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Some Brunswick County School board members are not seeing eye to eye. One school board member is actually suggesting that the entire board be replaced. Brunswick County School Board member, Ray Gilbert expressed his opinion Thursday, on Curtis Wright’s radio show "The Big Talker." Gilbert says Brunswick County Schools are failing and major changes are needed. Gilbert says, "Maybe it’s time for us to get a new superintendent. Your changing principals, maybe it’s time to look at the overall CEO. In the business sector, if the business is going bad we don’t look at the custodian, we look at the CEO and say look it’s time for you to change." The other board members disagree. School board chairman, Scott Milligan says "Dr. McGee has my full support as our superintendent, and to the best of my knowledge, the support of all the board members with the exception of Mr. Gilbert. Mr. Gilbert’s comments do not reflect the position of the board." Gilbert says, "the parents tell me, in Brunswick County, that they are not happy with the direction of Brunswick County Schools. The board chairman issued a statement that he and the other board members are happy with that, so the question I asked is are we okay and happy with the schools having 4 out of 17 performing?" Gilbert says the school system is not educating all its students. He says, "We have an achievement gap that blows the region out of the water. We have some schools where black kids are at 30 percent and the white kids are at 90 percent. Is the board saying that that’s okay?" In a statement, Superintendent Dr. Katie McGee, told News Channel 3 she is too busy preparing students, teachers and principals for state tests to defend herself from Gilbert’s comments. Gilbert says he will not back down until the schools improve and all students are performing up to standards.


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  • You have NO idea

    I can’t believe I’m just now seeing these opinions being expressed by whoever you all are. I am a teacher in a Brunswick County school and I get to see everything first-hand. You have no idea when teachers have to deal with on a day to day basis. Thanks to “No Child Left Behind,” I am teaching straight A students who have a great home life in the same classes as students living in poverty whose parents are teaching them how to be a drug dealer. This is happening everywhere, not just Brunswick County. Parents want teachers to be baby-sitters and do the teaching, parenting, and training for them.

    The person who blamed administration and faculty for the mishaps and felonies of students is terribly blinded. I do my job at school and I teach my curriculum in the best ways I can while trying to reach out to the wide variety of students i have in my classes. I have an hour and a half to teach it per day, so I expect my students to go home and complete homework or projects. Instead of them doing school work when they get home they watch TV, play video games, or hang out with their drug-doing relatives on the side of the road. This is a problem with parenting.

    Do not insult teachers’ education level. We have to have a college degree and constant training. How many parents in Bruns. County can say they have a 4 year degree? Students must be motivated at home by their parents, but that’s not possible when their parents dropped out of high school or didn’t go to college. If they have parental motivation, they will perform to higher standards in the classroom. That is a proven fact. Kids look to their parents to analyze success and why they must do to be successful.

    Ray Gilbert has been extremely negative and unsupportive and I am so thankful he is no longer making decisions for this county. Parents, please stop trying to point fingers at anyone who sees your child. The students are accountable for their own actions and parents need to make more of an effort to REALLY see what’s going on in classes. I don’t get paid enough to come to homes and make sure they are doing homework or tucked away in their beds at night.

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