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I’m not some sort of tree-hugging environmentalist, but I have to applaud the recent passing of a state law requiring bars and restaurants to recycle glass bottles. For a change, it’s a law that simply makes sense.

Think about the last time you were at a bar on the weekend. Have you ever noticed how many beer bottles change hands? They have to go somewhere at the end of the night. And most places likely just bag them up and toss them in the trash. Doing that helps crowd landfills and wastes something that can be easily recycled. Of course, it will mean more work for the businesses, which could face fines if they don’t follow the law. And I would not want to be one of the staffers who has to sort through trash finding the bottles. But that’s just the price bars and restaurants will have to pay. Interestingly, the law goes into effect January 1. That’s surely simply for the calendar’s sake. But it also coincides with the busy New Year’s Eve holiday, where no longer will so much glass be wasted.

So good job, legislators. It’s not often we hear of something from Raleigh (or any seat of government, for that matter) that makes sense and will do something so positive.


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