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Youtube entertains and enlightens

READ MORE: Youtube entertains and enlightens
Aside from the comical clips and ungodly talent acts that never cease to entertain us, Youtube hosts a large amount of tutorial videos full of knowledge just waiting to be soaked up. Want to learn how to hula hoop? There's a video for that. Tie a tie or put on make-up? There's thousands of videos for that. Want to learn how to underwater basket weave? Yep, there's even a video for that. "How to" internet videos have opened the door to a world of user-generated knowledge. Local artist John Golden made Youtube videos to teach people how to create resin jewelry, step by step. "For me personally, it's a way to reach way more people than I could locally or globally, it's an economical way to get yourself out there,” he said. For Golden, that's exactly what it did. His first video has gotten more than 100,000 hits. Giving away the secrets to his craft isn't hurting business. "I've sold every piece of jewelry I’ve made, whether they saw it from the video or not,” Golden said. But not everyone thinks giving away your secrets is a great idea. Another jeweler created an urban dictionary entry called "pulling a John Golden” meaning to give away an expert's knowledge. UNCW communications professor and social media connoisseur Jeanne Persuit weighed in saying, "I can see why people would get mad but on the other hand, why is that secret knowledge that only certain people should have. That's what the idea behind social media is that we're sharing content, we're creating content, and the democratization of the internet and knowledge, in saying why should if he's willing to share his trade and his art, then why shouldn't we be happy about it." Golden added, “To me, more than anything it's just proven that you can put something out there and still you're not going to lose whatever it is that makes you valuable to your work." There is even a how-to video showing how to upload your video onto Youtube. You can use a digital camcorder or if you're computer has a web camera, you can record it straight onto the computer and it will upload right on to Youtube's website. "With the cost of a web cam and an internet connection, and a computer, you can pretty much share your knowledge with anyone,” Persuit said. There are plenty of other "how to" web sites out for you to explore. "" and "” were created by some of the guys from you tube. E-how is another one interesting tutorial site to check out.

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