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You may want to hold on to your parking passes from Wrightsville Beach

READ MORE: Reasons to hold onto your Wrightsville Beach parking passes
Anyone who goes to Wrightsville Beach in the summertime knows parking can be challenging. Four months later, one woman is getting charged for two parking tickets she said she never received. Now she has a word of advice for people who pay to park in Wrightsville Beach. Sherri Parker has been coming to Wrightsville Beach her entire life, and said she knows just as well as anybody about paying for parking, and always follows the rules. That is why she was surprised to receive a letter from the Wrightsville Beach Parking Office, saying she owed $100 for two unpaid parking tickets from august. "My issue is I didn't even receive the ticket on my windshield to know about it," said Parker. She said she was at the beach on the days the letter says she got tickets, but that she paid for the parking stubs to put on her dash, over her sun shade. "There's no way I couldn't have received a ticket on my car two different times, and then my husband was with me, so there's no way both of us could have missed a ticket sitting on my car," Parker added. But the parking office's records show differently. Two tickets, issued 11 days apart, for overtime parking. A spokesperson for the parking company, hired by the town said it's highly unusual that tickets from two different days are unaccounted for. The best parking officials could do was to waive Parker's late fee for a total of $40, which she begrudgingly paid. For this peeved parker, there's a lesson learned. "Be sure to not throw those passes away. Hang onto them because you never know when you'll get a letter like this in the mail and not know nothing about it," Parker said. Parker also said she is concerned this may be happening to other people, especially out-of-town visitors.

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Snob zoning- as it is referred to, is a way to keep out the riff raff- pure and simple. WB does not need the revenue from a parking fee. If they did- they would offer passes to Wilm residents for same and then designate spaces for non-pass holders. It is quite obvious when residents of a county are descriminated against and not offered same pass previledges as all residents of the county- it is pure descrimination and constitutionally illegal. The Beaches are public property and WB and their sense of entitlement empowering them to descriminate against other NH county residence is a law suit waiting to happen. with an increase to $2. an hour- and the people of Wilm ready to organize- its only a matter of time.

Parking @ WB

First, I don't think people who live in NH county should pay to park @WB. But, that is not going to happen. We should be able to buy a season pass, that we can all afford, if you live in NH county. The Beach is public property, not just for WB residents. I pay taxes to live in this county, I shouldn't have to pay to park. Give a girl a break. Offer season passes for NH county residents. Please!!!!!

If they had their way they

If they had their way they would do like Figure Eight Island and keep a guard at the bridge..oh well with the sea level rising and a couple of major hurricanes it will be a memory in about 50 years.

I always park in Commons

I always park in Commons driveway, he never gives me a ticket, it's free. What more could I ask for?

You're lying, Scally

The simple fact that you're still alive to post clearly indicates that you have never parked in my driveway. Where have you been? Just getting over the hangover from celebrating that Communist's election?

Got his check

He was able to post because he must have received the monthly check from us taxpayers.

If you are going to keep them...

I have kept my parking receipts on my dash for an extended period after my trips to the beach. After a week or so the ink fades and you can't read them. So if you intend to keep them for possible ticket disputes in the future you need to place them in your glovebox or somewhere out of the sunlight. Also what the person said about people taking tickets off of another car so they won't have to pay for parking and it will look like they have already been ticketed is highly likely as well.

I'm sorry you got a ticket.

I'm sorry you got a ticket. Probably a bunch of wise guy kids took it and unfortunately you pay the price. This is an issue I have - Why don't New Hanover County residents have free parking passes to the area beaches? We shouldn't have to pay for parking at all if we live in the county! WE pay taxes people and the ocean is free, God given I shouldn't have to pay to enjoy one of Gods wonders!

I've heard folks take

I've heard folks take tickets off cars that are already ticketed and put it on their cars so they won't be ticketed. Perhaps that's what happened to this lady's tickets.

How is it legal for the

How is it legal for the republic of Wrightsville Beach to "double-dip" and charge taxpaying residents of New Hanover County for beach parking anyway? I would like to see the County Govt. weigh in on this issue and co-develop a plan to issue parking passes(for a very small fee)to full-time resident, taxpayers of New Hanover County.

