Political leaders react to Wright’s resignation


The Thomas Wright probe began last December, when political consultant Joe Sinsheimer filed a formal complaint against the Wilmington Democrat. Sinsheimer accused the State Representative of filing misleading campaign finance reports. The State Board of Elections then began to look into the matter. Last week, it turned into a criminal investigation. And yesterday, Thomas Wright stepped down temporarily from two key committee positions he holds in the state legislature. Surprisingly, leaders from both parties have similar views on Wright’s decision. "I think it’s fortunate that wright stepped down from the committees he’s chairing, says Pender County Republican party chair Bob Muller He says in the wake of the Jim Black scandal in Raleigh, Thomas Wright’s decision to step down from his role as chair of the Health Committee and Appropriations Subcommittee is the best thing the Democratic lawmaker can do for the people he represents. "I think they [Wright’s constituents] feel short-changed that the representation was not there as they expected it to be. And those that voted for him certainly expected more," says Muller. New Hanover County Democratic party chair Helen Worthy agrees with Wright’s decision to step down from his committee posts. "That’s probably a choice that anyone who cared about an organization would make." The allegations against Wright began with a complaint filed by political consultant Joe Sinsheimer. He issued the following statement about Wright stepping down from his committee positions, saying: "Representative Wright has taken the wise and honorable step and hopefully will set a precedent for the future for any lawmaker facing these types of serious allegations." Wright did not return our calls for comment.


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