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Young Black & Under Attack Part 2

READ MORE: Young Black & Under Attack Part 2
WILMINGTON--Phylicia Powers runs the Community Boys and Girls club in Wilmington. The club helps at-risk youth that struggle at home and at school. She says, "Children are coming here with a lot of issues and they're being labeled in school, and those labels are preventing them from getting to that next level". Many of the students go home to unfavorable situations. When students arrive they immediately participate in activities geared towards boosting leadership skills and improving grades. 75% of the students are on the honor roll. "By being here we're able to work with a lot of those issues that those children have and we're pushing them more towards success" Powers says. Seven year old Sean Bindranauth says teachers are helpful. "Staff members help you with your homework and with things that you can't do". For many of the kids like 13 year old Dustin West, it's a place that provides security. "You can have fun and still be safe". Eleven year old James Davis agrees, "This is a great club we like to go here everyday because this is the place that we have to keep off the streets and where our friends are at". Powers says they teach kids to use their circumstances as catalyst rather than as an excuse for underachievement. "Pretty much letting them know that the sky is the limit not that the limit is the sky". It seems the club is creating success stories, one kid at a time.

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This is "old fashioned" but

This is "old fashioned" but it works. When my brother and I were going to school my Father told us even a moran can sit there and keep it's mouth shut. If we got into trouble at school we got it worse when we got home. I taught my 3 children the same way and I taught them their job was to go to school for an education and not socializing. All 3 of mine graduated high school. One went to college, one to technical school, the other is still finding herself lol but she graduated high school and is working full time.

under attack by whom---

make good decisions, work hard and aim for the moon and if you miss you can fall among the stars. be good

Simple Solution

Look's simple the problems that these kids, or any kids for that matter face is due to the laziness and sorriness of the parents. Two things will take care of a lot of our problems today. Parents being responsible and leading by example for their kids, but also knowing when to discipline them. There is no such thing today...look at the kids, the cell phones and video games are priority one...and the parents are guilty for giving them the tools to destroy their own and many other lives. Parents wake up and do your job...look at your know better!

school system failing blacks

With the help of school systems conitinuing to suspend and expell the majority black men how are they to survive bisides being in the streets. The schools are prejudice and hide behind the system stating that they are bother some in the class instead of trying to find ways to help

With all due respect, it is

With all due respect, it is not just blacks who are being singled out for expulsion and suspension in the local schools. You say they are left out in the street because the school administrators find them bothersome? Since when is that a race issue? It's happening all over the country to all ethnicities. When a child disrupts the class, the teacher can't teach the other 40 children in the class. What would you have the teacher do? Counsel your children at home and send them to school to learn not to be a distraction to the children who are there for that reason. Manners, my dear, not belly aching about the school system being prejudice against black men. P.S. By the time they are men shouldn't they be in college or employed? Just asking.

Let us not play that.........

You want to blame everything on the color of skin. We all have choices we decide if we want to earn a living or take it. We have gangs, drugs and theft taking our youth. Rather sit back and let our children go, get out there with them and rid the bad boys from the neighborhoods. Tell them how hard it is in the real world.Discourage the criminal behavior. To be honest, prejudice starts at home. Our children are born color blind they do not know how to hate based on the color of our skin. It's just like reading, you learn as you grow. Just like hating, we learn as we grow. Unfortunately our parents have taught us how to hate. Let's quit talking about the color of skin and start talking about the real issues. Go to a setting in your local courthouse and watch what happens there everyday, that should be discouraging to those looking for a quick buck selling drugs and robbing people. Get in the schools and see how NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND IS FAILING our children. That is more of the real life issues. STOP the OH WHOA IS ME attitude.

Black and Under Attack

Hats off to the Community Boys and Girls Club. May you receive a pouring in of cash and support from the community. We now live in a world where divorce is at an all time high and when marriages aren't broken, both parents need to work. What happens when our kids get home from school, usually trouble lurking and there's no one home to see it. We are all on cell phones, computers and games, there is no time to sit and have a family dinner and talk about the day. Perhaps the Boys and Girls club can give these at risk children something positive to hold on to. Lord knows the public school is not doing it for them, they are too busy trying to make the grade rather than teaching our children. I think that in itself is a huge part of the problem. For the children that struggle, they become someone to poke fun at. This becomes a total set up for failure. I pray that this program will help these children as they have not asked for anything more.

Under attack

No one wants to touch it today?

Poor younguns;(:(

Poor things. It is a sad day when mom and dad can't help you figure homework;(:( I know that having to work till 5pm, plus rush hour NHC traffic makes it almost bed time before they have to be home. And then, having to hear street banter and yahooness at bedtime makes for a bad family atmosphere. I am saddened at the mess that procreation makes for those innocent younguns.