New Hanover County School administrators helping special education students


NEW HANOVER COUNTY — Some need more help than others. And New Hanover County School administrators say they’re doing all they can to raise troubled and special education students to the next level.

In New Hanover County alone there are about 3,000 special education students.

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Administrators say the district is trying to integrate kids with milder disabilities into larger classroom settings, hoping to boost academic and social achievement.

But not all special education students are being moved. Those who require more assistance will stick to the smaller settings.

New Hanover County Special Education Services Director Bill Trant said, “Ultimately we want children to benefit from the participation in those environments that are typical because of the role models and richness of the curriculum”

Administrators say teachers are also working with students with behavioral issues.

While children may thrive in large classrooms, they add small classrooms help target issues, benefiting a majority of these kids in the long run.