems. Everyone was like family.A few bad ones came in from Myrtle Beach and ruined everything.It has been 3 years since we been to Oak Island and can't wait for Yaupon to open.Big John and all the others were like family.We stayed to ourselves and minded our own business and we got the raw end of the deal. We having been praying for Oak Island to get the pier and that one prayer was answered.There may be competition but thats like having different grocery stores.If you don't like one you can go to the other."THANK YOU" Oak Island for saving the pier and look forward to celebrating our 43rd Anniversary on Yaupon Pier. May 2009 be the year Yaupon Pier becomes the best pier on the East Coast.God Bless Oak Island and God protect Yaupon Pier.The Parkers in Ranlo,NC.


we have proper use of tax money. IMHO. The pier is a local landmark and it would have been a travesty to let it go. I grew up either on or around that pier and even though I live in Ocean Isle now I do not want to see it gone. Good job people. Now really show your support for the pier by using it...

Oak Island attempts to secure pier purchase

Kenny Rogers sang it best " The dealing ain't over to the dealings done". Its true that North Carolinas coastal fishing piers have long been part of the landscapes of beach fronts and their local economies. Much akin to the local barbershops and restaurants, many private citizens have operated these pier business with-out subsidizes from the coffers of taxpayers. Through out the annuals of time those privately operated piers have survived the marketplace with-out the intrusions of local governing bodies. The Town of Oak Island seems bent on competing with the attempts of private taxpaying citizen business owners. Clearly Oak Island already has a fully functioanl fishing pier capable of serving anyone who appreciates the joys of fishing. That privately owned pier hasn't ask for or recieved a single nickles worth of help from the Town of Oak Island. The Town of Oak Islands first priorities and responsibilities are providing competent Police and Fire protections. Then secondary infrastructures including equal access to quality public water and sewer services. Thirdly supporting the efforts of those persons who have invested countless dollars purchasing and operating the islands business by promoting the idea that visitors to the area utilize these resources. This may be accomplished by using effective media and marketing technics available to the town through the local Chamber of Commerce. It certainly isn't that difficult conceiving the idea of a statewide roadside billboard campaign by towns like Oak Island that advertises "Supporting your privately operated coastal fishing piers on [Oak Island, Ocean Isle, Holden Beach,ie] is important to us, visit one tommorrow". That solution based approach seems more appropriate than having towns purchase defunct fishing pier operations like Yaupon after they have failed at taxpayers expence. It would also eliminate the probability that a town directly compete against their own taxpaying businesses.

This is competition, not subsidy!

The argument of whether the town should invest tax funds in the pier is one for legitimate debate. The argument that the town would somehow be competing against another business is not. Under what the town proposes to do the town would simply be the lease holder and owner of the property. Whomever leases that property would be a legitimate private enterprise. Here is how ridiculous your argument is. If, every legitimate business in Oak Island that did not own the structure they do business in shut their doors, the overwhelming number of businesses would be closing down. If Oak Island leases the property at the market rate, there is simply no subsidy. Your argument is without merit or basis. Your argument is more in line with protectionism than healthy competition.

OKI pier

Oddly.............the leasee of the New Oak Island pier ( Saved from Historical References Ploy aka The Old Yaupon Pier) has the same old ideas that failed at Long Beach Pier, and no $6000.00 grand a month lease isn't the market rate, my friend. The acquired debt service alone on the Town's bank loan for the pier ammorizes at $120,000 per year. If the OKI Pier Leasee actually paid the 6000 per month over 12 (hasn't made a payment in 4 months of operations), the lease would generate $72,000 in gross revenues for the town. Simply put in the best case scenario, taxpayers of Oak Island including Ocean Crest Pier operators (4200.00 per year property taxpayers)are on the hook for at minimun (doesn't include maintenance, insurance, ie) $120,000-$72,000 or $48,000 dollars in net debt (In the RED). So, your contribed theory in actual and factual application has failed Miserably....... P.S..Lets Talk about ridulous........Every other business leasee on OKI, leases their properties from private owners and property investors ( NOT THE TOWN), whom themselves are of no baring or burden on the tax coffers. "The argument of whether the town should invest tax funds in the pier is one for legitimate debate. The argument that the town would somehow be competing against another business is not."..........History is repeating itself as it did at the Old Long Beach Pier............and your analogy above, doesn't change fact that 6 is still a half a dozen. Seems to me your inclined to believe "Protecting Your Opinion" is more important, than living in reality.