It's legal becasue NH County

It's legal becasue NH County gives very little to nothing back to WB. WB makes up less than 1% of the county population yet makes up over 10% of county budget. NH County will not pay for lifeguards, EMT, Police, etc... that it takes to keep non WB residents safe. Parking is the only way to pay for all the visitors from Wilmington who think this is their beach.


"Parking is the only way to pay for all the visitors from Wilmington who think this is their beach." IS their beach. Just because you live ON Wrightsville Beach doesn't mean you OWN the's still New Hanover County. THE BEACH IS PUBLIC...NOT PRIVATE!


If WB is less than 1% of the population and they get 10% of the County budget, then 99% of County residents should be getting paid (re-reimbursed) to go to WB.


A few things..."that it takes to keep non WB residents safe." NON WB residents safe? I guess they don't respond to anything pertaining to WB residents... "Parking is the only way to pay for all the visitors from Wilmington who think this is their beach." UUUmmmm...ITS A PUBLIC BEACH...that means it IS OUR beach...not YOUR beach or MY beach. Tax dollars that YOU don't pony up get taken from residents of not only NHC, but the State of NC and the Federal Government to pay for your little precious strip of beach, Pay for the upkeep of that precious strip of STATE ROAD that runs to the south end, pays so that your precious little homes don't get swept up in the ocean thru renourishment projects. Tax dollars are also spent during hurricanes when the NC Guard get activated to take care of you. You guys WANT to be private but want money from people to do it. You just aren't rich enough to do what you want so you treat "non-residents" like we are from some other country, then become our buddies when it's convenient. I'll remember that the next time I get a call to help clean up after a hurricane. I'll remember that when I get calls to do contract work...I'll just bump you guys to the bottom of the list so your LAST. BTW..there ARE non WB residents that serve on your VOLUNTEER Fire far as EMT's...WB doesn't have an ambulance service...that is a NHC service.

I just received a citation

I just received a citation in the mail on December 26th, from the Town of Wrigtsville Beach Parking Authority, saying that I had an overdue parking ticket. I had completely forgotten to pay a ticket I received over the summer. Completely my fault, I have no issue with paying the ticket. The issue at hand is, the letter received from WB was dated December 16th. The letter stated that if I did not pay the fee within 15 days, they would issue me a summons. I went and paid it on my lunch break today, but it just seems a little dodgy to me that they would wait 10 days to mail a letter with a 15 day statue of limitation...

Why doesn't WB just go ahead

Why doesn't WB just go ahead and make annual parking passes you can hang from your rear view mirror? If you go enough, it pays for itself and its guaranteed money for WB.

They do sell them. The cost

They do sell them. The cost is $25 if you are a resident of WB and $400 if you are not.

would sell more

Because they would sell more passes than spaces and then what are you going to do when you go to the beach and can't get one of the spaces you paid for?

easy, you park on the side

easy, you park on the side of the road. you paid to have a pass...shouldn't get a ticket if the annual pass is in the rear view mirror. there are already too little spaces and too many people. WB would make more of a killing in money with annual passes.

Yes, she probably paid for

Yes, she probably paid for parking, but for only 1 hour and she probably stayed longer and her tag expired. She came back from the beach and saw she had a ticket and ignored the two. I honestly don't think parking maids are going around WB filling in false license plate numbers.

parking ticket mistakes

Actually, I just got a citation notice in the mail last week saying that I had an overdue ticket. Knowing I had not parked at the beach since last summer, I called & found out that the officer had keyed the wrong tag number & didn't bother checking the make & model of the car to verify.


Do not be surprised if you get a ticket that you know you did not deserve. My Dad had a speeding ticket applied to his insurance premium last year. When he called the insurance company to find out where it came from they told him the date and that he had to do the rest of the research. After weeks of calls it turned out the ticket was issued in Maryland (Dad has never driven there) to a man half his age who just happens to live in Carolina beach. Their DL#'s were similar and the cop or someone at DMV typed it in wrong. No one ever bothered to look at the name, address, car make etc.

Wrightsville beach

Why don't Wrightsville beach put up gates at the bridge and let them try and do what they want. No visitors and no income for their little town that thinks they are something. I have lived here all my life(51Plus years) and WB has always made it a pain to try to enjoy the beaches.


They are like that...UNTIL a hurricane comes...then they LOVE US! The town most CERTAINLY isn't known for its friendliness!