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Young girl dies in Pender County fire

A fire claimed the life of small girl this morning in Penderlea, in Pender County, and her mother was taken to Pender Memorial Hospital and released. Another child was airlifted to the Burn Unit at UNC-Chapel Hill. A 911 call came in from a cell phone at 7:33 this morning, and emergency crews were dispatched to the one-story brick house on Raccoon Road, which is right behind Penderlea School. Seven people live in the house, though some of the children had reportedly already left for school. The State Bureau of Investigation was on hand after the blaze was extinguished, and with local help have determined that it was likely an electrical fire that began in the wall behind the refrigerator and stove. The house was completely destroyed, and the Red Cross is in the process of organizing aid for the family. Penderlea School has called in additional counselors for students, as at least one of the children who lived in the house attends the school.

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According to the WSN, the

According to the WSN, the mother was in the house and heard the pop of the fire starting. If that is the case, then I don't see how she could not get that child out of the house. A fire does not spread that fast Either way, it's very sad and I feel bad for the family

girl dies in pender county

fortunately, i have never been involved in a fire. however it is my believe that any woman who cares enough to take in and raise children that are not her own did everything in her power to save that child. i hope and pray that you never have the experience of trying to safe a loved one under such a horrific situation.

A fire can spread very

A fire can spread very quickly without hesitation. I can not put the blame on the mother for not getting to the child fast enough. Do you really think the mother was careless about getting her child out? If you have kids I hope you are never in this situation things happen so fast and so many thoughts would run threw your mind. You really need to put yourself in her shoes she has lost one of her children, she doesn't need people like you blaming her for something I am very sure she could not have helped..My prays are with the whole family..

I wasn't blaming the mother

I wasn't blaming the mother for the child's death. I'm sure she did all she could. I was just stating the something didn't make sense. I have been a Vol FF for over 10 years and I know how quickly a fire can spread. But if you are there and see that fire start, it doesn't spread so fast that you cannot get to the next room. Initially I heard the mother was at the end of the road waiting with her other children at the bus stop and that is whent he fire started. Now I'm hearing the mother was inside the house and hear a "pop" and saw the fire start. If that is the case, then there is no reason should wouldn't of had time to get someone out of a back room

I pray for this family!

I pray for this family!

fire and donations

If anyone knows the ages of the children, please post it. I have lots of clothes for small children but need to know sizes.And the mother's size also. Thanks,

I feel very bad for family

I feel very bad for family and hope that God will stay with them


I feel sorry for the family, my prayers are with them. I lived in that house on 87 raccoon rd for about a total of 21 plus years i grew up there, i lived there up until a little over 3 years ago, with 3 daughters of my own at the time. I could not imagine what the family is going through, my thoughts and prayers are with them/.

My thoughts and prayers are

My thoughts and prayers are with the family

I am so sorry to hear the

I am so sorry to hear the news. I lost my two boys in december of last year in a house fire. I know how fast flames can spread. People shouldn't put more on this mother she is dealing with enough losing her child. I am so sorry and my prayers are with you. Please, Please, Please check your smoke alarms and do every thing you can to protect your family. This could happen to any one. House fires are like the devil in the night.

I feel so sorry for the

I feel so sorry for the family..