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You may soon be taxed for downloads

North Carolina could soon be taxing you when you download music, ring tones, movies and software if a legislative committee gets its wish. The Revenue Laws Study Committee recommended Tuesday to the full legislature that state and local sales tax be applied to these relatively new electronic transactions. Current law generally does not require the tax on these products because they are not considered "tangible personal property" or a service. An analysis of the proposal says the state could collect eight million dollars and local governments almost four million next year if changes were made.

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Don't agree but...

While I don't agree with this tax I have to say I can see the logic somewhat. With hugely decreasing sales of music in stores that lost tax just adds to budget shortfalls, therefore this would be a likely way to make it up. Again, I don't agree but can see both sides of the argument!

They won't get much money

They won't get much money from taxing d/ will just lead to people making illegal downloads

Disconnected lawmakers

This sounds like typical Raleigh politicians. NEVER NEVER NEVER cut giveaway programs, always raise taxes on people paying taxes. Wake up people, they will tax your great-great grandchildren trying to solve problems today caused by mismanagement, greed and utter disregard for the people's wishes. Of course, the people put them in office knowing what personality and ethical flaws they had. "A government powerful enough to give citizens everything they want, is powerful enough to take everything they have." Kiss your retirement goodbye.

Since WWAY Wouldn't Do It, I Will

Here who is on that committee. Remember these scroundrels the next time you vote. Put aside partisan bickering and vote the issues! As Napoleon once said: Divide and conquer. HOUSE APPOINTMENTS Rep. Paul Luebke (Co-Chair) Rep. Harold J. Brubaker Rep. Pryor Allan Gibson, III Rep. Dewey Lewis Hill Rep. Daniel Francis McComas Rep. William C. McGee Rep. William L. Wainwright Rep. Jennifer Weiss Rep. Becky Carney (Advisory Member)

what next?

I always wondered why we are charged to rent DVD's. We are not buying them. They are rented hundreds of times and we all pay sales tax? What a boon for the taxers.

That's twelve million dollars more!

Just think of all the money the state could blo....uh....INVEST in social services programs for people who find life just too tough to handle.


I LEGALLY buy music from iTunes right now...if this goes thru...I will bust out my handy dandy pirate patch...and SURF THE HIGH SEAS IN SEARCH OF TAX FREE MUSIC!

Taxes.... are sure to happen as death

Our forefathers fought Britain over 200 years ago for our independence due to "Taxation without representation". The problem we have today with our own government is "Taxation despite representation". Are we really better off than before?

This is some sort of evil

This is some sort of evil joke

Already taxed to death

When will it stop. The people in power in Raleigh and Washington are the ones that have gotten us into this economic mess and they think they can just tax us out of it. They spend like drunken sailors and think they can just reach in our pockets and take what they want. Try cutting spending on the lazy and illegals first. Do they not understand that this will further hurt the industry and economy? Whats next? A tax on every email, every mile you drive, every toilet flush, every breath you exhale... "The Revenue Laws Study Committee". A group of people that study ways to burden the people with more taxes. Change we can believe in huh.


Let's really save some tax money, and do away with most of the buearacrats and half of the career politicians in Raleigh.